Why Betting Strategies Don’t Work For Online Casinos

out of orderSince people started making bets, they've tried to find ways to even the score. In real life casinos this has proven quite effective. Counting cards, watching the dealer's habits and betting large have frequently been the areas where strategic betters have targeted.

But these strategies are still being sold as ways to win even on mobile and online casinos. We'll run through the reasons why these old style tricks don't work for an online casino and why you should stop paying attention to the people trying to make money off lying to you that they do.

Random Number Generator

random number generatorCounting cards is one of the oldest ways that people have tried to even the odds in casino games like Blackjack. Counting cards is never a sure fire way to win, but if a card game is using a certain number of decks and you can keep track of what cards have already been played, then it stands to reason you can make more accurate predictions about which future cards will be drawn.

This kind of behaviour even extends to slots as well. In real life casino slots, there's the old belief that a slot is hot when it's had a lot of losses played on it. There is some truth to this. Given that the reels will spin a certain way every time, there is a pre-set time when they will spin a winning combination of reels. It's just a matter of judging when that winning spin will come about.

Differences With Online Casinos

online blackjack dealIn casino games and slots, gamblers will keep track of certain factors, be it cards or reels, in order to work out if a big win is in order.

Online casinos don't run on real life rules though. In video Blackjack and online slots, there's no actual cards being drawn and no reels actually spinning.

In online Blackjack, the game will be played with 8 decks of cards, so there will be a finite number of Aces, face and numbered cards present. These cards are then drawn at random, with the blackjack software producing a random card for every card dealt. Once the round is over however, instead of the used cards then leaving the deck, they are returned to the deck. In this way you can't keep track of what cards have been used, because it resets every time.

The same is true of slots. slot spinVideo slot reels aren't actually spinning. They're animated to look like they're spinning, while the software chooses which reels should appear. This is all completely random and isn't rigged, but you can't predict what symbols should spin when the symbols are random each time. Your chances of getting a lucky spin never diverge from what the RTP is, because winning gets no more likely, or less likely. You're completely playing against the numbers.

The Computer Has No Habits

free computerAn old trick in Roulette is watching how the croupier throws the ball.  Croupiers will often have a certain way of throwing, so they will throw the ball at a certain angle and speed every time they start each round. If you watch them enough, you can judge reasonably accurately where the ball will land based on how they deal.

It's the reason why real casinos use automatic deck shuffling machines. Aside from shuffling much more vigorously, it was entirely possible to watch how the dealer shuffled and base later bets on that information. Gambling is all about tells a lot of the time and the dealers have just as many as the gamblers who are placing the bets. The best gamblers noticed that the game could be played both ways.

Online Casinos Don't Use People

roulette ballOn online casinos, the computer has no habits. Random Number Generators play a part in this, but these can affect everything from card shuffling to Roulette ball throwing in casino games.

In mobile Roulette for instance, a lot of Roulette games aren't using realistic physics. Real physics can be quite hardware intensive on lower powered mobiles, so in order to have their game played on the largest number of systems, most mobile Roulette games will  randomly generate where the ball will land. A few versions of Roulette do use actual physics to work out where the ball will land, but with every spin, they vary the speed the ball enters the wheel, so it's never consistent enough to form a pattern to aid your betting.

In this way, online casinos bypass any dealer habits, by removing the dealer entirely. Of course that isn't to say that Live versions of the casino don't still have this problem.

Bet Limits

max betBetting strategies are well known for abusing the “double your bet” system in order to make money. The martingale bet strategy is a prime suspect when it comes to this tactic.

The basic idea is to double your bet whenever you lose. This betting strategy only works in situations where there are two choices. Roulette is a prime example, since you can place money on either red or black, giving you around a 48.65% chance of getting one of the two (the extra 2.7% going to the chance of landing a green).

Whenever you lose, you double your modoubleney again and again until you win. Then you start the process over. The idea is that whatever you lose, you eventually gain back.

  • You bet £5 and lose
  • You bet £10 and win
  • It was a 1/1 bet so you win £20

To earn this final £20, you will have bet £15 in total. In the end your winnings are £5, which is your initial bet. You always win back your initial bet amount regardless of the amount you're betting with; be it £5 or £1000.

Debunking Martingale

If you want to know more specifically about the details of the martingale system, then check out this video we made debunking its effectiveness.

Why Online Casinos Restrict The Bets

The key factor behind why the martingale system and other systems like will fail on onlien casinos, is the bet limit. Every single casino game around has a bet limit. This is used to prevent people from gambling away too much money and causing themselves harm.

martingale betBut a larger reason for the bet limit is if you were to double your bet forever, you will always win. By limiting the bets, your chances of failing go up drastically.

Even with a bet limit as high as £500, your chances of busting before making a profit large enough to withstand hitting the bet limit is 20%. That's a high margin of error when you're making £5 a round and risking hundreds of times more than that.

Casinos know about strategies like the martingale system. It's their job to know about them. They have double bet buttons on their games to invite people to use it. Betting strategies like this don't work in the short game, especially when there's limits to your bets. Don't fall for them, play straight.


Playing Smarter

Beating the casinos isn't all abcasino gambling for dummiesout having a betting strategy or trick up your sleeve. Sometimes you can save yourself a lot of hassle by simply knowing how casinos have successfully combated the cheats.

It might not be the news you want to hear, but online gambling is supposed to be fun and not just about winnings. So play smart and don't get stuck playing a fool's game, trying to cheat a system that is already foolproof.

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