Want To Take a Break From Slots? Try Keno!

Keno Balls and TicketWe’ve all been there – slot fatigue. All of a sudden, spinning the reels day in and day out doesn’t appeal as much as before and you are on the lookout for something different. Well, we might have a solution for you and it’s a game that we often see at mobile casinos, but rarely give it enough credit. In this article, we introduce you to Keno, a game that involves tickets and balls, much like bingo, but in many ways different too.

Resurrecting a game invented by the Chinese way back when isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t easy to make this game, which was used by the Chinese government to fund the building of the Great Wall of China, modern and cool. However, many casinos have managed to achieve exactly that by offering Keno games that are fresh, vibrant, exciting and have decent winning potential. So here is the lowdown.

How does it work?

Keno started out as a game that is played in stuffy large halls, alongside food and drinks being served of course. Although it now features on many mobile casinos, the game mechanics haven’t changed much.

Players mark anywhere from one through to twenty numbers on a ticket (or card) that normally has 80 numbers arranged in eight rows of ten; as you are picking your numbers, a paytable is generated based on the number count. The more numbers you pick, the higher the payout potential if you are lucky enough to match all of them. Furthermore, players select how many games they wish to play with that card.

Keno by NetEntThen, the player must think about how much (s)he wants to bet and place their bet. After all bets are submitted, twenty numbers are drawn or, in case of mobile casinos, generated by the Random Numbers Generator (RNG). They will be checked off on the same card and if any of the ones called match the numbers that the player selected earlier, they will be highlighted. Based on how many numbers you managed to “hit”, a payout will be awarded to you.

As you can see, whilst keno and bingo sound very similar on the surface of things, in reality there are considerable differences. First of all, when you play keno, you get to pick your own numbers instead of buying bingo tickets with pre-selected numbers. Second, bingo cards cost a set amount, whilst with keno, you can bet as much as you wish per round. And last, bingo is played until there is a winner, whilst with keno, a set amount of numbers are called.

Strategy and Winning Potential

In terms of strategy, it's probably best to choose a game of keno that offers the largest return-to-player percentage. Furthermore, a potential player can compare the payout tables and play at the one that offers the largest wining potential. And as far as picking the numbers goes, there really is no strategy as the winning numbers are randomly generated and every number is as likely to be called as any other.

Keno on Tablet and MobileKeno is usually placed in the ubiquitous category of “Other Games” at mobile casinos, but don’t be fooled. Not only is it a game for those who are simply bored, it offers considerable profit potential too.  The house edge (the percentage of wagers that casino pockets) of keno is about 5% on average, so very similar to that of slots. That’s why playing keno will usually count towards fulfilling any wagering requirements that a bonus may carry.

For example, if you are playing Keno at Mr Green Casino, a four-spot ticket with a £2 bet can return your wager if you hit two numbers, increase your bet six fold to £12 if you hit three numbers and get you £80 if you hit all four. This of course will differ from casino to casino, so you can shop around for the best return to player percentages, although they won’t vary considerably.

So is keno a good investment? Almost, if not exactly, as good as slots really. And it's especially great that keno also often offers progressive jackpots, which increase with every penny wagered by every single player, so you can strike really big!

Where Can I Play Keno?

Keno is certainly not the game of grannies, because playing keno on mobile is very exciting. To add to this excitement, keno is sometimes gamified, with achievements and rewards to be unlocked, so it’s not just repetitive filling out of numbers and waiting for random numbers to be called with hopes of winning big. There can be other features on keno too, such as wheels of fortune, bonus rounds, et cetera. So here are a few places where you can play this exciting game:

Mr Green Casino LogoMr Green Casino is one of the more popular and reputable casinos that offers to play Keno developed by NetEnt. It's cool browns and neon blues make for an atmospheric game, featuring good audiovisuals and a profitable winnings table

Casino Dukes LogoCasino Dukes is quite a new mobile casino, but you can enjoy over 130 unique games on it, including keno. The casino has used gamification to its biggest advantage and various levels can be unlocked and rewards achieved, in addition to advancing up the loyalty ladder too

Desert Nights Mobile Casino LogoDesert Nights Casino is also a very new mobile casino, but with over 200 Rival Games, it is definitely one to watch. It's keno room, whilst looking great and performing splendidly, does offer smaller payout rates than Mr Green, for example

VIP Club Casino LogoVIP Club Casino has been on our radar for quite a while now, mostly for its great interface and seamless mobile integration. And of course, you can find Keno at this casino, featured alongside 50 other amazing games from Cozy Games and Lightning Box Games


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