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Like strawberries and cream, McDonalds' breakfasts and hangovers, PayPal and online casinos go hand in hand. With a formidable history, a simple sign up process and a fantastic mobile app, it's pretty clear to see why so many casinos accept PayPal as a depositing method. Today in our Guide to PayPal we'll be looking in more detail at what makes this partnership so good and all the ins and outs of using PayPal to deposit at a casino.


Why Use PayPal?

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PayPal is an Easy Way to Deposit at Casinos

If you've got this far in our guide, we're pretty sure we don't need to convince you of PayPal's appeal, however if you've just joined us you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. PayPal is one of the easiest ways to deposit to a casino,  you log in to your account and transfer money at the click of a button. It's also one of the safest methods as PayPal shield your bank details from other parties, acting as a middle man between you and the casino.

Since PayPal started in California, it took a little while for European casinos to be allowed to use it, as it was subject to U.S gambling regulations. This is why you might be more accustomed to using Neteller or Skrill if you're a casino veteran. However, in the past couple of years PayPal has become the go to choice for many casino users and the majority of decent casinos now accept it as a payment method.


If you're used to using a different e-wallet you might not see the point in switching to PayPal. However, unlike the others, PayPal links directly to your bank account so there's no topping up to be done. Not only this, but withdrawing funds using PayPal is simple too. The transfer is pretty much instant, and putting the money back into your bank couldn't be easier. There's also no fees for withdrawing or depositing with PayPal.

With the PayPal App It's Even Simpler

With the PayPal App It's Even Simpler

Even more good news for mobile players; with PayPal's OneTouch system, so long as you have the PayPal app installed on your device, you can verify a deposit with a single click, without the hassle of logging in. This is because the OneTouch payment allows your log-in details to be shared between your device's apps. Whilst this might sound a little dangerous at first, PayPal's commitment to security means that the app is still completely safe – we should know, we tested it out!

Casino Rules

Obviously, as with all depositing methods, each casino will have it's own rules when it comes to banking. We always stress that you should read the Banking page of each casino for full details, and using PayPal is no different. However, there are some rules that are specific to PayPal itself. For instance, a lot of casinos who accept PayPal as a depositing method, will also only accept payments if the name on the PayPal account matches up to the name being used at the casino.

If we take a couple of selections from our Top 20 Mobile Casinos, we can demonstrate the rules that might be in place for using PayPal. For instance:

LadyLucks Logo 240x160LadyLucks Casino
– £10 minimum deposit, £5500 maximum single deposit, and £10,000 maximum overall deposit per day.
– £10 minimum withdrawal, £20,000 maximum withdrawal.

In comparison to other depositing methods at LadyLucks, which are capped at £1000 maximum single deposit, PayPal allows the biggest deposit at one time.

Bet365 LogoBet365 Casino
– £10 minimum deposit, £5500 maximum deposit.
– £10 minimum withdrawal, £5500 maximum withdrawal.

Unlike at LadyLucks, PayPal's deposit limits at Bet365 are significantly lower than some other depositing methods. For example, using Neteller you can deposit up to £20,000.


Judge's Hammer on Block

Our  Verdict? PayPal is  APPROVED!

Since more and more casinos are adopting PayPal as a depositing method, if you're already a PayPal user it seems the most logical way to transfer money. The ease of use is what separates PayPal from other e-wallets, and the safety factor makes it a cut above supplying your card details to a casino.

We think that PayPal is a superb way to deposit, however, make sure you do check out the rules of your chosen casino first as it could be that another method might suit you more. If you do think PayPal's the method for you, then stay tuned for our video guide to depositing at a casino with PayPal.


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