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Elementium Slot LogoFed up of clicking ‘spin' again and again? Feel like your fingers might need a bigger workout?  Get them in shape with Genii Games' new release Elementium. As the fourth game to be released in Genii Games' Spin 16 series, the slot allows you to spin sixteen different ways, with more screen swiping than Tinder. Available exclusively at Leo Vegas, battle against the seven elements of the earth in this cosmological slot – and yeah, that's really the best way we can describe this mishmash of themes.

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Game Overview

Release Date July 2015
CasinoLeo Vegas
Software Provider Genii Games
Slot type Novelty Game/Video Slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)96%
RiskLow, Medium, High
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/ 10 paylines
Min/ Max Bets2p – £12.50
Max Win£12,500
Free SpinsUp to 8 free spins
Features Wilds, Scatters, Spin Hot & Cold, 16 Ways to Spin, Multiplier Match Game
Current Jackpot N/A
Pros Innovative and engaging gameplay – great touch screen features for mobile.
Cons No free spins, no mini games.
VerdictThree Stars

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Elementium Gameplay Screenshot

The Gameplay

Elementium Win Gameplay Screenshot

Winning Combos


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Genii Games' Spin 16 series has been praised for it's innovation since they released their first three offerings last month. The whole twist is that you can spin the slot ‘sixteen ways', meaning that each reel can be swiped up or down, left or right, backwards or forwards. Elementium features 5 reels and 10 adjustable paylines and the  bets range from 2p to £12.50, so there's a big choice for any sort of player.

The fun here really lies in the swiping. Genii games have tapped in to something we really thought slot designers might have managed a while ago; repeatedly clicking a ‘spin' button is boring. In contrast, a swipe feels fresh. It's partly to do with how much further other apps outside of gambling have progressed, and partly to do with our love for our smartphones.

We love tapping, zooming, scrolling – anything we can get our app-loving fingers on. The interactive gameplay of Elementium, and the other Spin 16 slots, gives the slot massive appeal but we will warn you now, swiping reels is addictive and leaves you deflated when you return back the monotonous ‘spin' button of other slots.

Elementium Gameplay Screenshot With Wild

Swipe Each Reel In Any Direction

All this being said, Genii Games haven't sold me on this theme.  The slot features the ‘seven elements of the earth'; fire, water, wind, earth, wood, metal and erm, a nice golden ying yang symbol? The scatters are represented by a lump of amethyst and the wilds, I am told, are represented by an ‘elemental star'.

I can see where they're going with it, there's a feeling of alchemy as wilds seem to make a force field over other symbols, and the paylines glow ethereally with a big win, but they seem to have just missed the mark. Done well, this could be a great theme, however as the reels float in the vaguely related cosmos, the dull techno music seems to hypnotise, and my big win is met with no celebration and a jarring font, the slot feels incomplete. Back to Top.


As you can tell, on first impressions I was underwhelmed by this slot. Yet what the slot might be lacking graphically, it makes up for in innovative new features, and after a while of playing I started to warm to it.

First off, the ‘sixteen ways to spin' we mentioned earlier has it's own bonus feature. The Multiplier Match Game is a bonus feature Genii have added to all their Spin 16 slots, and it adds even more excitement to the swiping function. The reel and direction you decide to spin defines your position in the Multiplier Match Game. As you pick a reel, the ‘house' will also pick a reel. Your choice will be highlighted by a yellow arrow, and theirs by a green.

Once your spin is complete, if the finished position of the house arrow matches the position of your arrow, you'll be rewarded up to a 10x multiplier. It can seem quite confusing at first, but essentially you're just hoping the arrows match up to supplement your win and waiting to grab some extra cash by catching the high multipliers.

Elementium Paytable Screenshot

Multiplier Match Game Paytable

Elementium Gameplay Bonus

Multiplier Match Game Mid-Spin

The Multiplier Match Game is not the only unique feature that Genii have thrown into their Spin 16 slots. As with the others, Elementium also offers players a chance to spin ‘hot' or ‘cold' and this really is a clever feature.

You can choose to spin ‘hot' or ‘cold' using the indicated buttons, or select this feature by using the directional arrows which are either fiery or frozen. These hot and cold positions are worked out by using live results from other players. Positions that have recently been popular with other players and have landed a big win are considered ‘hot', whilst the less popular spins are considered ‘cold'.

This means that you can either choose your direction hoping to have the same success as others have had, or you can pick a ‘cold' direction, hoping that it's due to pay out soon. If there's one thing Genii have really succeeded in, in this slot, it's user engagement and the ‘hot' and ‘cold' options further add to the interactiveness of the game.

Elementium Screenshot Hot Cold

Hot & Cold Feature Instructions

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Overall there's nothing wrong with Elementium.  We can see why the new unique features will garner some popularity, especially for mobile players, and the slot runs smoothly in both the app and browser (although you do lose the whole swipe appeal with the latter). It just lacks a bit of… oopmh.

As I said earlier, the game feels a little unfinished. Maybe there was a rush to get it out, on the back of the other Spin 16 releases, but certain things we've come to expect from new slots are missing. There's a lack of animation to the slot thaSt doesn't seem to cut it these days. There's no twinkling symbols, no cascading reels, and no video storyline to carry you through the game.

As for big win celebrations, and I really don't want to go on about the font, but a plain pop up text box seems lacklustre. Where's the party mood Genii?

Elementium Big Win Screenshot

Not A Party Atmosphere

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalI really want to love this slot. The unique features that Genii Games have produced go a long way to making overdue changes to the way mobile slots are designed, and in itself this is commendable. They've realised the potential smartphones offer for an enhanced experience, meaning they are bringing something entirely new to market.

So why leave it so half-baked?  If they're aim is to really tap into what mobile players want, they need to learn that as smartphones also offer a high resolution screen, players have now come to expect beautiful graphics and animation. As it stands, there's a risk that the new features will be seen as a gimmicks rather than a new standard that all software providers should be meeting.

If Genii want their Spin 16 games to really show they are leaders in innovation, they have to be top of the game in all other departments too, and right now that's not the case. Still, it's a slot well worth playing if just to witness these new features, and with a 96% RTP there's a good chance you could get lucky.

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