Avoiding Anti Mobile Depositing Casino Welcome Bonuses

mobile unfriendlyMobile casinos can offer a lot to their mobile depositors. They can advertise that it's a key depositing method. They can optimise their games perfectly for mobile use. They can offer cheque and other mobile friendly withdrawal methods, so you can do everything you need on the go from your mobile. But there are some elements of a mobile friendly casino that many mobile casinos overlook. These are the welcome bonuses.

We'll take a look through the welcome bonuses that are a mobile depositors worst enemy. Then we can see how the problem can be solved and which welcome bonuses you should be on the look out for.


Deposit Matches

200% First Deposit Bonus at Spin GenieDeposit matches are some of the most popular welcome bonuses throughout mobile casinos. They're a smart idea in practice. They make the player have to deposit at a casino, benefiting the casino, but then reward the player for that initial deposit.

Most mobile casinos can offer 100% deposit matches up to a £100. This can continue on for the first few deposits at some of the most generous mobile casinos. For most, this is great. You can deposit a high amount of cash and receive some amazing cashback for several weeks worth of deposits. Your bonus carries on well into your stay.

The Problem For Mobile Depositors

The issue starts with a problem of how much mobile depositors can actually deposit:

  • The maximum deposit limit for mobile depositing is £30
  • The deposit match can stretch to over £100
  • Mobile depositors only benefit from a third of the deposit match
  • To get to £100 a mobile depositor has to deposit over 3 times

mobile deposit problemA mobile depositor has to deposit 3 times just to get the deposit match limit that an alternative depositor receives in one deposit.

An alternative depositor, doing so by bank or eWallet can receive several hundred pounds worth of deposit matches, while a mobile depositor barely even gets £100.

The Solution

There's certainly a few things that mobile casinos could do to combat this problem. If a casino wants to keep their deposit matches but offer a fair equivalent to mobile depositors, they'd have to:

  • Provide better deposit matches if you are a mobile depositor
  • Allow mobile depositors to have more matched deposits, e.g. increasing it to deposit match on your first 9 deposits
  • Allow mobile depositors to stack deposits, e.g. making multiple deposits count as single deposits

Add Card

This has Mobile Phone Wallet with Cash and Cardsstarted to fall out of fashion as of late, but many mobile casinos don't offer an outright welcome bonus simply by signing up. Some casinos will request that you add a card in order to receive a basic welcome bonus, with the option to then deposit later if you so wish.

The Problem For Mobile Depositors

The problem is simple. Mobile depositing doesn't require a card, it requires a mobile. If you came to a mobile casino like this to mobile deposit, then you're out of luck. It's strange that casinos will advertise that they accept deposits by mobile and yet then effectively block potential mobile customers from enjoying their casino.

It's bad business practise, so if you want to deposit by mobile and you see this; remember that there's plenty of other places to go.

The Solution

The solution itself is simple.

  • Get rid of the add a card option
  • Allow mobile depositors to add a mobile number in its place

Since most casinos ask you for a mobile number anyway, it wouldn't be difficult to accept this as their proof of future payment. After all, if a customer likes you and wants to deposit with your mobile casino, they're going to deposit. The fact you've already forced them to give over your card details only harms this first impression, more than helps it.

Desktop Only Rewards

This is exactly what it sounds like. Rewards that only benefit those who use the desktop version of the site. These can be anything from free money to free spins.

The Problem For Mobile Depositors

The problem is obvious. It excludes most of your customers who you have advertised to come and use your site. On the one hand you're telling people that you're happy to take their money through their mobile. But you won't reward them for then playing your games on that same mobile.

The Solution

The solution is for the mobile casino to make things fair by adding rewards for their mobile depositors. Alternatively, they could get rid of the exclusive desktop rewards also. It's an incredibly unfair practise which penalises mobile depositors for seemingly no reason.

Mobile Depositing Friendly Welcome Bonuses

We've discussed this issmobile deposit casinoue before, but we've never made a list of the best welcome bonuses to look out for as a mobile depositor. We've already broken down the ones to definitely avoid. The basic rule is avoid anything which:

  • Requires a card
  • Rewards you for depositing more than £30 in one deposit
  • If the bonuses are only for desktop users

There are a lot of other mobile casinos out there who cater to people who mobile deposit. In some cases it may be possible that the mobile casino's pros outweigh their lack of mobile deposit support.

This is of course, a decision that should be made by you. But remember, there are still very avoidable issues of unfair practise that mobile casinos frequently overlook when it comes to mobile depositing. Vote with your mobile.

Where To Find Them

Spin Genie

Spin GenieUp until recently, Spin Genie was guilty when it came to not rewarding its mobile depositors. Requirements to add a card and deposit matches were purely against anyone willing to deposit by mobile.

As of late though, they've switched out their add a card requirement for 100 free spins. They still have deposit matches, but with 100 free spins to take the edge of, we'll forgive them in this case.

Try Spin Genie Out Today!



Ladylucks is the most geneLadyLuck's Casino logorous no deposit welcome bonus, with £20 given on sign up. This £20 is subject to wagering requirements of course, but if you want to wager the amount required, or simply test out the game using this cash as your demo; you'll find a great use for it either way.

Ladylucks offers a 100% deposit match on your first deposit. It's not the optimum we'd like to see for a purely fair mobile casino, but for now, the no deposit welcome bonus money is one of the better options.

Play at Ladylucks



Winneroo Games LogoWinneroo keeps the trend going by also offering a 100% deposit match welcome bonus. We can't have everything unfortunately. What we can have instead is £5 no deposit welcome bonus as well as a £20 refer a friend bonus.

So if you've got a friend looking for a mobile casino and you can bypass the deposit match inequality, then you'll have no further issues if you choose Winneroo.

Play at Winneroo Now!


Jackpot Mobile Casino

Offering aJackpot Mobile Casino – Logo (January 2015) £5 no deposit welcome bonus, Jackpot Mobile Casino rewards everyone who comes to its slots. There is also a deposit match system, but the amount is set to 200%.

It's not perfect for mobile depositing, but it is certainly a generous deposit match, even if it does give an advantage to alternative deposit methods. For now, it's one of the best mobile depositors have and it certainly isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Play at Jackpot Mobile Casino


Northern Lights Casino

Northern Lights Casino LogoNorthern Lights Casino offers £5 no deposit welcome bonus. Perfect for anyone interested in mobile depositing. There's also 100% match on your first 3 deposits up to £500. It's a sad case that right now, mobile depositing is just going to have to get the hard end of the deal for the moment.

Perhaps one day mobile casinos will make their mobile depositors have a fairer deal. But for now, Northern Light's generous offer will subside us.

Play at Northern Lights Casino

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