Review of Monopoly Hot Properties Mobile Roulette by WMS

monopoly hot properties rouletteRoulette is a classic casino game and is a staple for any mobile casino that deserves the name. There have been many variations of Roulette, but the original has always stayed popular enough by itself.

Monopoly Roulette: Hot Properties wants to take a shot at revamping the old model. Created by WMS, who have already tried their hand at creating an engaging slot, lets see if the Monopoly Hot Properties brand  can work the same magic on the game of Roulette.

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Game Overview

Release Date August 2015
Software Provider WMS
Slot typeVideo Roulette
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)94.7% (Classic Roulette), 95.47% (Hot Properties)
RiskMedium to Low
Slot Reels/ Paylines/0 reels/0 paylines
Min/ Max Bets£1 – £500
Max Win£30,000
Free SpinsFree play mode
Features Hot Properties Mode
Current Jackpot N/A
Pros Hot Properties bonus game, Good old Roulette
Cons Hot Properties Bonus is rare

Play Monopoly Roulette At Casumo Now!

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main menu laptop

Bet selection Menu Screen

game menu laptop

Roulette Wheel Spinning Screen

hot properties laptop

Hot Properties Screen where you select card for bonuses

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The majority of your playtime with Monopoly Roulette is simply regular Roulette, a game which we imagine everyone knows. You place your chips on:

  • Single numbers (Straight) – x36 payout
  • 2 way (Split) – x18 payoutmultiple roulette bets
  • 3 way (Street) – x12 payout
  • 4 way (Corner) – x9 payout
  • 6 way (Six line) – x6 payout
  • Groups of dozen – x3 payout
  • Any column – x3 payout
  • 1-18 or 19-36 – x2 payout
  • Odd or Even – x2 payout
  • Red or Black – x2 payout

General Betting

All your chips are replaced by Monopoly money instead of generic poker chips. By placing your chips in specific places of the bet board, you can bet across several outcomes, for less money, but with less payouts.

You then spin the Roulette wheel and see what you get. After each spin has ended, with either a win or loss, you can then return to the betting board to pick a specific bet, or simply double your current bet and re spin.

The game also very handily keeps a record of all your previous wins and losses, so you can see your betting history and make decisions from there.

Changing Betting Boards

There are some alternative layouts for your betting boards. There's the standard betting board which most will recognize from Roulette. There also another camera view which is just the regular board but at a different angle, to make it look more three dimensional. Finally there is the racetrack betting board.racetrack roulette

The racetrack betting board holds all the same information, but the different layout affects the choices you can make while betting. Due to the numbers being in a linear order, you can no longer do multiple split bets across as large of a range of numbers. Now you can either bet the whole table in thirds (1-12 e.t.c), or just split your money across two chronological numbers (1 – 2 e.t.c).

Hot Properties Bonus Game

The Hot Properties Bonus game is the biggest change this version of Roulette has going for it. The game is activated by betting on the Hot Properties segment of the betting board, which when the “Hot” segment is span on the Roulette wheel; gives the hot rouletteplayer access to the Hot Properties bonus game.

The player must have a bet placed on the Hot Properties area when this happens, but the amount can be as low as you want. The amount you bet will affect how much you can win during the bonus game.

The bonus game involves the player selecting Monopoly property cards in order to gain money. We'll go into more detail of the Hot Properties game in the next segment.

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start hot propertiesClassic Roulette aside, the most original part of Monopoly Roulette is the Hot Properties bonus game. The bonus game works in a very simple way and adds some interesting changes to the way you bet.

Hot Properties is only available when the Roulette wheel lands on the “Hot” segment of the wheel.

Hot Properties Betting

Since the Hot Properties bonus has a 1/38 chance of occurring, it creates an interesting betting dilemma. You can win a lot of money from Hot Properties, but in order to access it you have to lose the amount you've bet on the Hot Properties segment. This will either decrease your total winnings from the regular game or increase your losses if you don't spin so well.

card selectionThe amount you can win from Hot Properties is based on how much you've placed as a bet on the Hot Properties segment. This means you can bet high and lose a lot until you finally get to Hot Properties and have a chance to win it back.

For the casual player, it makes sense to always bet low on Hot Properties, since you may get the chance to make a profit simply from that small investment. You'd lose your money very quickly otherwise.

Hot Properties Bonus Game

The bonus game itself is very simple. You are given 18 Monopoly property cards to choose from. You are shown the value of each of these cards and then they are flipped face down and shuffled. Each card has a value on it, which is connected to its Monopoly property price, with blue properties being worth a lot and brown properties being worth very little.

chance or collectYou are then given the chance to pick 5 cards. Once these cards are picked, they are revealed and you are given an offer for your properties which is reflective of what value properties you got. This offer, if you choose to accept it, is your winnings for that round.

The game offers you a choice at this point: Chance or Collect. Collect means you take the money, whilst Chance means you redo the round again, but picking less cards each time. You get given the choice to do Chance or Collect each time you pick all your cards.

Once you have revealed all the cards, you will be forced to collect whatever your final winnings are, with no chance of another Chance.

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In terms of performance, Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties runs very well. Having tried it on desktop and a mid range smartphone, there was no issue whatsoever with the game running.

The game has few to no fancy effects, with the 3d Roulette wheel being the most taxing graphic found in the game. No computer will have any issue playing this slot and if your mobile is low tier enough to struggle, then you'd probably already be aware that it's not mobile casino friendly.

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Final Opinion

Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalMonopoly Roulette is a solid version of Roulette. The reason we have to give it a good score is because for the most part it is simply classic Roulette, and we like classic Roulette.

The Hot Properties bonus is a nice treat when it comes around and certainly doesn't detract from the game. It can increase your winnings greatly and is a fun little game to play to break up your spinning. Plus it adds in some betting strategy, albeit a very random and simple one.

The only issue is that the Hot Properties bonus happens so rarely, that it feels like you're just playing Roulette most of the time, and therefore could be doing so anywhere else. It's really just Roulette, which costs you more money, since you risk bets to earn this rare bonus level.

But if you like Roulette and want a well made version with an optional twist, then we can't deny Monopoly Roulette is probably what you're looking for.

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