How Coin Value and Bet Level Work in NetEnt Mobile Slots

netent bet level coin valueNetEnt slots are some of the best in business. They're simple to understand, fun to play and always offer you something new. But they do have one weakness and that's their reliance on coins as their currency. Many find this annoying and the slots themselves often do a poor job of explaining how the coin currency system works. So for anyone who's confused about coins, how much they're worth in terms of real money and what bet level and coin value actually are; then our guide below is for you.

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Coin Value

In NetEnt slots, your coin value is effectively how many coins you are depositing on each spin.

Coin Value

coin value netent

The coin value (top row) lists how much each coin will be worth as you increase your coin value. Below it is the pound equivalent of that coin. Then at the bottom is how much that translates to in actual cash spent per bet.

By default, each one of your coins is worth £0.01 or 1p. Your minimum bet will always be 20p however, since there are 20 bet lines and that 1p is your bet per line.

coin value low

This continues all the way up to the top coin level, which is 1.00. Your coin value is now worth £1, but your minimum bet is £20, spread across 20 bet lines.

Bet Level

But as you can see with coin level, the amounts you can increase by are very limited. Your jumps in coin value go from 0.01, to 0.02 and then all the way to 0.05. But what about the inbetweens?

Bet level just allows more customisation for your bets. Every bet level is multiplication of your coin value. Your bet level goes from 1 – 10. If you're bet level is 1 and your coin value is 1, which equates to £1, then that effectively comes out as 1 x £1 = £1, as your bet per line.

coin value high

Coming to a £20 bet in total

If you're bet level is 5 and your coin value is 1, then your total bet is per line is 5 x £1 = £5.

bet level mid

Coming to a £100 bet in total

Take that bet level all the way up to 10 and now you have 10 x £1 = £10.

bet level high

Coming to a £200 bet in total

Since your coin value can't go any higher than 1, bet level allows you to not only customise your bets to what you want, but allows you to place much higher bets than what the standard coin value allows.

Why Do It This Way

NetEnt are one of the few sReel Chaos by NetEntlot providers who use coins instead of just regular currency. One of the key reasons why this is the case is simply because it's a lot easier to display money as coins, because you don't have to take into account every currency that can be played on it.

The only numbers youDazzle Me Gameplay have to change are the currency details that can be found at the very bottom of the slot, which are much easier to edit. It would be much more time consuming to change the user interface of the slot itself, to add in symbols for euros, dollars, pounds, or whatever else is being wagered.

The downside is, it can make it incredibly complicated for anyone who's new to NetEnt games, especially those who are new to slots in general. They're some of the best slots in the world, so it's a shame that they can have an extra learning hurdle to enjoying them.

Guide To Bet Level & Coin Value

netentHopefully, with this guide, you've got a little closer to understanding the subtleties of playing NetEnt slots. This won't just help you enjoy the slots themselves, but it'll improve everything about the way you play.

By understanding how payments work, you can budget better, have a more streamlined bankroll and enjoy NetEnt slots for longer.

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