The Most Innovative Mobile Video Slot Themes

original slotsIt would be hard to argue that a slot not being half bad to look at, certainly goes a long way to enjoying your time with it more. But nice visuals aren't the only thing that make a slot engaging. We can all agree that at this point, it doesn't matter how great an Irish themed slot looks, it's most definitely been done to death by this point.

So we thought we'd search for the slots that have a theme that you've never seen before. Ones that are ahead of their field in terms of look and sheer originality. So head on below to see the most original slot themes we've seen as of late.

The Most Original Slot Themes

Below we have compiled the ultimate list of some of the most original and stunning slot themes released in recent memory. So take a skim through, see what catches you eye. The slots aren't too shabby when it comes to the game themselves, so you may even just find a new favourite.

Taco Brothers

Taco Brothers is set during a darinTaco Brothers logog prison escape in the old west and manages to capture every ounce of the excitement and adventure that should come along with that idea. Action really is the main feature here. The characters are individuals from the visuals alone and bring over a great sense of personality without even uttering a word.

But one of the highlights is the bonus rtaco brothers bonusound, which takes place during a prison break, perfectly capturing the tone that the artstyle of the western seeks to create. The three heroes escape jail one after another, only as long as they aren’t jailed by the randomly appearing sheriff. If they are captured, they can be freed by the kiss of their love interest. It’s a tug of war as to whether they’ll escape or be captured and therefore, how big your winnings will be. It’s gripping stuff and the style of the slot only goes to strengthen that tension.

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Jack Hammer

The Jack Hammer series is a really jack hammer slotoriginal take on how a slot should look. Set in a noir crime drama, the entire slot is animated in a pop 60s comic book style. You won’t find many slots that match the description of Jack Hammer, aside from Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business.

It’s no surprise that it’s made by NetEnt. The famed slot provider constantly tries to mix up its visuals with every release and here is no different. If you want a slot that looks nothing like anything else on the casinos, then the Jack Hammer series is the one to take for a spin.

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Koi Princesskoi_princess_logo_netent

NetEnt took a gamble in trying to pull off a manga artstyle in a slot. Up until this point, the slot maker had played around with different styles, but for the most part, their style was strongly cemented in western animation. It’s been tried before and almost inevitably comes across as a cheap carbon copy of the japanese style. Yet again, they showed us why it was wrong to think they’d fail.

As always NetEnt don’t pull any half mkoi princess sloteasures when bringing us Koi Princess. The slot is colourful, wonderfully animated and very importantly, great to look at. But it’s greatest achievement is how it reproduces the manga artstyle so well. It doesn’t draw attention to itself by doing a poor impression of manga. It’s the perfect slot homage to the style and most would be hard pushed to even notice it was made by a Western company. It’s great that NetEnt took the task seriously and came out of it with a great looking slot and one that doesn’t play half bad either.

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Rage To Riches

Rage To Riches is a slot set in the mirage to riches slotdst of an epic monster mayhem movie. King Kong and Godzilla, names changed for copyright reasons, are laying waste to their surroundings. Where better to set an avalanche slot in the crumbling ruins of a city.

Avalanche slots are among our favourite slot types. The ability to combo wins by removing entire blocks and reels from the slot is incredibly tense. But many times we’ve seen the avalanche slot, it doesn’t really fit the theme of the slot at all. In Rage To Riches, every drop of blocks feels like a city being smashed apart.

rage to riches playThere are some neat references to the movie genre that spawned the monster theme, with a bonus round where you smash the city as a large dinosaur (definitely not Godzilla) and the scatter symbol damsel in distress screaming at the window. It’s not only an original slot theme, but it succeeds by having both the gameplay of the slot and theme work fully cohesively. 

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Guns ‘N Roses

Of all the themes we’ve never seen befoguns n roses wildre, a rock band is definitely one of them, let alone one of the biggest in the world. It’s why we’re so excited for the upcoming Guns ‘N Roses slot that drops this month.

Guns ‘N Roses slot has features which match the excesses of the band point for point. It’s a full, menagerie of bonus features to bring as much fun as possible, at all times. The art looks like it’s ripped from any one of the band’s album covers and the entire slot is underscored by some of their greatest tracks. There isn’t a single moment of this slot that doesn’t feel like it isn’t inspired by the band and that’s what makes it the ultimate celebration to one of the rock greats.


The Best of The Best

rp_dorothy-e1404394011111.pngWe're always looking for something new. Whether it's the way the slot plays, the casino to play it at or simply what the slot looks like; we crave originality. The above have given us what we need for now, but the future can only hold ever greater undiscovered ideas.

We'll always be there bringing you the best and brightest of what the industry has to offer. For now we hope you've enjoyed these original slot themes. Who knows what will turn up during the long new year ahead of us; as well as hopefully ever year following too.

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