Great Competitions & Promos on Twitter With Mobile Casinos

twitter casinoThere's a whole new way to bring personality to your casino and connect with loyal customers of your casino beyond simply having a VIP program and a few holiday promotions.

We've found the mobile casinos that use social media to really bridge the gap between them and their audience.

They offer everything from bonus promotions for loyal customers, prize give-aways or simply just fun extra stuff. Here are our favourite social mobile casinos on Twitter.

The Best Mobile Casinos on Social Media

These are the best mobile casino run Twitter accounts which give you much more than what the casino alone can offer.


LadyLucks is by far one of the best mobile casinos around on social media. Anything that they can tweet about, they do so. They update every winner who hits big on their site. They're always constantly updating their new games, which given their November influx of 29 new games, is going to come in very handy.  

ladylucks blackjackThey even offer promotions on certain slots, which aren't mentioned on the website. If you're not following them on Twitter, then you're missing out on a lot of good deals.

So sign up for their mobile casino if you haven't already and then track down the best promotions on their Twitter to get ahead of the game.

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Pocket Win

Pocket Win uses Twitter to its strength and uses it as if it's a whole new website. They don't simply use their Twitter as an advertising platform. Pocket Win frequently holds easy Twitter competitions which allow you to win bonus money that you can then use back at the mobile casino.

Because their entire casino functions through your PocketWin Mobile Casino Logomobile number, any bonuses can be easily added to your account by private messaging them your mobile number. That is if you win of course.

But with competitions frequently happening, there's little reason not to chip in every now and again. Plus in the downtime, they post loads of interest tidbits, so it's a constant stream of competitions and funny updates.

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If the idea of a monkey tea infuser doesn't get you mildly curious, then we just don't see eye to eye. Winneroo go one step further in the compeitition angle by giving out actual prizes. Every few days they're offering cash prizes or physical prizes to those who take part in their Twitter competitions.Winneroo Games Logo

They're near constantly happening, so you'll always have another chance to win whatever it is they're offering.

And when they're not offering something, they also host a pretty great mobile casino as well, so there's always something to do with Winneroo.

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Leo Vegas

Monkey tea infusers are nice, but an iWatch definitely must peak your interest. Leo Vegas is a near perfect example of how to execute a social media presence.

LeoVegas lion logoLeo Vegas posts really funny material everyday. On top of this they give away great prizes like the iWatches above. Comedy and prizes should be enough, but Leo Vegas also announce promotions which aren't on their website, through their Twitter also.

By following them you get the chance to win great prizes, have a laugh and then head over to their casino to make the most of their great exclusive promotions.

If there's a Twitter worth following, Leo Vegas is certainly up there.

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Touch My Bingo

Touch My Bingo is one of the few bingo mobile casinorp_touch-my-bingo-logo-240x160.jpgs we have on our favourites list. It just gets everything right that it needs to. Social media isn't a requirement for a great mobile casino, but it doesn't go amiss that they get it bang on as well.

Touch My Bingo's Twitter offers exclusive promotions that you won't find on their site, which are updated weekly.

They also update all their latest game releases right there on the Twitter. Follow them and get everything great going on over there, before anyone else.

Get Up To Date With Touch My Bingo!

Social Casinos

This is of course the best of the best that we could find. Every mobile casino does its own thing when it comes to social media, be that Twitter or beyond.

There's a lot of social media out there. We social mediasuggest that you get out there and find out what your casinos are doing on social media. You'd be surprised how much you can get out of your mobile casinos, beyond just the great slots they provide.

Happy exploring.

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