Phone Bill Depositing into Casinos using a BT Landline

bt deposit casinoHere’s a little known fact about depositing by phone bill. You can deposit using your BT landline bill. It works in exactly the same way as mobile phone bill depositing via your mobile network provider.

The system is still a phone bill depositing method, so any charges are added to your monthly BT phone bill. As BT is just another UK phone network provider (like Three, Vodafone and EE), it is just as secure and convenient as any other form of phone bill depositing.

So follow us as we give you the ultimate guide of how BT landline depositing works, how you can do it and what mobile casinos accept BT depositing.

Recommended BT Landline Depositing Mobile Casinos

Before we start, if you're looking for BT Landline supported mobile casinos, then you've come to the right place. We've tracked down the rare few that support it, but here's a quick list of our favourites.


LadyLuck's Casino logoLadyLucks is the oldest UK mobile casino and in sticking around that long, it's learnt the ins and outs of being a great mobile casino. One of these lessons its learnt, is supporting depositors of all kinds and so while other casinos were dropping BT depositing, LadyLucks stayed strong. It's now one of the few mobile casinos that still offers BT landline depositing as a valid depositing method.

Deposit by BT with ladylucks

Very Vegas

Very Vegas LogoVery Vegas is a much smaller mobile casino than the others above, but it still pulls a lot of weight when it comes to what it has to offer. Games and great customer service are all here obviously, but the inclusion of a BT landline depositing service, makes Very Vegas all the more attractive. If you're a BT depositor looking for a casino outside of the beaten path, then Very Vegas is one of the few smaller casinos offering the BT depositing service.

BT landline deposit at Very Vegas

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How BT Landline Depositing Works

This depositing option is included in the Payforit scheme, which are the guidelines that govern all payments via your mobile phone. As we’ve discussed in our guide to Payforit, Payforit is a money-flow system. You pay your money to BT, who then pass it on to the desired mobile casino.


BT tracks the payment and monitors the mobile casinos to ensure that they follow the contractual laws set out by Payforit and that all mobile casinos must provide customer service.

All you are required to do is enter your BT phone number. This protects your credit card numbers and sensitive billing information as all traces of the payment only lead to your landline number.

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What You Need To Deposit By BT Landline

All you need to phone bill deposit via BT landline is:

  • Be a customer of BTbt landline
  • Have a landline
  • Be 18 years or older

The things you need are really all in the name. As long as you're a customer of BT and have a landline, that's it. You don’t even have to contact BT to activate your account as you're account is your phone itself. However, you must have the bill payer’s permission before choosing this payment option.

As an aside, bill payers should raise the issue with BT immediately if extra charges appear without their knowledge. But of course, as a rule of thumb, it's always best to contact your service holder whenever you notice extra charges.

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Step By Step Guide To Deposit Via BT Landline

There is no registration required and you don’t have to activate this service with BT.  There's also no extra charges aside from what you deposit. You just depositing as usual. The process is simple and you will be guided with clear instructions.

  • At the depositing screen select “Deposit by BT Bill”
  • Enter your BT phone number
  • The casino will provide a special number.  Call this number
  • An automated script or bot  will guide you over the phone through the rest of the process
  • You’ll be asked to enter your mobile phone number and the computer will verify the transaction
  • Remain on the phone while the money is transferred
  • The “robot” will confirm the amount that has been credited into your casino account
  • Hang up and play!Deposit by BT phone bill

Methods May Vary

The specific points will vary between different msubject to changeobile casinos, but the general overall rules will stay the same. You'll deposit where required, enter your number and then a bot will walk you through the rest of the points. These systems are designed to be used by anyone, so really the golden rule is to just follow the on screen instructions. But if you have any problems, please use this as a general guide.

One point to remember is there is a delay to when your casino wallet is updated via this method. It varies but we’ve discovered that it can take up to 10 minutes for the amount to show up in your casino account. Go ahead and make yourself a cup of tea!

Where To Verify Payment

Similar to depositing by mobile phone, the charges appear in your BT bill at the end of the month. The charge will appear as if you've made a call. You can then pay the BT bill through various methods such as debit card or online banking.

My BT Billing Report

Check your charges on your My BT Billing Report

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Pros of depositing by BT Landline

We love phone bill depositing, so here are the best points the service has to offer.

No Setup

You don’tfast have to activate or configure your BT Account to deposit at a casino. All BT users can choose this payment method at a mobile casino. Since all deposits are charged as if you've made a phone call of the deposited amount, your account is your phone number. That's all.

No Need For A Bank Account Or Card

Mobile and BT Landline payments are onno carde of the few payment method that allows you to deposit without a credit card. Even most e-wallets are connected to your bank account.

If you want to be bank detail free, then phone bill depositing is the only way to go.

Great Security For You

Depositing by BT Landline also earns extra points for security. You won’t have to share any personal details besides your BT Landline number. This eliminates all chances of Internet fraud.

On top of that, the mobile payment industry is well-regulated by independent organisations, including  AIME (an industry trade association), Ofcom (independent regulator for UK communications industry) and PhonepayPlus (organisations that regulate phone-paid services in the UK).

Regulatory Bodies in Phone Bill Payments

Every payment you make is regulated by guidelines and laws that protect you and allow you any legal recourse if it does have to come to that.

Great Security For Your Bankroll

Mobile phone and BT Landline deposits cosafeme with a daily spending limit of £30. If you're someone who struggled to keep a bankroll or worries about going over budget, then phone bill depositing already has the issue solved for you.

If you find this factor annoying, then you can even contact BT to increase the daily deposit. It's in place by default for your protection, but it's your service, so all you have to do is ask to change the agreement.


Depositing by BT Landline is also extremely convenient because you won’t have to look for your wallet and enter 16-digit numbers. Similarly, you don’t have to fuss with 19-digit Paysafecard codes.

paysafecard pin

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Cons of Depositing By BT Landline

In the interest of balance, here are all the negative aspects of BT depositing.

Can Be Slow To Update

bored phoneUnfortunately, payments via BT Landline take a little while to come through on the casino's end. The system that enables this method of payment is configured such that only £1.50 is transferred every minute; if you’re transferring £15, you’ll have to stay on the phone for 10 minutes!

In contrast, it only takes seconds to deposit by SMS and you’ll receive a confirmation SMS almost immediately.

Can Be Slow To Withdraw

Because phone bill depositing relies on the idea that your deposit is charged to your phone as if you've made a call, then withdrawing becomes a challenge. Since withdrawing your money as phone bill credit would be worthless, choosing a suitable withdrawal method becomes an issue, as your withdrawal method will have to be different to how you deposited.

You can withdraw using any method ofslow cheque course. Bank transfer and e-wallet are absolutely possibilities. But if you're depositing via BT landline, it stands to reason that you're avoiding these other methods to deposit with. It would of course be simpler to deposit and withdraw from the same method if you could do so.

Many people deposit with BT landline solely due to the security benefits alone and that makes a whole lot of sense. But if you want to avoid banks and e-wallets entirely, your only other option is cheque. Cheque is widely available, offered at 75% of our top 20 casinos, but it is slow and you will have to go and cash it yourself.

Limited Availability

limited availabilityMobile depositing is a pretty prominent depositing method at casinos, although lingering behind credit/debit card depositing methods for obvious reasons. BT Landline depositing is in an even more restricted position as not all mobile depositing friendly sites allow for landline depositing, while mobile is, due to its popularity.

We've chronicled the mobile casinos that allow the method below and there are some great ones available, but always be aware that your choice will be restricted.

Deposit Limits

As we mentioned above, there are deposit limits. If you want the added safety net of the deposit limit or if you're simply fine with contacting BT to raise your deposit limit; then you're golden.

However, some phone bill depositing free moneyhandlers, such as Boku, will still enforce a deposit limit of their own if you're doing so via BT Landline depositing. You can get BT to raise the limit, but certain casinos that use platforms like Boku to handle your payment may not pay attention to that. This may restrict you from a few casinos, but if you want controls on your payments, the limit may not be such an issue.

Lack of Casino Bonuses

Most casinos do welcome bonusnot offer good bonuses when depositing via BT Landline. Casino welcome bonuses usually centre around deposit matches and sometimes even reward you for adding card details.

The latter is an obvious problem for phone bill depositors and it looks like the practice is being phased out, with major casinos dropping that in favour of more mobile friendly welcome bonuses; such as free spins.

But with the aforementioned depositing limits, deposit matches are still a problem. If a casino is offering you a 100% match on a deposit up to £100 and you can only deposit £30 at any time, you're going to miss out compared to other methods.

There are great casinos for mobile and BT BTbill depositors, so you'll have to look around. We have a few lists of our own for the best places to deposit as a phone bill depositor. But it's a question of whether or not you feel the convenience and security outdoes the lost rewards.

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Things To Remember

  • There are default daily deposit limits of £30take notes
  • You may not withdraw money via your BT Landline account
  • Money may take as long as 10 minutes to update in your casino wallet
  • Depositing by BT Landline is not the same as telephone betting. It is a payment method to deposit to slots and casino games, not to bet on live matches

Best Times To Deposit With Your BT Landline

  • You’re a mobile depositor running low on phone credit and can’t be bothered to top up
  • You’ve reached your monthly credit limit with dead mobileyour mobile network provider (though keep tabs on your personal reasons for bypassing these limits)
  • You’ve set aside a budget for different phone bills in your household. Clever move!

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Mobile Casinos To Deposit By BT Landline

At the moment, this depositing method isn’t provided at all mobile casinos. Here is a full list of casinos that do accept deposits via BT landline.

Bet & Move

Bet and Move Logo 240x160

Bet & Move


LadyLucks Logo 240x160

Get lucky with LadyLucks

 Very Vegas

Very Vegas Logo 240x160

Go to Very Vegas

Moobile Games

Moobile Games Logo 240x160

Head to Moobile


Winneroo Logo 240x160

Play at Winneroo

Vegas Mobile Casino

Vegas Mobile Logo 240x160

Go to Vegas Mobile

Touch My Bingo

Touch My Bingo Logo 240x160

Head to Touch my Bingo

  Elite Mobile Casino 

Elite Mobile Casino Logo 240x160

Play at Elite Mobile

Mad About Slots

Mad About Slots Logo 240x160


Mr Mobi

Mr Mobi Logo 240x160

Mr Mobi

 Fruity Phone

Fruity Phone Logo 240x160

Fruity Phone

Limited Time Offer for Droid Slots readers: 200% Deposit Match!

Deposit £5 and use code “DS15” to get £15 free.

Deposit £30 and use code “DS90” to get £60 free. 

mFortune Bingo

Are you a Bingo Lover? Check out this list of the Best Bingo games that let you deposit by phone bill

Blackjack Pocket Fruity – Gameplay

Prefer table games? We've rounded up the Best Mobile Roulette, Blackjack and Poker too, all of which accept deposits via phone bill!

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Kudos to the micropayment industry and mobile casinos for providing this option! The ability to pay via BT landline reaches out to another demographic of players and makes depositing by phone bill an increasingly attractive payment optionbt good.

Unfortunately, it's a rarity among the casino crowd these days. But if you're a staunch BT  depositor, we've hopefully given you all the know how and places where you can continue to deposit by BT landline.

If you have anything to add to this guide or any thoughts on BT landline depositing, then let us know in the comments.

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