Infographic: A Showdown of Different Mobile Payment Systems

To quote Rob Skinner of PayPal UK: “mobile is the future of money. If we view the first era of payment as cash and cheque, and the second as debit and credit card, the third is most definitely mobile.” Very soon, we’d leave our cash and credit cards at home and pay for everything using our mobile phone. Here’s a quick 101 on the most popular mobile payment methods in the market today.

Different Types of Mobile Payment Services - Direct Carrier Billing and more

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Well, these are various mobile payment systems, technologies and business models that are available in the market today. The most popular include paying via SMS/phone bill, mobile wallets and contactless NFC communication. Different systems cater to different demographics and retail needs.

The mobile casino industry is well-positioned to reap the benefits of mobile payment systems. This is because its customers interact completely on the mobile platform, and most of the transactions at mobile casinos involve small amounts.

As such, you’ll find many of these different mobile payment systems already accepted at mobile casinos. In the UK, direct carrier billing is widely used so that customers can deposit using their phone bill. Meanwhile, Swedish mobile casinos has seen success with invoice billing.

What next?

The tech is getting better! Companies are integrating different mobile payment solutions. For example, CardMobili brought direct carrier billing to physical goods like bus tickets. Apple Pay combines biometric authentication with mobile wallets for added security. Another newer technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is quickly rivalling NFC. With BLE, you can wave your mobile phones up to 50 metres away! Imagine paying while exiting a store with your merchandise.

Bitcoin (the cyrptocurrency) is gaining traction too, so Bitcoin-versions of these mobile payment solutions have started emerging. However, the mobile payment marketplace is still very fragmented. There are too many different stakeholders, including the mobile carriers, financial institutions, merchants, country regulators and service providers.

The future of retail lies in Mobile Payment

The future of retail lies in mobile payment systems

It’d be a few more years before these key players figure out a solution and mobile payment becomes as widely accepted as a Visa card. Whatever the outcome, both consumers and businesses would truly benefit from a mobile payment world.

Transcript of the Infographic

  • Direct carrier billing – Consumers charge their purchases directly to their mobile phone bill using their mobile number. Eg. Boku, Bango
  • Mobile wallets – An app stores a user's payment information (such as credit cards). Like a traditional wallet, users can pay; store receipts and giftcards. Eg. Google Wallet, Paypal
  • Contactless/NFC – If a phone has Near Field Communication (NFC) tech, its owner can simply tap or wave their phone in front of a payment terminal. Eg. Visa payWave, Apple Pay
  • Mobile invoice payments – “Buy now, pay later.” Consumers buy services on credit and receive an invoice via SMS later. Eg. Puggle Pay, Klarna
  • Apps by consumer banks – Users link their bank accounts to mobile phone numbers. Then, they can transfer money to friends/companies without account numbers or sort codes. Eg. PayM, Pingit, Zapp
  • In-app payment – Retailers integrate mobile payment methods like Visa or Paypal inside their apps, so that customers can pay without leaving their app. Eg. games like Candy Crush Saga
  • Biometric payment – Customers authenticate payments or unlock mobile wallets using retinal scanning or fingerprints. Eg. Touch ID in Apply Pay
  • Mobile point-of-sale – Dongles convert smartphones and tablets into electronic cash registers. Small business owners can then accept credit card or other mobile payment. Eg. Square, Poynt

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