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100000-pyramid-slots-gameSome may be confused by the title of this one as the shape depicted here isn't a pyramid but more of an extended rhombus. Either way, IGT's 2010 sequel to The 50,000 Pyramid, The 100,000 Pyramid, offers larger cash prizes but is no different in any other way, not even in its design. This makes it hard to judge if the developers were simply being lazy or not. Recently, IGT decided to bring this title to the mobile platform so players can experience it on numerous devices other than a desktop computer. But does this blast from the past stand the test of time or should it be forgotten?

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Game Overview

Release Date 2010 (mobile version 2016)
Software Provider IGT
Slot typeVideo slot
PlatformMobile, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)96.7%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/ 15 paylines
Min/ Max Bets1p – £2
Max Win100,000x your wager
Free SpinsUp to 36 free spins
Features Winner's Circle Bonus, Multiplier, Free Spins
Current Jackpot N/A
Pros High payouts, smooth performance.
Cons Dated, bland design, annoying music.

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100000-pyramid-slots-iphone-3There isn't much to shout about here; the gameplay for 100,000 Pyramid is incredibly basic and unexciting in the web version and the mobile re-release hasn't done anything to fix that.

You tap and spin, tap and spin and the reels may land on special symbols that'll help increase your win or they won't. That's about it. Nothing here makes us want to play the game again and again based on its own merits. What does make us want to play is the heaps of rewards on offer — up to 100,000x your wager (of course, what else would it be?).

This is largely thanks to the Winner's Circle Bonus which can be initiated by gaining Winner's Circle symbols that are distributed randomly throughout the reel. Thankfully that hasn't changed from the original.

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100000-pyramid-slots-ipad-1Probably Pyramid's main feature is its Winner Circle Bonus which can be got to by the Winner Circle symbols (as mentioned above). We are grateful this had remained in the mobile version.

This is how it works: once the player has entered into the Winner's Circle bonus round they will have the opportunity to the multiply  winnings with 2 free spins and a bonus multiplier of 1x.

As you play on, your multiplier will go up and up until you will be able to choose how many free spins you want in the main game. This then increases your chances of getting that 100,000x jackpot. This almost makes the game worth the downloading.

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100000-pyramid-slots-iphone-1For a game that was released six years ago, the graphics sure are smooth — en par with today's typical display of graphics. Saying that, though, there is room for improvement and the mobile re-release has improved it somewhat.

However, much of the design remains the same — cartoonish and slightly outdated (it could be from the 2000s). This might be due to the fact it's based on a game show in the 80s but a modern makeover wouldn't go amiss… Not that any of this so much a bad thing so long as the game performs well. And it does.

Unfortunately, some of it is ruined by the grating music played every time you press the spin button.  But then, if your device has a mute button, we trust you'll have the wherewithal to use it.

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Winner's Circle

100k-Pyramid-1The most unique thing about 100,000 Pyramids is definitely the Winner's Circle Bonus, details of which have already been covered in this review. However it would be far more unique if it wasn't used already on 50,000 Pyramids.

We understand that sequels need the DNA of their predecessors but when they are outright clones that's when things start to get a bit same-y. If one or two things had been added to this feature (or the game in general) it would've been more unique. Also, we think that a mobile re-release would be a perfect excuse to pile in more unique features.

Sadly, no, but hey. The prizes are bigger so this the one people will want to play more.

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalSo is 100,000 Pyramids a good game? Yeah, it is. Is it an outdated game? Pretty much. But we wouldn't say it's not worth downloading and having a go at. Admittedly, there was nothing stopping IGT from giving the game a face-lift but as it stands, the game's not memorable enough to stick in our minds.

It's going to take more than huge cash prizes to make us want to come back for more. What Pyramid is severely lacking, overall, is fun. It may now be mobile but with no charm or any added extras it feels a little unnecessary. We're sure nostalgic fans of the original show will be happy and as a slot it's okay; we were just expecting more.

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