Mobile Phone Bill Deposits: Is Contract or Pay as You Go Best?

mobile phone bill comparisonWe really love phone bill depositing here at Droid Slots and we always aim to bring you the best information when it comes to mobile depositing.

So the question we're posing today is, which is better for mobile phone bill depositing: Contract or Pay as you go (PAYG)? Both have their strengths and weaknesses of course, but which one should you consider using if you're a mobile depositor.

Let's find out.


Paying Your Phone Bill Deposits

There's a whole range of payment options across PAYG and Contract phones, but which one has the most compatible for mobile phone bill depositing?


Contract requires that you pay through a direct debit or credit card. This will usually be by Direct Debit, but if you want, it's possible to also pay over the phone by card.

Your contract phone bill works much the same way as a credit card payment would, if you've used it for mobile depositing. Any costs you've incurred during that month will be paid at the end of the month. You don't have to prepay for anything or worry about your bill until the end of the month.

The money will either be taken by DD at the end of the month, or you can call up their customer service to pay off your bill.


PAYG has the most ways to pay by far out of the two options:

  • Top up onlinetop up logo
  • DD top up
  • Call from mobile
  • Top up by text
  • Cash Machine
  • In store top up

There's a quite a few ways to pay as you can see. But does quantity mean more quality in this instance.

Unlike contract, any amount you spend isn't paid off at the end of the month. As the name implies, pay as you go, requires you to top up your credit, so you have enough to complete each phone bill deposit you're making.

Unlike contract, every mobile phone bill deposit you make has to be added to your phone credit, before you go on to pay by phone bill depositing. In this way, you end up having to move money around twice, firstly into the phone itself and then secondly onto whatever else it is you're purchasing by mobile depositing.


Contract phone bill deposit

  • CON – Has less payment options
  • PRO – Only have to pay once
  • PRO – Can pay at the end of purchase

Depositing Limits

Phone bill depositing already comes with depositing limits. Phone bill depositing services like Boku will limit you to £30 a day. Your network provider will also have default spending limits in place for your mobile as well. But how do they differ between contract and PAYG.


PAYG doesn't have the same issues with depositing limits that contract has. In fact PAYG has no depositing limit. As long as you have the credit, then you're able to depositing as much money via phone bill as you want.

Phone bill depositing services like Boku, will still have depositing limits, but if you use other depositing services, then you should be able to bypass any depositing limits set by third party providers, as long as you have the money to hand in your credit.

With PAYG your depositing limit is whatever you set.


direct debitContract is paid at the end of the month by DD or debit/credit card. Because of this, network providers have spending limits by default, since they can't verify you have enough money in your bank at the end of the month to cover the costs.

Unlike PAYG where you have to have the credit to hand in order to make any phone bill deposits, your network provider can't confirm you're good for it.

You can get in touch with your network provider to increase your spending limits, to well over a few hundred pounds. However, there are limits to their upper depositing budgets. You can never have unlimited mobile depositing budgets, simply because the network provider can never be certain you're good for it.

Combine this with Boku's depositing limits and your contract phone can have quite a few barriers placed on it before your mobile depositing even begins.


Pay As You Go

  • PRO – No Network provider depositing limits
  • CON – Limits by third party providers like Boku, will still apply, but can be bypassed



Privacy is a hot topic, especially now that eff
ectively all your data is tracked. You can't hide from the government, but at the very least it would be nice if you could keep your own habits away from prying eyes.

Which mobile format allows for the most private depositing?


We mentioned PAYG's huge range of top up options earlier in this article. It may not have won it that catergory, but here, it shines through much stronger.

For start off, PAYG top ups can avoid purchasingMobile Phone Wallet with Cash and Cards through your bank account altogether. You can purchase top up cards in store as a cash in hand payment. You can also purchase top up cards in numerous other ways via your bank account, but if you want to avoid having any trace of your spending on your bank statement, you can do so.

To any observers, it'll reveal you withdraw £20, but not the ultimate destination of the money.


You can't have a contract phone without paying the bill by card at the end of each month. It's one of the greatest strengths and weaknesses of contract phone billing.

Any pbank statement blurredhone bill deposits you make on your phone bill will show up on the bank statement attached to the card you pay your monthly bill with. You bank statement won't show the exact nature of each transaction, which is a blessing of mobile phone bill depositing. Nonetheless, it will show that you've been spending more than normal on your phone bill.

If you want to spend completely anonymously and keep your private life private, then contract billing makes this slightly harder to do so. Even though it's not specific, it still says more than most of us want.


Pay As You Go

  • PRO – Purchase credit cash in hand
  • PRO – Can avoid bank transfers entirely
  • PRO – Multiple ways to pay 


Payment Management

A mobile phone isn't like a credit card. mobile phone useIt's not just about payments. You still have to use it to do a whole host of really important things with your mobile.

So which phone bill model allows for the best ease of use when it comes to balancing your depositing and your mobile phone usage?


One of the major issues with PAYG is that your mobile deposits are your credit. If you decide to make a phone bill deposit, you're taking money away from your phone credit. If you plan ahead this can be no issue whatsoever.

But sometimes it isn't easy to plan ahead if you need to make a last minute phone call or a quick deposit and you have no simple way to top up there and then. Having your mobile deposits tied to your credit can make managing your budget and payments, exceptionally difficult.

PAYG may not have depositing limits, but in a way, your limited credit creates that issue itself.


Mobile games by ProbabilityWith contract, you've already paid for your calls, texts and internet browsing with your original agreement. Any extra you deposit is literally just like using a debit card for a separate transaction. The two sides of your mobile: the mobile aspect and the mobile phone bill depositing; simply don't crossover.

You can play and deposit at your mobile casino, without the worry that you'll have to top up soon to make a phone call, use the internet or send a text. You can do as you like without the extra budgeting going on.

And with depositing limits in place, even when you're spending, you can be comfortable that your budget is being handled by your network provider as well.


  • Contract phone bill depositPRO – Phone credit isn't affected by depositing
  • PRO – Depositing limits act a safeguard to your freer spending


So there are the big concerns for mobile depositors making a choice between mobile options. They both have pros and cons in each area.

Personally we prefer the contract model, as it gives you a lot more freedom to spend fluidly, without having to worry about the drain on your credit. Managing credit isn't something we like to do, so we'd give the edge to contract phones any day.

But as we've shown, PAYG has some greMobile phone optionsat advantages over contract, such as limitless depositing. As long as you have the credit and don't mind managing your payments more closely, then PAYG is still a great way to mobile deposit.

But at the end of the day, we just give you the information. The decision, is up to you.

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