Mega Moolah: Players One Spin Away From Multiple Millions

Mega Moolah LogoBack in August we discussed Microgaming‘s flagship slots game Mega Moolah in hushed voices as the jackpot crept quietly over the £10,000,000 mark. That's eight figures of unadulterated oppulence and somebody, somwhere is going to win every penny of it on a single spin. It could be you. Seriously, it could.

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What Would You Do With £11,520,250?

So all that's happened in the few weeks since we last discussed this game is that the jackpot has accumulated an additional £1.5million – so nothing too out of the ordinary, really. Since I've probably bored you all stupid with how this game works by now here's a few facts and things you could do with eleven-and-a-half-million quid:

  • Bugatti Veyron carIf you split £11.5m into 30 yearly salaries you would earn roughly £384,000 a year. You could donate 90% of your yearly income to charity and still be in the richest 1.2% of the world's population.
  • You could buy a super-yacht with 4 double bedrooms, lounge, dining room, bar, terrace and so on and so forth. Actually, you could have two.
  • You could have eight Bugatti Veyrons…
  • Or how about 23,000 iPhones?

I think those options are all incredibly realistic. So if you fancy taking a yacht over to your private island one of these days then take a few minutes out of your day to play a spin or two on Mega Moolah. It could change your life…

Play Mega Moolah at LeoVegas Now!

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