Mobile Slot Review of Razortooth by Quickspin

slot razortooth quickspinRazortooth is an experiment when compared to Quickspin's other slots. They've added in some new, randomly generated bonus rounds to mix up the player's experience. At the same time they've removed very standard features such as paylines.

The Razortooth mobile slot aims to surprise the player with what isn't there as often as it does with what's new. It's not necessarily anything we haven't seen before, but it is very new for a Quickspin game, and no one slot has had all these together in one package, like Razortooth has.

So all these changes aside, is it a slot you should be interested in? Let's find out.

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Game Overview

Release Date October 2015
CasinoLeo Vegas
Software ProviderQuickspin
Slot typeVideo Slot
PlatformDesktop (Browser), Mobile (Browser)
Return to Player (RTP)96.61%
RiskMedium to Low
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/243 ways to wins
Min/ Max Bets25p – £100
Max Win2,201x Player Bet
Free SpinsYes
FeaturesFast Play, Random Wild Spin Mode
Current Jackpot N/A
ProsGreat aesthetic, Frequent Bonus Rounds
ConsLack of paylines is a surface deep change
VerdictFour stars

Play Razortooth At Leo Vegas Now!

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razortooth mobile slot

Base game of Razortooth

razortooth free spin

Free spins bonus round with bonus Wild reels

razortooth big win

Getting an Epic Win in Free spins mode

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Razortooth features a 5×3 reel layout. Unlike most slots, there aren't any paylines. Instead, wins are judged on the fact that there must be 3 symbols, of the same kind, spread across adjacent spaces, from left to right.

The Symbols

The symbols that make up Razortooth are:

  • razortooth wildStandard symbols: Animals & Coloured Rocks (Face icons that are worth varying values when matched up across lines of 3+)
  • Wild Symbols: Razortooth (Wild symbols substitute every symbol aside from Scatter symbols)
  • Wild Reels: Razortooth (Same as Wild symbols, but they take up a whole reel. Are only available in free spins mode)
  • Scatter Symbols: Bonus icon (These symbols are on reels 1,3 & 5. They will activate a free spins bonus mode when all 3 of them are are landed on the same screen)

243 Ways To Win

This is the biggest changrazortooth slot symbolse that Razortooth makes to the slot format. Razortooth has no paylines, instead choosing to have wins only counted if 3 or more symbols of the same type are lined up across adjacent spaces, from left to right.

These symbols can still be connected by Wild symbols as they usually would. This means that there are technically 243 ways to win money. However, this is much more generous than it sounds at first. The amount you actually win from lines has been dialed back, meaning that you will win more frequently, but those wins will be of a lower value.

Add that to the fact that you actually have less chance of making long lines, since the lack of paylines gives you much less freedom in where your symbols can land in order to counted as part of the win.

Irazortooth paylinet's certainly a nice idea, but it doesn't change the game much and gives a misleading headline in terms of how much money you can actually win during the base game. You won't make much more than any other slot.

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Razortooth is comprised of both a base game and two bonus modes, which are activated both randomly and by spinning Scatter symbols.

Free Spin Bonus Mode

razortooth bonusWhen 3 Scatter symbols are spun on the same screen, the player gets 5 free spins. 5 spins may sound like a short number, especially compared to many other free spin modes where the player usually gets 10 free spins, while also being given the chance of unlocking further free spins.

The Scatter symbols are not available during free spin mode, so there's no chance of getting any more spins during the round.

What is added are Wild reels. These are Wild symbols that take up a whole reel. They are only available during free spins mode, along with the regular Wild symbols, which are available during all modes of the game. At any point the player may be given up to 2 Wild reels during every one of their free spins.

razortooth wild reelWhat this does is give the player a greatly increased chance of making lines, that may add up to huge wins in the end. This is a nice balance, since in the regular game, the lack of a traditional payline system makes earning big money more unlikely.

The large potential wins in free spin mode come much rarer, since free spin mode will come around irregularly. But when free spin mode does come around, your wins will be higher because of the plethora of Wild reels and symbols on offer. It makes free spin mode a great opportunity to win big money and so makes every instance of it, very exciting and rewarding.

“The Hunt” Random Wilds Bonus

At random during the game, a tiger will leap across the screen, announcing that The Hunt has begun. The Hunt bonus round happens completely at random. During The Hunt, 3 additional Wild symbols are dropped into the game.

razortooth wild huntThe reels are then spun and your winnings are totaled up. The bonus round only lasts one spin, which could be a source of complaint. However, it's a nice way to mix up the experience, it costs you nothing extra and the increased number of Wild symbols are a great way to get big wins on what would otherwise be a regular spin.

It's a nice addition to both the base game and the free spin bonus game, which would've been more than enough to count this as a complete game by themselves.

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Razortooth is slightly more graphically intensive than Quickspin's previous games. Given that it's their newest slot, this makes a lot of sense, since it would be strange if the slot was worse looking.

razortooth bonus huntThe base game itself runs very well. We played it on a desktop and a mid range powered phone (Sony Xperia E1). Both of these worked well for the the most part. The only slight stumble was during The Hunt bonus game, when a tiger jumps across the screen. This caused the phone to stutter briefly.

The desktop ran fine throughout and the phone only stumbled when it got visually stuffed. The game itself runs very well and like most Quickspin games, is as well optimized as a slot of this level could be. We wouldn't recommend playing this on very low tier phones, although by this point we imagine that it would be a golden rule among most players to not play modern software on old hardware.

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Final Opinion

Razortooth is a great step up for Razortooth Slot QuickspinQuickspin. They've switched up a lot in this slot. Some of these changes have been a success, while others are less game changing.

For instance, removing paylines in favour of simply connecting adjacent symbols may sound good on paper. Their claim of “243 ways to win” is a very tempting thing to hear as a gambler. However, in reality the amount you win back isn't increased at all, in order to balance this.

Bonus rounds on the other hand are mostly the same as ever, but with some nice tweaks. The inclusion of Wild reels in the free spin mode makes your bonuses very satisfying and The Hunt bonus round appearing at randomly is always a thrill.

Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalIt's a hybrid of basically every good slot idea of the last few years. Nothing here is particularly new, but it is new for a Quickspin game. It's overall a mixed bag in terms of how well these new mechanics mesh, but the addition of all these different features makes Razortooth a new experience at the very least.

Trying new things should always be praised and Razortooth certainly does this and is still a solid slot at the same time.

Play Razortooth At Leo Vegas Now!

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