5 Mobile Deposits Myths (and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them)

bustingthemythsMost would argue that mobile depositing in mobile casinos is a quick, effective and easy way of putting down your first mobile deposits. It is a system which carries many advantages and allows players to immediately get down to playing. It also requires very little effort. It is, however, without its flaws as is the case with everything else in existence. But there are certain arguments anti-mobile depositors will use which are, to be frank, complete and utter nonsense and stem purely from myths.

These myths are often disguised as disadvantages of mobile depositing and detract players form using it out of fear of losing their money. I'm here today to debunk those myths and explain why mobile depositing can be good.

Myth #1 — Mobile deposits are unsafe!

money thiefThis is the biggest myth and probably the one that is based a lot around scaremongering. Mobile deposits are as safe as any other form of depositing your money. If you're still living in the early 2000s this might be the case but since we're now edging towards the 2020s, technology has moved on so you can be sure that it's pretty damn safe.

All mobile casinos have well-tested and well-encrypted depositing services that make it incredibly secure. The odds of you somehow losing your details or your account being hacked are very minimal. These safety precautions are always being updated and have regular checks by third party professionals. The only instance in which it would be “unsafe” is if you would be depositing money in an area with poor 3G/Wi-Fi capabilities. Or if you, the player, slip up and give somebody all your details. And as common sense dictates: that ain't smart.

Myth #2 — You have to pay for it!

Digital-Payment-pic-for-webAbsolutely no mobile banking or depositing service would charge you for using them. Ever. They have no reason to so why would they? Do you have to pay to maintain a bank account? This is a ludicrous myth and it has to be the most damaging. The only instance in which you would ever pay anything is when you make the actual deposit.

No half-decent mobile depositing service would even consider taking your money to use their services. And if you're still worried then check the terms and conditions of any website and you'll see that we're right. If they do charge, then you can be sure that they are not genuine.

Myth #3 — You need a credit/debit card!

credit cardsThis is probably the largest misunderstanding when it comes to mobile deposits but it is understandable why people think this. This myth says that, in order to be able to set up a mobile deposit scheme, you do need to have a credit/debit card in order to do so.

Although this, by extension, is the case (you must be able to pay your monthly phone bill via direct debit) all you need to be able to make a mobile deposit is a mobile phone. If you're on a pay as you go payment, all you need to do is pay it from your phone credit. It involves no card at all.

Myth #4 — It's less secure than other payment methods!

paypal secureWe're pretty sure there are people out there who have their preferences for how they deposit their money. That does, however, make them rather biased in their opinions. This isn't to say they're bad people, it's just that it's hard to agree that one payment method is securer than the other since they're all governed and regulated by the same third-party companies.

So whoever told you that mobile depositing is “less safe” than depositing using another service such as Neteller is talking out of their armpit. We don't like to act contrarian but, in short, they're wrong.

Myth # 5 — It's awkward to use!

Confused about WithdrawalsThis is one of the most laughable myths. How can something be awkward/inconvenient when you literally have access to it at the tips of your fingers? No. Just no. We're trying to be polite but when a ludicrous thing like this comes to our attention it's very hard not to laugh at it.

Not only is mobile depositing easy but deposits can be made in a matter of seconds. So whoever says that it's awkward or hard clearly has never done it before. All it takes is sending a simple SMS. Literally something you do every day.

Phone Bill (SMS) Casinos

With the advent of mobile gaming came a plethora of new ways for people to deposit and withdraw cash from their favourite casinos. The runaway success in mobile banking turned out to be phone bill deposits (or SMS deposits). An instant hit with the players, phone bill depositing has evolved from a fixed fee service to a flexible and super-fast way to get your cash where you need it. With the growing demand for phone bill deposits, more and more casinos are adopting it as a banking option every day, and it’s more important than ever before that players know where and how to use the service. In our phone bill casinos section you’ll find not only the most comprehensive catalogue of casinos which allow players to use phone bill deposits, but also great tips and tools to help you get the most out of depositing from your mobile.


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