Why should you consider mobile-only casinos seriously?

A question that often occurs to us at Droid Slots is “Why should one play at a mobile-only casino?” Do these casinos offer any real benefits over the online casinos and the online-cum-mobile casinos? In this article, we're not competing with the physical slot machines and casino rooms; however, with a trend of having multiple web presence, what good can a casino that only has a mobile presence possibly do? Let's find out.

Technology focus

In our observation, mobile-only casinos like mFortune, LadyLucks and PocketFruity have more technology focus. We find that their games are brilliantly optimised for mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc.), and it is really fun to play at these sites. In comparison, sites with a great web (and social media) presence like PaddyPower and William Hill can easily overwhelm a player with the sheer number of options. Moreover the mobile interfaces of these sites are not as attractive and functional as their online interfaces, thus players more often than not are seen switching to the comfortable online interface. The reason is simple: large online casinos simply cannot focus on individual games when their objective is to provide a large number of games and game types to choose from.


Aesthetic appeal

Viper Active progressive superslot by Pocket Fruity

Viper Active progressive superslot by Pocket Fruity

Like the technology focus, the mobile-only casinos often score on the aesthetic appeal too. Even for new slot players, one look at Moobile Games or PocketFruity on their phone or tablet is enough to make them curious and try out the games. Interestingly, when you look at the same sites online, it probably won't appeal to you as much. The reverse is nearly true for the online-only casinos as the target focus is the online player. So, why should you be really playing on your phone? Our simple defense would be: Because you have your smartphone with you all the time! When there's nothing much to do while you're sitting in a bus, it is always convenient to take out your phone or tablet to play. You most certainly don't want to wager on your laptop and risk any game interruptions due to the WiFi signal on your laptop whilst travelling.


Downloadable apps

In the age of downloadable apps, the technologically-focused mobile-only casinos often have a nice app that can sit on your mobile phone or tablet. Many mobile-only websites provide an app more often than a browser-based game. I don't quite understand the mental processes behind my own preference, but I don't feel as comfortable playing on a desktop application as compared to a mobile app! I don't know how many of you feel the same; but for me, I feel safer playing an online slot on my laptop using a browser-based session. However with my Google Nexus smartphone, the reverse is true. I am easily frustrated if I have to type out the URL on my browser for a game; so, I've been a big fan of apps ever since! Hence, with due consideration to a general tendency of our love for apps, mobile-only casinos often score great here too! It is a one-time activity where you can download the app on your device once; enter your login details; and play right away!

So, do we favour mobile or online mode of play?

Endless debate, this one! I do admit that you have loads of games and big online wins to play for; some games are yet not quite there on mobile devices, so we find that many players are moving towards an online mode of play. It however depends whether you're playing big to make some hard cash, or playing passively to indulge in a great game which often gives you back those little quids that you put down. For the very reasons we discussed above, I'd play different games / sites on my mobile and online (and I think I might be right in my thinking here). As a player, you often need to find out what's particularly good in a specific game mode; that's why you get this one-sided debate from me this time!

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