The Best Player Loyalty Schemes At Online Casinos

casino reward schemeThere's a problem with most VIP loyalty schemes at online casinos. Nearly all casinos offer a VIP service, but pretty much all of these cost a lot of money to purchase membership into the club. And when you do join, these VIP schemes require you to spend big money every month to retain your membership.

For the regular player, this simply isn't affordable and much worse – it rewards players for being rich and not for their continued customer loyalty. So, here are some of the best casinos, which reward player loyalty not based on how much buck they have in the bank, but how loyal they actually are.

The Best Casino Loyalty Schemes

Below are the best loyalty schemes in the business. If you want a casino that is both good in its own right, but will actually give you rewards for continuing to play there, then these are the casinos for you.


Ladbrokes – Game on! campaignLadbrokes casino recently launched an early version of its Ladbrokes Life Adventure. The system aims to reward players by paying them to play across every facet of its casino. The system that they reward you with is actually called “Comp Points.”

For every £10 you wager through the casino, you will receive 1 comp coin. 100 comp coins are worth £1, which puts the worth of a comp points at a penny each. It's a small amount, but over time it gives you free cash to play with for simply using the casino, which is a lot more than most other casinos can boast.

This cash comes free of wagering requirements as well. So when you go to convert your comp points to cash, that is genuine cash that you own and not simply casino bonus money tied up in bundles of T & Cs.

Ladbrokes has only taken its first baby stepcomp pointss into gamifying its site, running the new Ladbrokes life adventure as a small beta scheme amongst a few players from November. It's now been expanded and is available to new players signing up to the casino. Where it goes from here is unknown, but if Ladbrokes can continue to develop the scheme, then Ladbrokes could quickly become one of the front runners of innovation in the industry.

Get your comp coins at Ladbrokes Casino

Spin Genie

We've always been a massive suspin geniepporter of Spin Genie. Its player reward scheme is like no other on the market and we have often touted that it's the place to be for those bored of the regular casino experience.

The major achievement of Spin Genie is how devoted they are to full gamification of their site. By playing slots, games and depositing money, you are actually rewarded by the casino itself. Spin Genie's site doesn't just give you rewards, but allows you to track your progress.

Spin Genie Browser Screenshot

Your rewards are set out on a map screen, giving you a real sense of progress. You'll see your XP meter fill up and your journey across the lands of Spin Genie tracked, showing you the next destination to reach. These destinations can hold anything from multipliers, free money or free spins and you can see your progress to reach them take shape.

On top of that, Spin Genie has its own exclusive game called Spin Genie Adventures. Unlike most gambling games, it's a real-time game. This isn't just a slot, but you the player, has to physically control Spin the dog and help him collect coins whilst avoiding obstacles. It's a very tricky game, but feels completely different to anything you've played before.

spin genie adventureIt's an incredibly rewarding loyalty scheme, that makes you feel as if your winnings are building towards something exciting. Taking the simple numbers that most casinos display and transferring it into the context of an adventure makes the whole process infinitely more rewarding. And the inclusion of a new game is just the icing on the cake.

Start your spin genie adventure!


Casumo offers a very similar leveling up system toCasumo sumo Spin Genie, but adds its own twist. Casumo offers players two tiers of rewards:

  • Valuables – rewards that give you benefits such as free spins, bonuses and special prizes
  • Trophies – a small trophy that is for aesthetic purposes only; these are given out for minor achievements such as returning or logging in on certain holidays

Casumo features a great system of rewards that will mean you'll be getting reminded of how much they appreciate you as a customer, more of the time. Casinos can obviously only give out so many rewards, before it would start to become unsustainable.

Casumo dishes out the rewards as generously as it should. Sadly, there's no game like at Spin Genie, but there is the same quality of rewards and the same feeling of progression found among the best reward schemes.

Casumo challenge hardFor every task you accomplish, you receive a valuable. These are coins which you can cash in to receive rewards, such as free spins and bonus money. You receive valuables by doing wagering related things, such as playing a certain slot or depositing certain amounts on certain days.

But in between the gaps of rewards, there's also a whole trophy system to keep you entertained. Trophies offer no actual rewards, but they can be collected to fill up your digital trophy chest . You can get these for simply logging on, returning after an extended spell and multiple other small actions that you'll discover along the way.

Not only does Casumo crcasumo trophieseate a sense of discovery and progression and reward you with actual gifts, but reminds you that it is aware you're a returning customer. It adds a level of personalisation to the casino that you don't see anywhere else and creates a very friendly atmosphere. Plus if you're a mad collector, you can go for 100% completion, which is also satisfying.

Start earning your badges at Casumo

Pocket Fruity

pocket-fruity-welcome-back-signPocket Fruity was one of the first casinos in the world to open up a player loyalty reward scheme and although it hasn't managed to keep up with its impersonators in terms of content, it still offers one of the best reward schemes around.

Pocket Fruity's rewards function on Fruity coins, which work in much the same way as Ladbrokes comp points. For every amount you deposit, you will receive Fruity coins. Fruity coins can then be spent in the Pocket Fruity store. Here you can convert them to real money to gamble with, deposit matches or simply swap them for vouchers to buy the things at popular outlets like Amazon.

Spending Fruity Coins at the Fruity Shop

Pocket Fruity has a simple system of rewarding players, that gives them a lot of choice when it comes to how they want to be rewarded. You don't simply have to take the money and can choice from a range of prizes. It makes the casino not only rewarding, but also offers choice to the user, which makes it one of the best loyalty reward programs around.

Get your fruity coins at Pocket Fruity casino

Get Rewarded For Loyalty

As you can see, there's a lot of choice out threwardsere when it comes to casinos that respect your loyalty. You shouldn't have to pay to be respected as a customer and now, you don't have to. This is just a handful of the casinos out there, who have player loyalty reward schemes that you get just for logging in and playing.

So go and find the casino for you and don't settle for casinos that don't respect your deposits. The more of us that ask to be rewarded, the more our casinos will have to reward us to keep us around.

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