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casino-xCasino-X has a lot of things going for it. A huge range of games, incredible choice of depositing options and a great player experience put it way ahead of the rest. However, its over shores location may be a problem for some. It's not the most UK friendly site and is clearly built for those across the pond. But can it's positives, make it worth using for UK users? Let's find out.

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Casino Overview

Casino URL/visit/casino-x/rv
Licensed inCuraçao
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Various European
UK FriendlyYes (but can only deposit in $,€ and Russian Rubles)
Software Provider(s)Microgaming & Netent
Casino TypeDesktop & Mobile
Twitter@CasinoXOnline, 8100 Followers
Customer SupportLive Chat, Email Support ([email protected])
Number of Games293 (incl. slots, casino, jackpot and table games)
BonusesPlayer chose bonus, with 500% first deposit match
Wagering RequirementsNone as no free bonus money
Deposit MethodsSMS depositing, Debit/ Credit Cards, eWallet (Paypal, Skrill), paysafecard
Withdrawal MethodsCheque, Bank Transfer, eWallet
ProsLarge selection of games, Lots of community activity
ConsCan't deposit in GBP

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casino-x paymentMain Screen of popular games and current Jackpots

casino-x gamesOption for nearly every payment method in existence

big bad wolfPlaying Big Bad Wolf slot. Bordered by recent wins and popular slots

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The best way to describe the games here would have to be unending. Casino-X offers hundreds of games across 5 categories. This is an impressive number, with the games ranging from exclusives all the way to the most popular games on the market, such as Netent releases.


Even with the amount of games around, finding them is very simple. Casino-X have a great search engine built into their site. Within a few letters, it can track down the game you want. We've had to put up with some horrible search engines on other sites, so it's nice that the site has put effort into making this feature work.

casino-x search

Finding new games on the site will be a problem for users as long as they're happy with discovering new games through the popular or new tab. If you like to discover hidden gems, then manually searching is a pain to do. The site is updated constantly and because of this, your potentially favourite games may be lost.

The popular and new slot tabs solve this issue for those who are happy to use it, but the sheer number of games does make some buried in the mass.

The Library

There are some very unique games to be found within the selection. Spingo and Keno are interesting twists on the Bingo/Slot combo that we've seen before with Keno. Hexaline is a regular slot game with another dimension. Other potential classics are littered throughout the site.

Unfortunately, because of the scale of the library, there is a lot of crossover. Casino-X have been careful to only put high quality games on their site, but the overlap here is obvious. Many games are just generic slot games, all playing the same as each other. Editing down the number of games would've made finding the greats much ehexalineasier, since although we're left with more choice, alot of the choice is much the same.

Casino-X has gone for both quantity and quality, but it causes a lot of wading through the same thing to find the interesting treats at the heart of the site.

Downloading and Practise Mode

Casino-X comes with a download mode, so you can download all the games and platform onto your pc. This is a great way to avoid any problems you may have due to your browser causing issues.

It feels very secure opening your casino straight from your desktop and not having to access it through your browser, where you are much more likely to experience security issues such as viruses and malware.

On top of this, they also offer a practise mode on every single game on the site. There's no more spending those free spins or trying to ration your bonus money in order to test the site out. This is unrestricted free plays across the whole site.

The progressive Jackpot games are still off limits, but this makes sense as you can't practice playing a progressive jackpot. But this only removes 15 of the 202 available games, so you'll still have a lot to play with.

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Bonuses & Promotions

Casino-X has casino-x welcome bonusa unique feature, in that it allows users to select their own welcome bonuses. Beginners are recommended 30 free spins, average users are recommended double bonus points; while experienced players are recommended an addition 2% cashback.

All of these bonuses are optional and members can choose whatever they want, but the option at all, creates a sense of personalisation. Casino-X seem to greatly understand the different needs of their players and cater to them all very well.

casino-x bonus timerThere are even temporary destructible bonuses which appear for a few days at a time. These can include anything from free spins in particular games, to deposit matches.

You have a set time to activate them before they burn out, and they revolve so new bonuses are always up for grabs, as long as you choose to take them.

Along with this, there is also a standard 500% deposit match on your deposit. If you pay with €10, you can get €60 to play with straight away. Combine this with a customized welcome bonus and you end up with a very promising start.

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Deposits & Withdrawals

The major issue with Casino-X is that it doesn't accept GBP. Depositing in Euros, Dollars and Russian Rubles is simple and easy. But having to work out your winnings via an exchange rate is always an extra effort.

The payment options are diverse and you'll have no problem depositing however. They include a lot of eWallet options, all major credit/debit cards and even mobile depositing. In terms of depositing your money it'll be no payment-methods-1024x520effort at all.

On the withdrawal end, Casino-X allows for bank transfer, eWallet and cheque depositing. All of these are don, at fastest, within 48 hours; with cheques taking longer due to postage. Regarding, depositing and withdrawing, Casino-X is up with there with the best when handling your cash.

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Unique Features

One of the more interesting features is how present other people's play is. Casino-X updates you whenever a person wins a slot. A bar appears at the bottom or top of the screen depending one what you're doing, to inform you of another player making a big win.

casino-x player updates

Some may see this as intrusive. The idea is to instill a sense of competitiveness, as well as tempt you to play certain games that others are winning in. This may not only annoy some due to the interruption itself, but feel that they're being pushed to do certain things by the casino in an unsubtle way.

casino-x leaderboardsThere's no way to disable the feature, so depending on your feelings this may or may be a serious problem. Personally, I had no issue with it and was happy to simply x it whenever it  appeared.

The casino relies heavily on progressive jackpots and tournaments. New tournaments are updated daily, while progressive jackpots are a near constant on the site. They are advertised in near every banner, posting not only the events themselves but the winners of those events.

A leadership board is a prominent feature of the site. A top 10 list lets you know who the highest winners are on the site. Combined with this is a personal ranking system, that rewards the player with trophies and achievements that can be found on their profile. All your trophies are arranged in a cabinet of achievement, all of which can be compared with other users. These trophies are rewarded for actions like depositing, withdrawing and number of spins. Gaining trophies like this allows the player access to better bonuses as part of a loyalty trophies

All of these features drive both a sense of competition but more importantly, creates an atmosphere of a community. There always feels like something's going on at Casino-X. For some this might seem overloaded for their private casino time, but for us, it gave the site a lot of vibrant personality and energy.

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GBP Unfriendly

 The key problem of the site is the lack of GBP depositing. The exchange rates are fair and depositing is very simple even with this, but because of the difference in currency, it can be hard to judge how much you're spending at first.


casino-x crashAs we mentioned before, the range of games is matched with an equally large number of crashes. Games will refuse to load up with surprising frequency. On the more unique games this is less of a problem, as they crash very rarely. However, while some games crash and restart with a page refresh, it seems many of the games are simply not available to play; with the issues having not been fixed.

There's always another game to play due to the sheer amount of choice, but it makes the polish of the website drop drastically in our eyes.


The casino has a nasty habit of updating you with a lot of excess information. These include recent player wins, reminders to deposit and further bonuses. Possibly some players may see these as nice pieces of information, but the frequency of the reminders overall felt spammy to us.

It's a problem based on how much you require alone time while gambling. Given the communal philosophy behind Casino-X, it just may be that this site isn't for the type of person who just wants some recreational quiet time with their spinning.

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalCasino-X is a great casino overall. With a large scale commuinity, constant updates and a hoarde of games; there's enough on offer to please almost anyone.

On the contrary, the very fact there is so much content, may instead be overkill for many. Constant reminders make the player feel suffocated sometimes, while the huge range of games on display probably could've achieved much the same outcome with a smaller selection of equally varied games.

Some may love the excess, some may count it as baggage. Personally, for us it was a great change of pace to have so much choice. You'll have to make your own mind up about that one.

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