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greedy goblinzGreedy Goblinz is a new type of slot that has just released for Spin Genie. It's unlike any slot we've ever seen before. In fact, it'd be hard to call it a slot at all. Imagine a combination between Candy Crush and a slot game, but with more random features and little monsters, and you've sort of got an idea of how this plays. In this review we'll try to cut through the farting and burping of the Goblinz, to bring you the nicer aspects of this slot and why you should check it out.

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Game Overview

Release Date2 September 2015
Software ProviderAlchemy Bet
Slot typeVideo Slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
RiskLow, Medium, High
Slot Reels6×6 Grid
Min/ Max Bets5p – £100
Max WinCascading Wins (Up to 6 wins per game, plus bonus items)
FeaturesTreasure Chest, Sticky Wilds, Random Wilds, Random Reel
Current Jackpot£183.25 (increasing with 1% user winnings contribution)
ProsNew innovative game concept
ConsLack of music, No free spins
Verdict3 stars

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browser greedy goblinz

browser greedy goblinz

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The first point to make about Greedy Goblins is that this isn't your average slots game. In fact it would be hard to call it a slots game at all.

The game is set on a 6×6 grid and unlike traditional slots, the columns aren't spun, but instead every individual monstergoblin rules that takes up each of the 36 windows, is dropped in at the start of each spin.

The player wins money by having a Goblin explode. Goblinz explode by consuming two of another type of goblin. Depending on which type of Goblinz eat each other, your multiplier and payout increases.

Goblinz can only consume other Goblinz from above, that fall into their mouths. So in order for a Goblin to explode, they must have two available Goblinz above them.

  • Large Goblinz (yellow) can eat mid sized Goblinz (purple).
  • Mid Sized Goblinz can eat small Goblinz (green).
  • Yellow Goblinz cannot each Green Goblinz.
  • Green Goblinz cannot eat Yellow Goblinz.

Because of this, in every chain, there must always be a Purple Goblin to be eaten.


This might sound like it's unlikely for you to chain Goblinz, but the chains are more frequent due to the fact that Goblinz retain any Goblinz that they've previously eaten. For instance, a Purple Goblin can eat a small Goblin and then be worth the total of two Goblinz. If that Purple Goblin is eaten by a Yellow Goblin, then that Yellow Goblin will explode, because he has eaten two goblins.

goblinz chainsIn this way it's possible to make Yellow Goblinz eat Green Goblinz by using Purple Goblinz as an inbetween. This increases the chances of creating chains that last a long time.

Every chain can go as high as 6 Goblinz exploding. Everytime a Goblin gets eaten or explodes, more Goblinz are dropped into the grid, allowing for more chances for more Goblinz to explode.

Getting a chain can be an extremely satisfying experience, even while what's going on on screen is pretty horrible.

Bonus Items

There are othcoin droper bonus items that will randomly drop into the grid in place of a Goblin. These bonus items will either be:

  • A silver coin
  • A gold coin
  • A diamond

Whenever a bonus item is above a Goblin, they will eat it as they would do with any other Goblin. By eating this, it increases your multiplier, as well as dropping in a new Goblin into the grid.

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We've tested the game on two completely opposing platforms: a desktop browser,  and a budget smart phone (Sony Xperia E1). We wanted to see how well the game was optimised greedy goblinz phoneacross a wide range of computing power and Greedy Goblinz didn't disappoint.

Although the smartphone did lag slightly, even with its low specs, it was still able to play the game fine. For all the other platforms, it played without a hitch. Even when screen capturing the video, the game didn't lag or crash once during an extended play through.

The developers behind the game have done a very good job in making the game well optimised and stable across all its available platforms. Although this was expected given Spin Genie's track record.

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Final Opinions

Greedy Goblinz is an interesting new idea for a slots game. We've seen similar games like this in terms of social games, but never before put into a gambling environment.

Criticism (Gameplay)

The game itself is enjoyable and seeing your combos stack up is a very satisfying experience. It would however, be nice if there was a way to lock your monsters into place. Bonus items are a nice way to mix up the game and create surprises, but since the grid restarts after every spin, it becomes quite repetitive after a while. With no further player interaction outside of hitting the spin button, it takes away a sense of strategy that the slot may have benefited from to make it stand out more.

Criticism (Music)

Repeat plays certainly aren't helped by the lack of music. The only sound in the game is the sound effects that play when Goblinz drop into the stage and eat each other. The sound effects are harsh and can become quite irritating after a while. Since the whole game is silent, there's nothing to distract you from the constant squawking of the Goblinz.

Luckily, there is a mute button to get rid of the noises if they annoy you, but it's a shame that no music was put in, as its a staple in most other slot games.

Overall Thoughts

There is some fun to be had here. The concept is unique, the monsters are charming once you turn down the volume and it is satisfying to win at the game. It's just a shame there aren't a few more tweaks to make it stand out from other slot games, since at the end of it, you are still effectively clicking spin and then just watching things happen. It would be nice if there were more interactive elements.

It's well worth checking out for the novelty factor, and is still a very interesting slot. Maybe it'll even become your next favourite. Oh and remember not to leave the game alone for too long. The Goblinz get pretty disgusting when they get bored.

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If you agree with this review or have any thoughts about the game, then please leave us a comment so we're always interested in hearing your thoughts.

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