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Slingo Boom is a brand new Slingo format and we think it's about to become huge! For those who don't know, Slingo is a hybrid bingo-slot game that soared to success through Facebook. After that sites like and Spin Genie helped the game grow even bigger, and now, with the release of Slingo Boom, the game might be more popular than ever before.

This is because Slingo Boom allows you to play Slingo as a multiplayer game! You can play amongst friends, compete for the prize money and make use of their busy chat room too. Plus, Slingo Boom keeps the same quick pace and exciting vibe of regular Slingo!

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Game Overview

Release Date June 2016
Software ProviderGaming Realms
Slot typeSlingo (slot and bingo mix)
PlatformDesktop and Mobile
Return to Player (RTP)95%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5×5 grid
Min/ Max Bets50p – £10
Max Win£20,000
Free SpinsN/A
FeaturesJokers, Super Jokers, Devils
Current JackpotN/A
ProsVery sociable, fast paced and fun
ConsTakes a while to get the hang of

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Slingo Boom Gameplay

If you're a slot site regular, or an avid Droid Slots reader, you've probably heard of Slingo before. The slot-bingo hybrid first launched as a Facebook app, and then was picked up by Spin Genie, who turned it into a paying game. launched late last year and, powered by Gaming Realms (the same team behind Spin Genie), has become a the place to play for everything Slingo. Slingo Boom, the site's newest game, is a multiplayer variant, meaning you can play Slingo alongside other players – all competing for a shared jackpot.

The game is played in the exact same way as regular slingo. You're presented with a 5×5 grid and with a moving reel along the bottom. This is where the bingo-slot mix comes in as instead of numbers being called like in bingo, they’re spun like a slot machine. So each round produces five numbers or symbols which can then be crossed off your card. The aim is to match the numbers with the ones on the grid.

Slingo Boom Double Slingo

Numbers that are automatically marked off on the grid, and Slingos are achieved by marking off five squares horiozntally, vertically or diagonally. The difference between Slingo Boom and regular Slingo is that all prizes are determined by the number of players and tickets purchased in each game. So, you're competing against other for the prize money. Prizes are given for any of the following:

  • 1 line – Won by covering all numbers in any horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.
  • 2 lines – Won by covering all numbers in 2 lines.
  • Full House – Won by covering all numbers in the grid.

If you play Slingo Boom in's  Party room then you can also play ‘Pattern' games. These work like regular games, however alongside the usual three prize opportunies, there's also another prize for covering all squares in a certain pattern that's selected for that game.
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Slingo Boom Joker Feature

Slingo Boom includes many of  same features as regular slingo, with certain symbols performing different actions.

The Joker symbol acts like a wild symbol from regular slot games. If a joker appears on the reels, it will automatically mark off any number in the row immediately above the reel position in which the joker landed. It helps you be on your way to achieving a Slingo sooner, and proves to be very useful.

Slingo Boom Super Joker

The Super Joker symbol, however, is even better. The Super Joker works in the same way as the regular Joker, however instead of being limited to only the row above where the Joker appeared, with a Super Joker a number can be marked off, anywhere. This is great for completing lines and can be a real help when playing the ‘pattern' games.

Lastly, is the Devil symbol.  Unlike in regular Slingo, where the Devil may come and steal half your points, in Slingo Boom the devil is slightly less menacing.  The devil blocks any numbers from coming up on one reel, meaning there's less chances to win that round.

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Slingo Boom Big Win

Overall Slingo Boom performs excellently. It's fast paced and designed well, with the chat function making the game very sociable. As a multiplayer game it seems more akin to bingo than regular Slingo, but the clear graphics make it easy to understand.

Slingo Boom is a highly engaging game, the social aspect makes it competitive but also very cheerful and the graphics are bright and attractive too. We're also happy to report that the game is quick to load, on both mobile and desktop, and we've yet to experience it ever being slow.

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalSlingo Boom is, overall, a great new take on the classic Slingo game that's ever growing in popularity. The idea of competing against other players gives it a fun twist, and the chat function means that it's likely to appeal to bingo fans in a way that regular Slingo didn't.

We're a little disappointed that there aren't as many features in Slingo Boom compared to regular Slingo, but the Jokers  and Super Jokers are enough to make it exciting. We think Slingo Boom is bound to take off, the chat section is always busy and extra chat games make it a social place with a community feel.

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