What To Look Out For To Avoid Bad Casino Strategy Scams

online scamCasino strategies are the bread and butter of the scam artist. After all, the casino is the place where people are chasing the chance to make the most money, so the scam artist is happy to oblige. At Droid Slots, we want you to enjoy your time at the casino without being ripped off.

So here are our top tips for what to look out for to avoid scammers who are feeding you the wrong ways to win at your casino.

The Worst Casino Strategy Scams

These are the 4 main red flags you should look out for. This includes being skeptical about the strategy itself and the motivations of the person behind the strategy.

Charging You Money For Entry

This is probably the biggest warning signmoney thief. The blessing of any scammer is that their scam hasn't been found out yet. When people learned to count cards, a few things happened when their system was found out.

Firstly, they were chucked out of any real life casinos and secondly, online casinos started using RNG (Random Number Generated) cards and multiple decks to make it impossible for card counters to make any money from their system.

Given this example, it is in the least interest of a scammer with the perfect plan to show you that plan. The more people they show, the less chance it has of continuing to work in the future. If they're showing you it because it works so well, that just doesn't follow because they're only shooting themselves in the foot.

casino strategyAnyone who's sharing an easy casino trick isn't making money off it in the casinos, otherwise they wouldn't be telling you about it. If you found the perfect way to make money for free, would you share it? Exactly.

They'd be making far more money from not telling you, so the fact they're telling you shows their system simply doesn't work.

Forgetting The Games Are Random

Casino games are built to be random. It's where all the fun of casino games comes in. Sure there are some ways you can shift the randomness to your favour, by playing simple slots and stripped back casino games. But when it comes down to it, casino games are fundamentally unpredictable.

The D'alembert bet system shows how random elements ruin betting systems

In any casino game you'll figreen roulettend either an RNG, a third choice in a binary choice or simply random elements thrown in. With slots it's the reels spinning and random aspects like bonus rounds popping in. With tabletop casino games like Roulette, you'll find the green zero.

With a very basic version of roulette you could choose either red or black and have a 50/50 chance. But added factors like the green 0 make it so you won't always get a binary choice. There's always a third choice that can throw everything off and not make your win certain.

When it comes to strategising on casino games, it's best to remember that everything is random. There are ways to even your odds, but you must accept that all casino games have an element of randomness in them, so your win can never be certain. Because of this, no system can ever promise to always work.

Grand Promises

promise vs realityOn that note of randomness, it's good to know that the special methods will guarantee you an “Always win!” scenario. That's the promise you'll see on a majority of casino game strategies, for games that have that element of randomness in them.

This is off of course, since it's fundamentally impossible to set a random system to always win. To win at a game every time through skill alone, means that the game has to be able to have a predictable result, which by its nature, a casino game can never have. It would be more understandable if casino game strategies promised you an improvement in your game, or simply that they offered a more likely chance of winning.

money scamBut casino strategies don't promise these small tweaks to your game. They promise everything. “Make ten thousand dollars a day” or something to that extent is the minimum bad casino strategies will promise, while charging you for the privilege. Remember that the casino game can't be bested. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Playing With The Numbers

This is the cheapest trick most most strategy scammers use to boost the attractiveness of their system. You'll have to stay on top of this one, but the approach most use is that they ignore their losses to benefit the winnings.

A classic example is in the martingale method. The system is simple. Double your money every loss and you will eventually win all your losses back. The basic concept is simple enough. However, when it comes to your risks versus rewards, the picture painted is very different.

We also have a video on Martingale that sums this up

Say you start with a £5 bet. You bet that and then lose. Because you lost, you double the bet and wager £10 the next time.

It's reasonable to assume you may lose a few more times. By the 4th loss you have bet and lost £75. The 5th time you will bet £80, which if you win, means you win another £80.

martingale bet problemThis is seen as a success, you win all your money back and then some. But for a moment, let's take a look at the numbers at play there. It looks like no risk, but the truth of the matter is that these strategies lead you into making completely reckless and irrational bets, simply because it breaks down the numbers.

You weren't simply betting £80 on the winning bet. Instead you were betting £155, which is the £80 on the line and the £75 you'd already lost. Since you only come away with £160, you bet £155 for a £5 win.

Those numbers are clearly insane. No one in their right mind would walk up to a table and place those bets and yet, by breaking down the numbers, it tricks you into thinking you're betting less than you are. And the returns each time are tiny in comparison to the potential losses.

martingale high betsYou can see how quickly you can raise your bets, simply by doubling. With a starting £5 bet, you only need to double 6 times before your bet would be £320. That's 6 losses, which is a feasible thing to happen. Most online casino tables have max bets of £500, so you would be unable to double again and win back your cash.

That means you'd have bet £320 to win £5 and would have lost all your cumulative bets by that point, which comes to a staggering £635. It would have thrown away for only £5 and you'd have to then win 127 times in a row to hope to get that back.

Casino strategy scams break the numbers down to manageable chunks to look like a safer and better value bet than they actually are. They aim to make you forget about previous losses to only focus on the here and now. Be critical of them and don't fall for it. Always bear in mind the total numbers at play.

Summary – What To Look Out For

So that should hopefully help you out when it comes to avoiding bad casino strategy scams. Overall, you just have to be skeptical and use your initiative, but the main rules to remember are:

  • Charges you moneyDroid Slots Dorothy
  • Doesn't benefit them to reveal the secret
  • Promises to work 100% of the time, incompatible with random factors
  • Doesn't give the big picture of the numbers involved

But as always, play safe,play smart and don't get ripped off.

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