The Greatest Video Slot Software Providers To Look Out For

slot software providersWe always think it's important to keep track of who's making what slots. Slot providers may just be a name, but behind each one is a system, a style and an amazing amount of craftsmanship, to build us the slots that we keep coming back to.

So join us to give credit to the best slot providers in the business and let you in on the names that you should be paying attention to. You'll probably find, that these guys are already making the best slots around and the future favourites you have yet to discover.

The Greatest Slot Providers Around

This is our list of our 5 favourite slot makers. They all have their strengths in different areas, so this is in no particular order.


igtIGT are a very weird slot maker. They don't make the most beautiful looking slots. Neither do they make the most feature packed slots. So why are they on this list? Well if you're looking for slots that play with the form and have rules that take more than a brief skim to understand, then IGT is a slot maker to look out for.

IGT have made some incredibly complex slots. Pacific Paradise has a particularly complicated payline system, while Black Widow offers a ton of variations to regular spinning.

IGT recently had a deal struck with Ladblack widowyLucks to bring 29 of their best slots to the mobile casino. They've created slots in almost every genre you can think of and each one is a little more complex than your average slot has any right to be. For the intellectual gambler, IGT are one to seek out.

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netentNetEnt is the king when it comes to slots. NetEnt have a huge library of games and every one of them is a polished slot. NetEnt is like the Alton Towers of slots. If there’s going to be a big innovation or a world first, you’d be betting smart on it being NetEnt.

They’ve made slots like Dazzle me, which has a very untraditional reel layout to say the least. They gave us Bloodsuckers, which features a 98% RTP, one of the highest we’ve ever seen. And of course, they gave us Gonzo's Quest. One of the first avalanche slots that is still one of the best even after 5 years.  gonzos quest

Not every slot can be ground breaking but NetEnt tries its best. Every slot or casino game from NetEnt is always high quality and tries to add in something special. If you see the name, then it's a slot to give a look in.

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Play ‘N Go

play n goPlay ‘N Go make great slots. It's really that simple. If there was a second place to NetEnt, then Play ‘N Go would be it. Our top picks from its library would include Wild North, Happy Halloween and Rage To Riches. And that's just from this year.

Play ‘N Go have been consistently great for several years and continue to deliver as time goes by. It's the whole package of interesting ideas, great visuals and wonderful music; which make Play ‘N Go one of the best.

Their standout achievement by far is Wild wild north slotNorth's system of having regular symbols become wild symbols, each with their own special abilities. And there's countless other slots with great ideas like this lurking inside.

The name says it all, so if you want high quality slots, then it's time to play ‘n go. But finish the article first, of course.

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mfortunemFortune games are exclusive and can only be found at mFortune mobile casino. A few other mobile casinos have tried to do this in the past and the usual outcome normally ends with generic, low budget and unimaginative games.

It's by a complete miracle, that mFortune has managed to not only break the mould, but completely vapourise it. mFortune is one of the most popular mobile casinos in the UK. Not only that but it has some of our favourite games as well.

mFortune's big skill has always been bonbuster safe bonusus games. Every one of their slots always involves a multitude of bonus rounds, like Viking Storm's Wheel of Wealth, Buster Safe's safe cracking  minigame, or Snake and Ladder's board game bonus round which featured… Snakes and Ladders of course.

mFortune has even managed to sprout out into other casino games like Bingo, Roulette and Blackjack; creating very solid versions of each game. They have a very strict level of quality and their low number of games, although a criticism from some, demonstrates just how they won't put something out until it's good and ready.

mFortune Bingo's Logo (Jan 2015)Their old slots are showing their age, but compared to the new ones that they bring out each year, you can tell they're continuing to improve their skills with every release. They get better every year as they learn from their mistakes.

Couple all that craft with a very individual and charming animation style and you can see why mFortune is one of the few casinos that did it right and didn't let their exclusivity become the death of them.

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A few years ago Quickspin would not haquickspinve been on this list. It was a generic slot maker, always making the same slot year in and year out. All their slots were well made, but they were extremely forgettable.

Fast forward to now and clearly someone has really been pulling the reigns over at Quickspin HQ. This year, Quickspin released some of our highest rated video slots, which included Razortooth and Firestorm.

razortooth bonus huntQuickspin seem to be following the same creation model as NetEnt. Make high quality, striking slots, with as many new ideas as possible. Quickspin have already made waves by experimenting greatly with wild features in every one of their games, even going so far as to remove paylines entirely in Razortooth.

They're one of the few big budget slot makers out there, making great looking slots whose look reflects the gameplay within. We only hope that modern Quickspin is here to stay.

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The Best In The Business

These are the slot makers and providers who we think are the top of their game. Of course, there's countless others that we have reviewed here that make great slots too. They just didn't quite make it onto this list this time.Droid Slots' Stamp of Approval

There's always a great slot provider out there who we could be missing. An indie just waiting to hit it big. Hopefully, when we find them, we can bring them to your attention. But for you, we can only suggest checking out what slot recommendations we have to offer here and searching the mobile casinos for what could be, the next great slot maker.

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