How Zimpler Mobile Casino Deposits Work 

*NOTE: Zimpler is currently unavailable in the UK but we hope it comes over here soon*

zimpler1-300x250Considering how many posts we've made about mobile depositing, we'd like to think our readers are pretty well informed about the subject. However, we haven't covered the wonderful apex of simplicity that is Zimpler yet. Because of this, many of you may not know how it works. Well, fret no longer! We're going to cover just how it works in this post and it is remarkably easy to use, so don't let the fear of the unknown stop you from being informed. 

What is it?

zimpler-loginPut simply, Zimpler is a mobile depositing service set up by a Swedish company that is dedicated to providing the best money service for online gambling.

If you sign up today, you will be given your own Zimpler account which can be accessed from numerous mobile casinos.

So the use, like PayPal, will be quasi-universal and will give players the ability to pay deposits as soon as they are able.

With Zimpler, you can also chose what payment method you wish to use and which levels of payment you want.

All you need to do is provide your mobile number and verify your account through SMS. Once you have done this, you can manage all your payments through one account. To make a payment, all you need to do is:

  • Sign in with your phone.
  • Choose your method of payment.
  • Confirm said payment.

It is that simple and it is also incredibly secure.


Thumbs upHopefully you should have inferred that, due to the simplicity of Zimpler, that it is incredibly easy to use. Clean, simple and quick, you can set up your account in minutes and pay your deposit in even less time.

It is also, as we've mentioned, incredibly secure and all your sensitive information is maintained.

Not only does it work for all casinos in Sweden and Europe, it works globally and can be operated. The Zimpler Site is completely compatible for mobile and works just as well as it does on desktop.


Thumbs DownUnfortunately, this leads onto our biggest gripe with Zimpler in that they do not have a mobile app unlike other payment methods. How much easier would it be to manage all your payments with something that can be so accessible to you?

Give them time and they may release one but, for the time being, the fact that there is no app is rather irksome.

Also, there isn't much else that makes it stand out from other payment companies like PayPal or Neteller. Aside from the “choose your payment limit” feature there doesn't seem much in the way of uniqueness. So, despite what it tells you, Zimpler is just another payment service. An excellent, well-run service. Just not all that different.

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