Guide to PayPal: How To Deposit

Guide to PayPal banner In this week's Guide to PayPal,  we'll provide you with the step-by step instructions you need to deposit at a casino using PayPal. We've also put together a video so that you can see the process fully. The steps might vary slightly depending on the casino, but as with everything to do with PayPal, all should be straightforward and easy to understand. If you're still not convinced PayPal is the depositing method for you, then do go back and check out our discussion of PayPal and casinos so that you can make a good decision!

Step by Step Guide

Follow the steps, or jump to a step that you need help with.

1. Sign up to the casino you want to play at.
2. Verify your account.
3. Check your casino’s PayPal policy.
4. Go to the banking section of your chosen casino.
5. Choose PayPal from the list of depositing options.
6. Log in to PayPal via a secure connection and transfer money.
7. Your casino account will be credited with the amount you have transferred.

1. Sign up to the casino you want to play at.

mFortune mobile casino Logo

mFortune Accepts PayPal Deposits

More and more casinos are now offering PayPal as a deposit method, so all you need to do is find your favourite. Our favourites include LadyLucks and mFortune, but keep an eye out for our Top 10 Mobile Casinos that Accept PayPal if you need any further inspiration. Most casinos which accept PayPal deposits also allow players to withdraw using PayPal too. This is ideal as PayPal withdrawals are generally instantaneous and simple.

For example, at mFortune you can both deposit and withdraw in Ukash vouchers. We'll be using mFortune today to show you the process and, as it's currently defending a place in our Top 20 UK Casinos, it's definitely a worthwhile place to deposit at.

Signing up to a casino is free and easy to do, and will require a few personal details, such as:

  • Your name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address

2. Verify your account.

Whenever you sign up to a casino you'll generally be asked to verify your account. To do this, you need to click the link that they will send to you via email. Verifying your account is important as you won't be able to play until you do so. It's often best that your account is verified as soon as you sign up, as then you can take advantage of any bonuses the casino is offering to new players. Sometimes, sign-up bonuses may have an expiry date which means you need to cash them in as soon as possible.

3. Check your casino’s PayPal policy.


Always Check Your Casino's Depositing Policies

It's always important to check out your casino's depositing policies, no matter what method you choose. Luckily for PayPal users, most casinos that offer PayPal as a depositing method also let you withdraw in the same way. However, you do need to look out for any depositing and withdrawal limits as sometimes these can be significantly lower with PayPal than other depositing methods.

If you can't see any information about a casino's PayPal policy, make sure you contact the casino first. Some casinos offer ‘live chat' customer support, whilst others might only be contactable via email or phone. It's also important that you check out your chosen Casino's licenses and make sure they are regulated by a European body, ideally the UK Gambling Commission.

4. Go to the banking section of your chosen casino.

You're ready to deposit! You need to find the part of your casino account that lets you make deposits. Most of the time, this will be listed under ‘Banking’ or ‘Deposit’, although sometimes you may need to select a game you want to play first, and then select ‘deposit'. Below you can see where you can find the banking section at mFortune.

Depositing Mfortune Screenshot

To use PayPal, select the ‘Deposit' page at mFortune.

5. Choose PayPal from the list of depositing options.

PayPal LogoThe casino will present you with a list of depositing options. The PayPal option should be represented by the official logo, so look out for this.

PayPal Mfortune Screenshot

Choose PayPal from the list of depositing options.

6. Log in to PayPal via a secure connection and transfer money.

Padlock Icon Grey

Make sure your browser page is secure!

Once you've selected PayPal, a new browser window will open up asking for your PayPal log in information. Make sure this is a secure connection, symbolised by the padlock icon. This means you're information will be kept safe. If you are depositing at a casino on your mobile, and you have downloaded the PayPal app beforehand, you may be able to make use of PayPal's one touch system and simply have to enter your four digit pin code. (If this makes no sense to you, check out our article on using PayPal on mobile!)

7. Your casino account will be credited with the amount you have transferred.

PayPal transfers are usually instant, so you won't have to wait to spend the money you've deposited. Once you notice your casino balance change, you're ready to go. Well done! You've made your first successful deposit with PayPal.

Video – Depositing with PayPal at mFortune

Check out our video guide to depositing with PayPal at mFortune – who are currently offering a 10% bonus with any deposits made using PayPal!


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