Introducing Droid Slots’ New Mobile Roulette Section

Casino Roulette Spiraling DownwardAny mobile casino player on the planet would have had a go at Roulette. It is a notoriously simple game – simply pick a number or colour on the Roulette board. The croupier or computer spins the wheel, the ball races around the wheel until it finally lands on a position. If the number or colour of its resting position matches your guess, you win. Since the game is as fun and as easy as slots, the Droid Slots writers are expanding our purview to include Roulette! This slot website is launching a new category dedicated to Roulette.

What is Roulette?

Let me explain the mechanics of Roulette in a single paragraph. In Roulette, you have to guess which position the ball will land in during the spin of the wheel. There are positions ‘1-36’ (18 of which are red and 18 black), plus one green ‘0’. You can choose to bet on odd/even numbers, red/black, single numbers or ranges of numbers like 1-18? Mirroring the real brick and mortar casino experience, all you have to do is simply drop chips on the board and select “Spin.”


What's in store at Droid Slot's Roulette category?

First off, we have listed the best places to play Roulette online and on your mobile device. The iGaming industry has exploded and produced multiple versions of this game. We’ve reviewed many Roulette games and tested out all the different functionalities. Some games allow you to view your gaming history and place special racetrack bets; others simply allowed you to hit “spin”. Go ahead and try our favourite few.

We’ve compiled the best advice, tips and rules to help you improve your game. As simple as the game is, there are countless theories and strategies on how to play better. Double up after every loss, check the table’s previous wins, and so on. We’ve read all of these guides, tested them out ourselves and put the best tips together in one place.

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Sneak peak at our content: Profitability Chart of Roulette

Last but not least, we’ve produced videos about Roulette. These videos are more fun to digest than articles and are filled with snippets of actual gameplay. We’ve got video tutorials lined up on how to play better as well.

To all the avid Roulette fans out there, do follow the Droid Slots Roulette category.

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Victoria is the team’s reviewer and critic. In her casino reviews and game reviews, you’ll find all the “specs” and exclusive playing strategies, plus screenshots and Youtube videos too! There’s no sugar-coating or boot-licking involved in her reviews; it’s all honest and (hopefully) helpful. For gamers, by gamers.

Mobile Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we have a dedicated area of the site to give you all the tips, betting strategies and news about all your favorite casino games, with this section bringing you Roulette in its entirety.

Enjoy and keep the devil’s wheel spinning.

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