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Well, you can't say NetEnt doesn't try to appeal to new markets. This market is especially unique to online casinos, though by no means small. The appeal of Japanese manga/anime has spread worldwide, particularly in the West. NetEnt, realising this, have now released Koi Princess, a new slot game packed full of features with weekly tournaments on Spin Princess Mobile Casino. But is there more to this slot game than just being a cash-grab, or has NetEnt crammed too much into one thing?

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Game Overview

Release Date 24 November 2015
CasinoSpin Princess
Software Provider NetEnt
Slot typeVideo slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)100%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reel, 20 payline
Min/ Max Bets2p – £200
Max Win£200,000
Free SpinsUp to 10 free spins
Features5-Hit Random Feature, Random Wild Random Feature, Wild Reels Random Feature, Bonus Game Activation, Sure Win Free Spin, Wild Reels Free Spins, Bonus Wheel
Current Jackpot N/A
Pros Colourful, unique design. Lots of features. Soothing.
Cons A little overloaded. Theme can be off-putting.

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Koi Princess at Lucky Dino — Desktop.


Koi Princess Lobby on Tablet.


Koi Princess on Mobile.

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Videos of all the new features of the Koi Princess slot.

Koi Princess Feature Rundown

Koi Princess Big Win Screen

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Koi Princess makes use of a standard 5×3 reel set-up. Not the most unique of slots, admittedly, but it works. On the other hand, the reel symbols are cutesy enough to make up for it with letters, numbers, pictures of the Koi Princess herself and pictures of various oriental-designed creatures that give off an eastern fairy-tale aesthetic. It has up to 20 paylines meaning there is quite a lot of opportunities for bonuses and a chance to win big. Wagers have a broad range of between 2p up to £200. Wowzers.


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One of the best thing about Koi Princess (in fact, this has been happening a lot with NetEnt games lately) is the sheer amount of features it has. In fact, one could argue that the inclusion of so many features may be the developers trying to compensate for a lack of substance in the game. But I don't think so. After all, what else do players use slots for other than getting to play with its cool features?

However, this questions whether there's such thing as too many. Online casino developers try to limit what they have so as not to make the game too easy or boring. Gambling, after all, needs risk and if there isn't any risk, what's the point?

Here are just some of the features that Koi Princess incorporates.


Bonus Games Galore in the form of Roulette Spins!

  • 5-Hit Random Feature:
  • Random Wild Random Feature
  • Wild Reels Random Feature
  • Bonus Game Activation
  • Sure Win Free Spin
  • Wild Reels Free Spins
  • Bonus Wheel

We would go into detail but to do so would make this post very long. Play the game for yourself to see the full extent of each feature. After all, it's not too difficult to get them. Still, even if it is easy, these features are tons of fun and they break up the monotony of just spinning reels.

To some, though, this might be the opposite of what you want: just an ordinary spin with occasional interruptions. If this is your mentality, then Koi Princess isn't for you. But if what you're looking for is a variety of things popping up helping you to increase your winnings then you've struck it lucky with this game. Why go elsewhere when you've got so much variety right in front of you? 

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Smooth, sleek and stylish! Performance works best on every device.

When it comes to performance, Koi Princess excels. It's smooth, devoid of glitches and operates on randomly generated reels which make playability seem more authentic. It works best on mobile but also works incredibly well on tablet and desktop. It is, in fact, one of the best new games out there in terms of performance.

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Unique Features?

Koi-Princess-slot-machine-logoProbably Koi Princess's most defining aspect is its design. The manga/anime style put together under an oriental theme makes it seem both classic yet modern, giving it a sense of timelessness. The music is very soothing and has that Japanese feel with red cherry blossoms and waterfalls in the background.

What some players may find insufferable is Koi princess squealing in delight every time you make a win. She speaks in Japanese (obviously) which in itself is fine as it assists the overall theme of the slot. However, many may find her squeaking off-putting and not want to play anymore. If this is the case, just put the sound on mute. 

It is understandable, though, if anime simply doesn't appeal to you. I mean, some people don't like fruit yet they are players who play slots themed around them all the time. It's merely a matter of taste and if Japanese Manga isn't part of that then you might have a problem with it.

Still, it's best to keep an open mind.

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalSo is Koi Princess anything to get excited about? That depends if you like anime. And if you like a load of features intruding on your gameplay. Which a lot of people don't mind. It's certainly impressed us with how versatile it is and how smooth the graphics are. It's up for debate but it could be argued that Koi Princess is so far the best slot in the industry. Until someone beats it, that is. But it'll probably be its own developer. Stellar work as usual, NetEnt!

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