Payforit Explained: How To Use Payforit And Which Mobile Casinos Accept It

payforit explained

More and more people are using their mobile phones to make deposits at mobile casinos. It is incredibly convenient, fast and it is as secure to pay by mobile as it is to pay with credit cards or Paypal. That's why this payment method is quickly becoming the preferred depositing method at mobile casinos.

Wherever phone bill payment is accepted, you’ll find the Payforit logo. Alongside major mobile network companies like Three and Vodafone, Payforit is the scheme used by all the major networks in the UK to facilitate mobile phone payments. This guide will tell you all you need to know about Payforit, from how it works, to where you can use it; so you can feel even more confident about depositing via phone bill or SMS.

For more information on Phone Bill depositing as a whole, check out our ultimate guide to phone bill depositing.

Recommended Payforit Mobile Casinos

Before we start, if you've come to this guide looking for Payforit protected mobile casinos straight off the bat, then these are the best around. If you want a great casino that supports Payforit payments, then these casinos have that in spades:


mfortunemFortune is one of the most popular UK mobile casinos and it's not hard to see why. Exclusive games and great mobile friendly welcome bonuses are great reasons to start with. But its simple mobile depositing methods puts it head and shoulders above the rest. Everything is regulated and powered by Payforit, so you know, that when your depositing by mobile, Payforit has your back and is protecting your money every step of the way.

Payforit at mfortune


LadyLuck's Casino logoLadyLucks is the oldest UK mobile casino and in sticking around that long, it's learnt the ins and outs of being a great mobile casino. LadyLucks is only available on mobile and because of this, it's built from the ground up to satisfy its mobile users. Mobile friendly slots, welcome bonuses and most importantly, complete Payforit support; make LadyLucks a must have for any user who wants to gamble on the go.

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In This Guide…

What is Payforit?

In their own words, Payforit is “Payforit Direct Carrier Billing – Payment Panelthe UK micropayment scheme, created and supported by all of the UK mobile network operators”. It is the system that makes mobile phone payments possible. An arrangement between mobile companies on how to deal with the customer’s money.

Payforit is effectively a set of guidelines outlining how money will be transferred and which companies are responsible for which part of the payment process. Payforit is a trust mark. A stamp of approval and a badge that customers can recognize and rely on. Think of it as the Ofcom of mobile phone payments.

This flowchart demonstrates the main players who handle the payments.

Money flow via Payforit

It's important to note that Payforit doesn't handle payments physically. That's because Payforit is not a company, but a guideline of rules for the payment flow system. In much the same way Ofcom doesn't actually deliver television shows to you, but it does govern what shows can make it to television.

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How Does Payforit Work?

Boku Devices

Who Can Use Payforit?

The simple answer to this is that anyone with a mobilphone changee phone can! It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung, a Nokia or a BlackBerry – all phones are supported. Even your Nokia 3310 from back in the day can make an SMS payment with Payforit.

What makes Payforit most attractive, is that you don’t need a credit card or a bank account to use it. If you’re anxious about sharing sensitive details online or not bothered to enter 16-digit credit card numbers, Payforit is the way to go. This mobile payment system is also incredibly popular among residents of lesser-developed countries, as very few of of their citizens have bank accounts.

Where The Money Comes From

payforitThe Payforit guidelines control how money is transferred via phone bill depositing. Payforit defines how the money is taken from the consumer making the purchase and how it gets to the merchant who is selling their service.

In the case of mobile phone bill depositing, the money comes from your phone bill. Whenever you make a mobile deposit, the money is charged to your credit. In the case of being on a mobile contract, where you pay your bill at the end of the month, your money will be charged to you on your end of the month bill by your network provider; as if you'd made a phone call.

List of Mobile Networks that offer Phone Billing

So if you deposit £10 into a casino, at the end of the month, a charge for £10 will appear on your bill. There's no extra service charges. It's simply the money you paid.

If you are a Pay as You Go Customer, then since your credit top up logois paid into your phone by you directly, any payments made by phone bill depositing, will be taken from your available credit. You can deposit as much as you want, as long as you have the credit available to make the payment. Your phone becomes like a wallet full of cash. As long as you have the cash in your wallet, then you can make the payment.

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The Major Players of Mobile Phone Bill Depositing

This section does not concern the regular Payforit user, but it’s a good read if you are interested in how phone bill payments work! It is also a useful resource for merchants and mobile casinos who are looking to adopt the Payforit system.

Feel free to skip ahead to the advantages section.

Stakeholders in Phone Bill Payments

There are several parties involved in the Payforit scheme: the merchant, the Accredited Payment Intermediary (API), the mobile network provider (MNO) and the regulators. Each of them have a specific role to play.

The Casino (The merchant in this case)

This is the a business with a prcasino phone bill depositoduct/service to sell. First, they have to have registered with the regulator PhonepayPlus, before they begin operating mobile payment services.

They promise to abide by the rules, maintain technical quality throughout the consumer’s experience and provide customer service. Then, the casino goes into contract with an Accredited Payment Intermediary.

The Accredited Payment Intermediary

API phone bill depositThese are the key players in implementing Payforit, the middleman and behind-the-scenes guy if you will. These organisations connect mobile networks with mobile casinos. First, they provide the actual payment gateway, usually in the form of a plug-and-play solution.

This includes the Payforit Payment Library, transaction screens, billing engines, etc. Besides these technical tasks, they are also responsible for carrying out due diligence and risk control; sending text receipts and reminders to users; and tracking Payforit transactions and collecting data for auditing.

Accredited Payforit Intermediaries

One of the most popular service providers in the UK is Boku. Other Accredited Payment Intermediaries include: Bango, Oxygen8, Impulse Pay, Dialogue and txtNation.

The Mobile Network Provider

network provider phone bill depositThey control the consumer’s phone account. As founding members, they also keep the Payforit scheme relevant by tracking changes in technology and market demands.

They work closely with APIs to update the Scheme Rules.

The RegulatorsPhonePayPlus logo

These are the people who protect all the members involved and make sure the whole process goes smoothly according to their own guidelines and the law. The primary regulator, PhonepayPlus, defines the Code of Practice and ensure compliance among all Payforit members, so that consumers can use Payforit with absolute confidence. You can read more information on the PhonepayPlus and their regulatory status of the Payforit scheme rules.

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Advantages of Using Payforit

The Payforit system is an incredible safe, easy to use and controlled payment system with very strict guidelines. So let's breakdown the best points about it.

Safety & Security

One thing that Payforit excels at is safety. The lack of banking information and the fact that you have to confirm every payment gives you a huge level of security with every transaction.

Regulatory Bodies in Phone Bill Payments

But beyond that, Payforit also has a platoon of guidelines, regulators and laws behind it; to make it as safe as humanly possible. As we mentioned above, the regulators of the Payforit guidelines include heavy hitters like PhonepayPlus and Ofcom, who ensure the rules are kept among all Payforit members.

All of the regulators and Payforit guidelines are legally enforced, so if you were to have any issue, there is a legal recourse and you are protected.


Depositing by phprivacyone bill means that you are paying with your phone credit. That's all. There's no access to your bank account or any other personal information, outside of the phone number you use to pay by SMS.

Any payments you make will be charged to your phone as if they were a phone call. Any deposits you make will be completely private to you only. Plus with no bank account details attached to your casinos, you can sleep easy when it comes to the fear of identity theft or fraud.

Ease of Use

Mobile Phone depositing is available to easyabsolutely everyone who has a mobile phone. If you’re on any of the major network providers or any of the secondary budget providers; then you can mobile deposit.

It’s also available on any type of mobile. You don’t need a fancy smart phone to mobile deposit, just access to a network. You don't even need to sign up for anything, since your account is your mobile phone. All you need to know is your mobile number.

It’s fast, simple and convenient. If you’re already gambling on your phone through a mobile casino, then why not pay through that same mobile.  You can do everything from one device seamlessly.


ControlPhone billing is limited to £30 a day for all users. This is Payforit's default deposit limit for all users of the service and it is enforced by APIs such as Boku, who organize phone billing.

Handlers like Boku will also keep track of your spending across multiple websites and casinos. As long as you're using platforms like Boku, then you will be restricted to a £30 daily deposit limit.

The deposit limit is also upheld by your network operator, who are also under Payforit guidelines to enforce a default daily spending limit of £30. Network providers can be contacted to raise their deposit limit if you so wish, so it's not a strict deposit limit in any sense.

But for those who want to keep a watch on their money, it's good to know that there is a safety net built into the system, so you don't overspend on your bankroll.

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Disadvantages of Using Payforit

There are still a few hiccups when it comes to Payforit's restrictions and the guidelines that it has laid out in trying to protect its customers.

Low Deposit Limits

We praised this as an advantage above, dead phonebut it can also be a curse when it comes to  depositing. For the casual gambler, who wants to deposit enough in their casino to have a few rounds of slots or cards, but also wants to watch their bankroll; then a restricted deposit limit is perfect.

For high rollers who want a little more, this can become a problem quickly. Mobile network providers and Payforit have legal agreements to not allow deposit limits to be over a default daily spend limit of £30.

You can contact your network provider to increase this amount and they will often be happy to do so as long as you can demonstrate a good track record when it comes to paying your phone bill.

Unfortunately, certain handlers lboku logoike Boku, will always have a strict £30 daily deposit limit and will keep a record of your number, so even if you switch casinos, if you use Boku again to handle the payment, they will take all of your transactions for the day into account.

So you can bypass deposit limits by contacting your network service provider and avoiding certain phone bill depositing handlers like Boku; but it can be a pain all the same.

Slow Withdrawal Choices

The Payforit method of payment, especially depocountdownsiting to mobile casinos, can become an issue when you want to withdraw money. Mobile depositing is not a two way system. You can only spend or deposit money via mobile phone bill depositing. If you want to withdraw money, you'll have to find another way.

This makes sense, given the fact that when you deposit by phone bill, you are charging the amount to your phone credit. Withdrawing back in the same way would simply give you more phone credit, so unless you're gambling just to win back more minutes to chat to your friends; this wouldn't benefit you.

The most complimentary withdrawal method to phone bill depositing is cheque. This is traditionally the case, because if you are withdrawing by another method, such as bank or e-wallet, then it would be strange that you weren't depositing with them as well.

If you want to keep everyslow chequething as mobile as possible, then cheque is your most likely option. As we know, cheque is also incredibly slow, as anything you withdraw must be posted and will take at least 5 working days. So you'll have to be patient with any withdrawals.

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Step By Step Guide To Using Payforit

There is no need to register or activate this service. You won’t even get redirected to another site anymore – the whole payment is completed at the site of the mobile casino! When you come to deposit at your mobile casino, as you usually would, select the ‘deposit by phone bill or SMS' option. You’ll be done before you can say “convenience”!

Step By Step Guide To Payforit Depositing

  • Go to the deposit area of your mobile casinoguide to phone bill deposit
  • Select your deposit method as “pay by mobile” or “pay by SMS”
  • The Payforit page will then display the merchant details and the price of purchase
  • If you're happy with everything then click “confirm”
  • You will receive a text message. To confirm the payment respond to the text with “Y”, although this response may vary between casinos
  • You'll then receive another text confirming the payment has gone through
  • If the payment fails then you'll be informed by SMS and asked to repeat the process
  • Congratulations! You have deposited by mobile phone bill

Because Payforit is just a guideline, the process may be different as your payment will actually be handled by different payment handlers, as we mentioned above. The most popular handler is Boku, which is the one you'll probably be seeing the most of.

Just be aware of this before depositing. But for the most part, simply follow the instructions, respond appropriately to any SMS messages you receive and always ensure your payment is confirmed. Do all of this and you'll be fine.

How to use Boku at Pocket Fruity

An Example of Making A Mobile Phone Bill Deposit With Boku At Pocket                                                                     Fruity Casino

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Extra Guides To Using Payforit

Here are some additional visual guides to using Payforit.

Video Guide To Payforit

Infographic Guide To Payforit

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What You Can Buy With Payforit

e-wallet-hand-holding-money.jpgPayforit enables the purchase of digital goods and services, such as games and videos. The most common is a one-off payment to a site, such as depositing mobile casinos or making an in-app purchase.

It is also possible to set up recurring subscriptions like a Netflix account. You can also purchase other digital goods like apps and games. Some of the biggest Payforit merchants are: Samsung Fun ClubGameloftEA Mobile GamesITV Mobile; among many others.

However, EU Regulation rules restrict physical goods from being purchased, so all purchases will have to be digital goods.

As we said before, the limit per transaction currently stands at £30, so for larger purchases and deposits, an alternative method would be better. There is also a daily limit of £30, as well as a monthy limit, which has been agreed with your mobile network provider. You may have to contact your network provider to confirm what this amount is.

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Payforit Customer Support

Everything about the system is designed to be as easy as pcustomer serviceossible. But things do often have a habit of going wrong. If an attempt to make payment has failed, there are two common reasons:

  • Pay As You Go Customers – You do not have enough phone credit, in which case simply top up and try again!
  • Pay Monthly Customers – You have reached your daily or monthly credit limit.

Refunds And Service Complaints

If you are unhappy with the purchase, you should contact the merchant or mobile casino. The mobile casino would be in the best position to sort out any technical errors or refunds; after all, it is their legal responsibility to provide after-purchase support.

Payforit themselves do not have a contact number because they are only a guideline regulator. If you want further help in organizing a refund or have any problems with your payments, then Payforit suggests that you contact your mobile network providers

Here are the contact details of UK’s major mobile network providers:

Vodafone customer service
  • Live Chat or eForum on the Vodafone website
  • Dial 191 from a Vodafone Mobile
  • Dial 03333 040 191 from a landline
02 customer service
  • Pay Monthly :Dial 202 from your O2 Mobile (Free) or 0844 809 0202 from a landline (5p/min)
  • Pay As You Go: Dial 4445 from your O2 Mobile (25p/call) or 0844 809 0222 from a landline (5p/min)
3 customer service
ee customer service
  • Dial 150 from a EE phone or
  • Dial 0845 412 5000 from any other phone

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Casinos That Accept Payforit Depositing

More and more casinos are accepting deposits via phone bill (SMS). Judging by its popularity among players, it would be just a while before all casinos offer it as one of the default options. Here is a full list of casinos that currently accept Payforit deposits.

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So, there you have it: a layman’s guide topayforit approved Payforit! You can feel completely safe using their services and we recommend mobile phone billing to all readers of this site, as it is the safest, fastest and most convenient way to top up your mobile casino account!

To find out more about mobile phone billing, visit the dedicated mobile phone billing section of the site. Here you can find out how to deposit, which mobile casinos accept phone billing and how to block phone billing.

Happy depositing!

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