5 Signs You Should Probably Switch to Mobile Depositing

phone-angryMobile gambling can be a wonderful thing. But because of the inevitable unreliability of technology (it is, after all, man-made), sometimes depositing money can be a bit of a pain in the bum, especially when you're not always at your computer.

If you're one of these people who feels cursed by technology or, more accurately, inconvenience then you should probably move away from your current depositing method and switch to mobile depositing instead. So, without further ado, here are the biggest signs that you should definitely do that thing I said. 

1) You move around a lot!

busy-motherIf you spend more than an hour everyday on the move then you can guarantee that you have a severe case of a hectic lifestyle.

You have almost no free time and when you do, you fancy doing a bit of online gambling but find that you can't because that deposit you paid on your computer last month has already gone. Now you have to wait until you get home to reduce those alarmingly high stress levels while at the same time trying not to scream with despair in a public place.

The solution? Mobile depositing! It doesn't even need an internet connection. All you need to do is simply send an SMS and you could be gambling in seconds. If you have more than a few seconds to gamble, that is. Either way, this small mercy can make your busy day a lot easier to handle.

2) You're tired of typing your credit card number into everything!

Paysafecard logo on a fake credit cardCredit card numbers are looooooong. They're as long as phone numbers and just as hard to remember. And, don't deny it, you never remember your credit car number!

Not even the end digits, which is more often than not all you need. So constantly having to type them into endless online forms and registration pages is nothing short of tedious.

Depositing via SMS solves that problem in a jiffy. Instead of groaning and having to reach in your wallet to type your credit card number out for the 8 billionth time, all you need to do is contact your network supplier/casino and tell them how much you want to deposit. The cost will then be added to your monthly phone bill or deducted from your pay-as-you-go credit. See? Easy.

3) Your current depositing method is too slow!

slow-loading-barA lot of depositing services and ewallets are pretty damn quick, especially these days. But there are some out there that are so slow to put your money through that you could run a 35-mile marathon and it still won't be done. This can be put down to faulty tech but more often its the company being slow in processing your money. You know, bureaucracy and all that.

Mobile depositing is done in literally a matter of seconds. At worst, you'll only have to wait for a minute before you get your confirmation text through and then you can spin the reel to your heart's content. It's almost like magic.

4) You  have no patience and a really short temper!

bender-angryIf you live this aforementioned busy lifestyle, chances are you don't have a lot of patience. And when things go wrong, it's only natural to… vent from time-to-time. We're only human.

But when your blood pressure gets so high it reaches “Oh No!” levels of poor health, it's within your best interest to actively avoid that early grave as much as you possibly can.

That means reducing stress and thankfully, when it comes to depositing, this is easily avoidable. By depositing via SMS, you don't have to lose your temper as things happen simply and quickly. No mess, no fuss. No stress. I'd also recommend reducing stress in other areas but I'm not your life coach.

5) You don't like paying things up front!

Help me, I'm poor

Okay, so payday's a long way away and you don't have the funds to pay your deposit right now. You could wait until the end of the month or you could simply add your deposit to your phone bill and pay it off then.

Wouldn't that be cool? It'll be like paying off a credit card except without all the debt! Or you just might be stingy and not fond of reaching into your wallet and paying upfront. Either or.


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