Top 5 Software Providers for real money games in the UK

Android Logo in HandsetThe player's opinion is of paramount importance to game makers. When you are a mobile slot player, it is quite easy to label a game as ‘interesting' or ‘boring' based on your experience of playing, and feedback like this becomes an important part of game development for the game maker. Developing the next hit game is not a task to be taken lightly, and owing to the fast development of new hardware and software, games also need to be migratable to new technology. Some developers just never manage to hit the nail on the head, or strike the right balance between enjoyable games and workable software; some, on the other hand, really do. Check out our top 5 software providers for real money Android Slot games in the UK.


Microgaming Logo 2014Arguably the best software provider in the market, ‘Microgaming‘ (an Isle of Man based private company) is also the world's largest software provider for online and mobile games. Dealing with over 400 + gaming sites all over the world, Microgaming churns out some of the biggest slot games ever each year. Microgaming is an eCOGRA certified gaming provider; so you can be absolutely certain that these games are tested for their randomness and fair play. You can find great Microgaming titles at sites like All Slots and Spin Palace.

Probability PLC

probability-logoProbably one of the strongest competitors against Microgaming, Probability PLC is one of the smartest software providers in the UK. Probability's partners can choose from one of two services: ‘B2C- Own Brand' and ‘B2B – White Label'. Whilst the White Label casinos can independently manage their games, the Own Brand casinos provide direct user access to all the games developed by Probability.  With these models, they have constantly adapted themselves to the changing technology, and added compatibility of their games to over 4200 devices in the year 2012 alone. LadyLucks, Moobile Games, Very Vegas, Elite Mobile Casino and Fruity Phone (among others)  belong to Probability's own or white label families. All that Probability needs to do is to foster the right partnerships in the industry (releasing new slot games is a given here); having said that, we think this software provider is capable of giving Microgaming a run for their money, in the years to come.

 Cozy Games

cozy-games-logoMicrogaming and Probability make up most of the mobile gambing market, leaving only a handful of smaller players like Cozy Games. Boasting access to over 3,000,000 mobile players, Cozy Games has majorly targeted the Bingo market of the mobile gambling sector. These days, a number of cross-over bingo-slot games in the market have enabled bingo players to try out slot games, and also vice-versa. Cozy Games has been a key player in bridging the two different markets. Cozy Games also sell a lesser known variety of Spin Games, which are essentially slot games. They offer a range of services tailored to the market targeted: for a mobile casino market, they offer Cozy Casinom  which consists of device optimisation, game management and game promotion services. Comfy Bingo and Mira Bingo two of the most successful sites currently powered by Cozy Games software.


playtech-logoA  ‘sought after' software provider for online poker, bingo and sports betting environments, Playtech has also frequently been associated with mobile casino games and live dealer games. A key technological feature of Playtech is the cross-platform integration of games (i.e. providing users a unified login and game content over several platforms) and the PT Turnkey Services (used to optimise the game operation profitability under ‘fair and random play' of the games) . Paddy Power, Sky Vegas and bet365 Casino are all Playtech's operational partners.


alchemybet-logoAlchemyBet wouldn't have been in this list had we not considered the beautiful PocketFruity games (for example, Viper Active slot game) that we are absolute fans of. For a software provider that is currently looking to build its client base, AlchemyBet is doing pretty well. Some of the PocketFruity's unique collaborations (for example, with Kerrang Radio) have resulted in some games like Stairway to 7 being churned out by AlchemyBet. Adopting a cross-platform and device-agnostic mode, this company is technology friendly and offeris HTML5 features for its games. AlchemyBet is also one of the most creative game providers that we have seen in the recent times, and there isn't any reason why a game operator should not consider them. For a new mobile casino, going for Microgaming or Probability software would be a safe bet; however, if the intention is to release unique and creative games, a casino must partner with AlchemyBet.

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