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Dog Detectives Feature ImageAs kids, we used to love solving mysteries and sometimes playing detective. Thinking about it, every kid that has played hide-and-seek in this world has somewhat played a detective game. The best part is, our love for these games never really faded and our detective fascinations carried on with age, especially when watching cartoons and movies such as Scooby Doo and Sherlock Holmes.

Well, its time to re-kindle that love again. Thanks to Mr. Spin, all of us here will get that chance to play detective again. Hopefully, this mobile slot will be able to bring back the same feelings we had as a kid.

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Game Overview

Release DateAugust 2016
CasinoMr. Spin
Software ProviderMr. Spin
Slot typeVideo Slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)96.7%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/ 15 paylines
Min/ Max Bets30p – £90
Max Win£90,000
Free SpinsUp to nine free spins
FeaturesFree Spins, Feline Felons and Tail Trails
Current JackpotN/A
ProsExciting theme, profitable Features

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Dog Detectives Barking BucksDog Detectives Normal Win



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This is yet another fun title by Mr. Spin sporting a similar format to their other slots which has a complexity level similar to that of Jackpot Big Top that we reviewed recently. It comes in their standard layout of five reels, 15 paylines with a minimum bet of 30p per spin and a jaw-dropping maximum bet of £90!

The good news is that payout frequency is pretty decent in this game on top of the sizeable winnings that this mobile slot offers. That said, we would consider Dog Detective mobile slot as a medium variance game. Both casual players and enthusiasts will be able to enjoy this game just as much.

Dog Detectives Gameplay

On average, Dog Detectives mobile slot pays about five to ten times your spin wager, and occasionally, a little more than 20 times your spin wager. Theoretically, the maximum win you can get in the base game is a staggering 2,000 times you wager. More on that in the features section.

As for the Wild Card, it can replace any symbol except for mini-game symbols and free spin symbols. Free spins are awarded when you land at least three scatter symbols on your reels  and this means up to a maximum of nine bonus free spins.

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This is one of the three games from Mr. Spin to feature a Progressive Jackpot which can only be triggered by landing five Paw Coin Jackpot symbols. Any mixture of Wild Cards and Paw Coin symbols will reward you up to a maximum of 300 times your spin wager.

In addition to the big guy, there is a more subtle mini jackpot featuring five Wild Card symbols which gives a substantial win multiplier 2,000X! Can we all stop for a moment and imagine a low bet of 30p will potentially net you £600 in one spin? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, ONE spin.

Dog Detectives Tail Trail Info

Now, what differentiates Dog Detectives from other slot games is their elaborate mini-games, well thought-out and most importantly, engaging. The aim of mini-games in slots is to take us away from the tedious base game for a breath of fresh air and oh boy, the Tail Trail and Feline Felons do deliver. Both mini games are triggered by landing two or more of their symbols on one winning payline.

First off – Tail Trail. What impressed us more than the comedic rhyme is the way you roll a dice to win money. The higher the number that you get, the higher the win multiplier that you will receive. The game ends when you roll a squirrel which will distract Detective Hound thus ending the game.

Dog Detectives Tail Trail Multipliers

Feline Felons is another good feature of how funny rhymes can reset the mood and how a great quality mini-game can do a great job of captivating players. This mini-game is very straightforward, you have a choice of five Gangsta’ Cats and one (or more) of them are innocent (ie. holding a ‘lose’ card instead of a multiplier), click one the bad ones twice to get a win multiplier. You will only get one chance and the more mini-game symbols you get, the higher the multipliers will be.

Dog Detectives Feline Felons Gameplay

The next feature is a solid addition and almost a signature for Mr. Spin, the Auto-Spin feature, it can be set to stop when one of the three conditions are met, you hit a win of more than a set amount in one spin, your credits, unfortunately, drop below a certain value or the set number spins are achieved (up to a maximum of x99 spins). The customisability is a proper touch because it lets us rest easy knowing that the game will not spin our hard earned credits to oblivion.

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As for performance, there is hardly any qualms. Typical to Mr. Spin, their game loads fast, plays well and appears to be very carefully optimised for Android mobiles. The graphics are great, with dog bone clouds, tennis balls and what we presume to be pee-marked fire hydrants? A bit gross, but funny all the same time.

Dog Detectives Tail Trail Graphics

Of course, what goes in line with graphics are the fun and engaging animations, light but adorable sound effects. These qualities work well with each other, keeping it pleasant even after thirty minutes into the game.

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Unique Features

The most prominent feature is definitely the Progressive Jackpot. This being one of the three games by Mr. Spin with a Progressive Jackpot got us thinking, is it progressive across all their games? Because if it is, pool of cash for the Jackpot will easily reach dozens of thousands. Best part is, it costs so little to be part of the Jackpot raffle.

Dog Detectives Big Win

Bonus mini-games are usually repetitive in terms of graphics and theme, but the ones in Dog Detectives has been engineered very distinctively by Mr. Spin: they are both extremely interactive. Just in case that wasn't enough, the developers have also made the payout amounts in the mini-games massive! Brownie points to Mr. Spin for making their games more engaging and profitable.

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalTo keep it short, playing Dog Detectives mobile slot will remind you of the glorious times of your childhood with all the toys and fun in this game. 2,000x win multipliers and a Progressive Jackpot on top of that? That’s just icing on the cake!

The amount of fun packed in this game will speak for itself. Still having doubts after reading this? There’s absolutely no harm in trying it out and once you do, you will realize how much Dog Detectives mobile slot makes you feel like a kid all over again.

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