How Mobile Depositing Will Be Improved In The Future

the future of mobile depositMobile depositing is a great way to deposit at your casino. Simple, fast and secure, it's got a lot of advantages over alternative depositing methods. However, mobile depositing isn't without its downsides which put a few people off.

Inconvenient withdrawal methods and strict deposit limits can be an issue for many when deciding whether or not to use mobile depositing. With mobile technology becoming more developed, it was only a matter of time before these improvements made their way to mobile depositing.

These are some of the improvements we'll be seeing very soon with our mobile deposits.

Cheque Imaging

mobile depositingOne of the key issues with mobile depositing is its withdrawal methods. Because you deposit straight from your phone bill, withdrawing via the same method would make little sense, unless you wanted more credit.

Many casinos will allow you to withdraw via a bank transfer or eWallet. Because the point of mobile depositing is to avoid using your bank details online, having to do so for withdrawals makes little sense. Plus if you had an eWallet option to withdraw, then it doesn't make sense why you'd not deposit with it in the first place.

Cheque is the logical withdrawal method for mobile depositing. Unfortunately, cheque can be an inconvenient way to receive your money. Time delays aside, one of the worst elements of cheque is that you have to make time to go to the bank just to begin getting your money. Bank opening times certainly don't help this matter.

There's great news though. Up until now banks have been unable to accept cheques unless they receive a physical copy. The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill, which was passed on 26th March 2015, made it possible for banks to accept images of cheques.Bank closed

Using this method, it is now possible to take a picture of a cheque and send it in to the bank in order to cash it. Many banks, including Barclays and Natwest, have these features built straight into their banking apps.

The law dictates that by October 2017, all banks will be obligated to accept cheques by this method. Soon you won't even have to worry about living by the bank's opening times to claim your casino winnings. All it'll take is a quick picture.

Though even the technology of the future can't fix the slow administration of your bank.

Biometric Security

Fingerprint scanning is becoming a major presence within the newer smartphones. Android and iOS have come leaps and bounds in making touch id a core component to their security fingerprintnew features.

Before this point, fingerprint security had been used as nothing more than a way to access your phone. In terms of utility, this was a huge waste of such a great security method.

The recent versions of iOS9 and Android Marshmallow allow for fingerprint security to be applied to any app on your phone. Now every single app on your phone can be secured so only you can open it.

Mobile depositing security has always been pretty reliable. Before every transaction, you'd have to respond to an sms to authorise any payment. Of course it was also entirely possible that anyone could be responding to that sms.

With modern smartphones, you could now set it so only you could have access to your messages, so any authorisation will 100% be from you.

Apple/Android Pay

apple android payHaving your bank details separate from your mobile casinos is a great way to achieve peace of mind. Many dislike the thought of giving their bank details online.

But this isn't always the solution to all your depositing troubles. Having all your deposits taken from your phone bill can cause some issues:

  • Mobile depositing has strict deposit limits of £30
  • Tracking how much you've spent is very difficult
  • The delayed charge of your bank account can take many by surprise

Many use mobile depositing simply because they don't have a bank account. For these people the introduction of Android and Apple Pay won't make much difference to their spending.

But for many who want the convenience of depositing by their mobile, but hate the potential security issues of using their bank details, these new payment methods may solve all their problems.

Android and Apple Pay work much in the same way to any eWallet. You use your own account, which is connected to your bank account, to make papple-pay-how-will-work-showcase_image-7-a-7328ayments. But they have many features that replicate the benefits of mobile depositing very closely.

  • You can control all your payments from your mobile
  • Fingerprint security allow you to personally authorise every payment before it happens
  • Your bank account details are secure because they don't save your bank details

Android Pay creates an alternative account number that communicates with your bank account, but contains none of your account details. Your bank details are never at risk and you have the ability to use your bank account, track your payments and have no deposit limits. While at the same time giving you the protection you want.

Mobile depositing is changing and the future seems to lie with mobile based eWallets, which offer all the advantages of mobile depositing; with all the benefits of using your bank account.

The Future In Summary

future smsMobile depositing is going to get some great improvements within the next few years. With improved withdrawal methods and improved security; mobile depositing will be easier than ever. In fact many of these changes are already available, so you can have a simpler experience from today.

But further into the future, the appearance of mobile based eWallets may steal the show from traditional sms depositing altogether. The beauty of this is those who want to adopt this bank/mobile hybrid are able to do so.

But those who want a traditional mobile depositing option, can always stick with what they are happy with right now; with all the incoming benefits.

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