Slots of the Dead by Mr Spin is Spooky Fun — A Full Review

slots of the dead logoThis slot is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit. Slots of the Dead by the fairly young mobile casino Mr Spin, is an incredibly fun game based around a zombie apocalypse. You play as a living survivor who fires a shot gun at a reel full of zombies climbing out of their graves. This marks yet another successful outing for the mobile casino, however there are some issues we have with the game and they may be more serious than you might think.

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Game Overview

Release DateSeptember 2016
Software Provider Mr Spin
Slot typeVideo slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)95.5%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/ 20 paylines
Min/ Max Bets2p – £95
Max Win£30,000
Free SpinsN/A
FeaturesMultiplier mini-game
Current Jackpot£2,000
ProsEasy wins, colourful game, tonnes of fun
ConsMini-game almost meaningless/too frequent

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slots of the dead iphone main game slots of the dead iphone main game reel slot of the dead gamplay mini game ipad





slot of the dead gamplay main reel

Let's start off by saying that we thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. This is probably because, as the player, you get to shot up to fifteen zombies at once every time you ‘spin' the reel. Yes, you read that right. Every time you spin, your double-barre shot gun makes the zombies explode in a dust cloud of rotting flesh and internal organs. It's immensely satisfying.

The reel itself is your standard 5×3 reel structure and we'd say that winning is fairly common with Slots of the Dead. However, if it weren't for the fun spooky theme, that would make the game almost boring. On almost every spin we won something. Normally, we wouldn't complain about this but when you activate the multiplier mini-game, you have a 50/50 chance of not increasing your win.

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slot of the dead gamplay mini game

There are 20 active winlines and players can play from as little as 2p and as much as £95. The game has a jackpot of over £2,000. There is also, as we've mentioned, the multiplier mini-game which activates extremely often to the point where it doesn't feel like a mini-game.

Aside from these, that's about it for the game. You have your usual wild and scatter symbols which also appear pretty regularly. And that highlights two more problems with this game: a lack of features and too regular. How is something supposed to be fun if you are constantly throwing out prizes?

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Slots of the Dead is flawless in terms of its performance. Stunning animation and gameplay mechanics make this game truly an experience to play. The visuals are stunning and work really well with the general aesthetic Mr Spin casino are going for. But it isn't just the visuals that make the game: the creepy music and the campy Halloween feel of the game bring back feelings of nostalgia to old horror movies. It makes up for the game's flaws for the most part.
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Unique Features

slot-of-the-dead-gamplay-mini-game-iphoneWe've already talked about the game's lacking features but haven't gone into length about the multiplier mini-game. In this game, you spin a wheel around an eye with tentacles and claws growing out of it with a chance to win up to 3x your original stake. We don't exactly know what the eye has to do with zombies — in fact, the bat wings and tentacles remind us more of something out of a H. P. Lovecraft story. Either way, you can choose to pull out of the mini-game any time.

While this game could seriously multiply your winnings, the game does appear far too often, to the point where it almost becomes the main part of the game. It's very distracting when all you want to do is shoot zombies and get money. We just wish Mr Spin chose to restrain themselves with the ease of access to this mini-game, making it a more challenging slot to play.

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalOverall, Slots of the Dead is immensely satisfying as a game to play despite the frequent intrusion of its main feature. It's honestly lucky that the theme and performance excel otherwise we would have given this game a much lower score. While it's debatable if it matters whether a mobile slot has to be “fun” or not (mostly because people only play them for money) there has to be a hook of some sort so that they continue using said slot.

It seems almost pointless if all the player does is score win after win as some of it is inevitably going to go back to the casino anyway. While it's not the worst game ever played, we certainly wouldn't say it's a waste of time. Download it from your app store today and claim your £5 free bonus from Mr Spin!

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