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Jason's Quest Feature ImageJason’s Quest is finally here – the long-awaited new release from Genesis, whose titles are always eagerly anticipated by the gaming community and never, so far, failing to please us with consistent innovations in game play.

Innovations this time round are no exception; they have managed to make incremental and robust improvements to the overall experience. In this sense, Genesis is among the few exceptional game developers who clearly appreciate, and invest in, a level of quality in its graphics, storyline, and overall concept that are more befitting of a full-time animation studio than they are of conventional slot game developers.

We expected Jason’s Quest to be a cut above the rest, and we found that our expectations were largely justified, and often quite generously.

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Game Overview

Release Date April 2016
CasinoBetspin Casino
Software Provider Genesis
Slot typeVideo Slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)96.1%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/ 25 paylines
Min/ Max Bets1p – £10
Max Win£75,000
Free SpinsUp to 8 free spins
Features Free Spins, Win Multipliers, Bonus Game
Current Jackpot N/A
Pros Amazing storyline, breathtaking features
Cons None

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Jason's Quest Normal WinJason's Quest Mega Big Win



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Jason’s Quest brings a whole new level of thematic gameplay to the world of slot machines. Throughout the play, you are constantly reminded by small details which tell you that this is an unmistakably well-engineered product of pure creativity and meticulous back-end coding. In this slot game, wagers start from £0.01 and go up to £10. On a 3×5 reel layout with up to 25 paylines, the potential for winnings is enormous.

Jason's Quest Gameplay

Let us go into a bit more detail here: A lot has been said in the slot gaming community about the patented innovation worked out by the geniuses at Genesis, known as Graduated Features. This allows players to unlock new features as they play, altering the dynamics of the game and the opportunities to win big. The mechanism allows players to collect tokens as a form of earned currency, which they can then trade in to unlock features and, most importantly, raise the Return-to-Player (RTP) rate of the game.

Our Graduated Features mechanic really drives game play. Players are eager to unlock levels and discover new features,” – Scott Sims, Head of Global Design. “Once all battles are unlocked, players are thrilled by the power to choose their favourite way of winning.

Jason's Quest Wild Gameplay

After getting accustomed to the freedom and flexibility to customise our gameplay as the game unfolded, other games we’ve tested began to feel confined and constrained by comparison.

The release of Jason's Quest has been highly anticipated since the game reveal at ICE Totally Gaming in February 2016. Considerable interest has been mounting in the last two months with significant media coverage,” – James Watson, Director of European Sales. “With great excitement, the game is finally available to players. Jason's Quest showcases our commitment to extending the player experience.”

Yes, James, and Scott – well done on your splendid work.

Jason's Quest Feature Choice
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First, the game has multiple levels barring easy progress. As such, when and if you do advance your way upwards, you feel a greater sense of achievement and privilege as you unlock new features all the way to the top – always a great feature to keep players fully immersed in the universe of the game.

The entry level pits you against the Cyclops, a legendary monster of Greek classical antiquity – which, if you hadn’t guessed, is the theme which colours every pixel and corner of Jason’s Quest. Succeed in this battle and you become entitled to fifteen free spins, with multipliers and random wilds thrown in for good measure.

Jason's Quest Cyclops Battle

The next level unlocks the Hydra Attack feature – the beast with many heads. Depending on which of these you succeed at severing, your progress through the game (and on your bets) is strengthened with credit prizes and possibly even more multipliers.

Jason's Quest Hydra Battle

The ultimate level brings players up against the Skeleton Army – the highest multipliers in the game are reserved for those who make it past this final stage. In Jason’s Quest, the seemingly simple act of spinning a slot machine is embedded within a larger story, mission and concept that makes this like the Disneyland of slot machines.

Its characters develop as the story progresses – nothing extraordinary or complex, but respectable for the fair effort which most other slot games do not make. The battle unfolds as you attempt to pry the mythical Golden Fleece from the tight grip of the Skeleton Army. There are up to 8 free spins on this level, and the chance to cash in on your mystery shield symbols by converting them to credit awards.

Jason's Quest Skeleton Army Gameplay

All in all, a highly anticipated game that does not disappoint – on the contrary, it impresses.

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Smooth to a fault. We think this needs, nor deserves, no elaboration – you ought to experience it yourself. (It works flawlessly across all platforms, but you were already certain of that).

Jason's Quest Ultra Mega Big Win

The smoothness of play is pushed further by an autopilot feature, which allows you to choose between 5 to 50 spins to take place while you go and watch your favourite TV show, or cook dinner. And it’s not just the equivalent of having a robot click through spins in your absence; IGT has built into the autopilot feature the ability to stop play depending on the value of a single win, or the value of your remaining balance – you choose.

Jason's Quest Gem Collection

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Unique Features

The story arc, the characters, and the full thematic universe embedded in Jason’s Quest are what make it. For sure, combos, multipliers, and a five reel/twenty-five line slot do not by themselves warrant much praise, if any.

What does earn our top praise, however, is just how well Genesis have managed to imbue the familiar format of the slot machine with the attention to detail and the consistency of little cues to the world of Greek antiquity that befits an animation studio. Oh, and their proprietary Graduated Features is the metaphorical cherry on the icing on the cake.

Jason's Quest Graphics

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalJason’s Quest is a classic roll-out from IGT – extravagant use of rich context to set the scene for the action. The heavy use of characters and thematic imagery, added to the autoplay feature which, if used skilfully, speeds up your game and your winnings. We look forward to more thematic releases from IGT such as this – they are properly fun.

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