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pixie_gold_logoPixie Gold is the latest mobile slot title from software developer Lightning Box. As you could probably gather from the title, the theme of this slot is a fairy-tale-esque woodland landscape with cutesy animals and sparkling pixie dust (make a wish!). Some of Lightning Box's previous titles have been proven difficult to locate in the past but now that it has signed a distribution deal with NYX Gaming, this one was far easier to get our hands on. But is it a triumph or does it deserve to be forgotten?

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Game Overview

Release Date December 2015
CasinoVera & John
Software Provider Lightning Box
Slot typeClassic slot, video slot or jackpot slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)95.4%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/ 1296 paylines
Min/ Max Bets50p-£1
Max Win£12,500
Free SpinsUp to 8 free spins
Features Wild symbol, mini-reels, 5 of a kind, the cart
Current Jackpot N/A
Pros Easy payouts, unique features,
Cons Grating music, so-so graphics,

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One thing that stands out immediately about Pixie Gold is how easy it is to play and win. This is largely thanks to its unique implementation of the mini-reel side-slots that give players over a 1,000 ways of earning big cash prizes.

Saying that, though, it's almost too easy — too easy to the point of being boring. Where's the fun in ambling if there isn't a little bit of risk? Sure, you can win money but it's almost not worth it if all you have to do is spin the reels enough times. Sometimes there is such thing as too much.

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pixie-gold-spinAs mentioned, Pixie Gold has some pretty unique features that allow the player an absurd amount of opportunities to win big. The biggest feature is the mini-reel slots set on either side of the main reel that spin with every revolution. This means the chances of winning are 3 x 3 x 16 x 3 x 3.

Among this you also get the Pixie Spin which allows you to earn even bigger winnings. The Pixie Spin occurs when the cart at the bottom of the screen coincides with the King Star, a special symbol which appears randomly on the reel.

During the Pixie Spin, the likelihood of winning increases even more when you get a wild spin and a lucky symbol is added to the reflecta. This sounds exciting but it really isn't. It's almost as if Lightning Box are trying to impress us too much by over-stuffing the game with so many features. The only thing that impresses us about games is how fun they are to play and this, unfortunately, makes Pixie Gold a yawn-worthy title.

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ipad-pixie-gold-1 - Copy

As you can doubtlessly tell with your own eyes if you look to the image on the right, you'll see that the landing page for Pixie Gold is a bit of an eye-sore. The game itself is better but not by much.

Every player gets treated to an almost over-the-top dosage of gold dust, woodland creatures galore and an overly colourful slot reel which detracts rather than attracts the eye.

Put that with a poorly rendered pixie which serves as the game's mascot and the aesthetics don't really live up to much. It almost seems rushed and therefore comes across as a cynical cash-grab. It may be our personal tastes here at Droid Slots but we believe less is more when it comes to design.

The graphics themselves, although not awful, aren't stellar either but they're nothing compared to the grating background music which made this writer reach immediately for the mute button with his mouse as soon as it started playing. It may assist the pixie-theme but it is surely irritating. But with the mute button on, the game is still playable.

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Mini-Reels, Mini-Reels, Mini-Reels

Pixie-Gold-Slot-Lightning-BoxThis game's most unique feature is perhaps its mini-reel feature which, although it unintentionally makes the game too easy to play, it has to be admired nonetheless for LightningBox to come out with such a unique structure.

It is one they have used before in their Druidess Gold mobile slot but because it works they chose to implement it for Pixie. Sadly, this nifty feature is overshadowed by the games many flaws. I mean just look at that pixie… It's hard to believe this game was made in 2015!

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalPixie Gold has many things that we at Droid Slots think miss the mark. Its overstuffed features, poor aesthetics and lurid theme equate to a game which we think many players will pass on. Saying that, though, the game isn't unplayable. It's still easy to have fun if your prefer to have your slots extremely low-risk (and if you enjoy almost guaranteed wins). Despite being full of them, the slot also has a pretty special mini-slot layout which almost makes up for its pitfalls. Almost.

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