A Guide to the Different Kinds of Live Roulette

roulette2Roulette holds a special place in every player's heart. Hate it or love it, it's hard to deny that it's a simple game of luck and, depending on which version you play, involves some serious thought before you place your bets. Today, however, we're only going to be talking about the different kinds of Live Roulette. 

But what's the difference between live and mobile roulette? Simply that live roulette involves some kind of interaction with a “real” roulette table in real time. There have been some debates of what constitutes to “live” as some variations use a Random Number Generator to create an impression of it being real. That and using a pretty woman to run the game.


Because of these muddied waters, it's easy to get confused on what is actually “live” roulette and what isn't. It's so complicated that even the previous sentence should have a huge asterisk next to it. For this guide, we'll be exploring the three main kinds you may encounter online and the crucial differences between them.

If you're more inclined to play “real” live roulette and want to avoid fabrications at all costs, you can skip to whichever section you want to read about below:

1) Automatic Roulette

European Roulette at Pocket Fruity - Desktop

It's important to realise that plenty of casinos tend to advertise automatic roulette tables as live roulette. There is actually an important difference. Most people would assume that live roulette would unfold real-time with a live dealer. Automatic live roulette is more of a fusion between this and a graphical representational of a real roulette.

Many disgruntled players have made their skepticism known. Are these real roulette reels or facsimiles? If they are, then they are certainly very life-like facsimiles with smooth resolutions and realistic sound effects. There are no humans involved but its' easy to believe that these roulette avatars have foundations in reality.  So we're inclined to believe there are no algorithms involved.

2) Slingshot Roulette

roulette ADV

So we go from the hybrids to the hybrid-hybrids. Slingshot live roulette involves a series of professionally filmed roulette reels that represent the real thing. Everything is done in real time and is completely automatic.

This of course makes doubts about the reality of live roulettes even greater. In a way, a slingshot roulette is completely fabricated as the reel isn't actually there… but it has been filmed and reacts in a realistic way to the player's actions. Talk about confusing. But, hey, some people enjoy it regardless. Although there are those who believe the generated results are fixed. It's impossible to tell.

3) Real Dealer Roulette

Roulette by 888 Casino

This is the most logically “live” roulette you can play. It involves a video feed where a real dealer takes your bets and spins the roulette reel. Nothing about this is recorded or fabricated — it's all genuine.

The dealers tend to be young, pretty women and are friendly and approachable. It gives that human element lacking in other varieties. Aside from playing in a real-world casino, this is the closest players can get to playing the real thing. Many big name mobile casinos such as bet365 have this version of live roulette.


Casino Roulette

If you are worried about a live roulette game's authenticity, rest-assured that the top developers in the industry such as Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming have their systems checked so that players get a truly real outcome on their bets. These inspections of fairness are carried out by independent auditors.

Although there is nothing bad about playing a live roulette that uses a Random Number Generator, it is understandable that players would want a truly live experience and they have the right as a consumer to expect it. It is, after all, better to chose then have only one option.

Mobile Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we have a dedicated area of the site to give you all the tips, betting strategies and news about all your favorite casino games, with this section bringing you Roulette in its entirety.

Enjoy and keep the devil’s wheel spinning.

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