How to Use Trustly Mobile Depositing Service

Trustly Logo LargeTrustly — the Europe-wide paying service used by consumers and merchants  alike carries the  slogan: “simple, secure and fast” and it has every right to boast this. Simplicity is key when it comes to online paying for things online and Trustly has mastered this. But how does it work? Is it really as simple as it says? Read on to find out more.

Simple, Secure and Fast

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So how does one use Trustly? The instructions are, true to their word, very simple to follow. First, you go to the respective casino that uses Trustly as part of their banking service. But how can you tell if your casino does Trustly? Simply look for the company logo on the casino website under banking.

Once you have clicked on that logo make sure you follow the following instructions:

  • Select your bank — Use your bank log in details to secure an encrypted connection to your bank account.
  • Select your account —  A drop down menu will then appear in which you can chose your bank account with that bank you have to make a payment.
  • Make your payment —  Trustly recommends  to use your savings account for big purchases while a current account for smaller purchases.

We're not sure what Trustly consider to be a ‘big' or ‘small' purchase but let's assume they mean a big purchase is something over £100. For online gambling, it would be better to use your current account in this regard. Savings, after all, should be saved and not used to gamble with. Once you have selected, you simply verify the purchase and viola!

Freedom of Choice

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Perhaps the most unique thing about Trustly's function has to be its freedom of choice. The player has the option to not only choose which bank they get to take their deposit from but they also get to chose which account to use.

Whether this freedom of choice is a blessing or a curse is impossible to tell at this point. After all, with immediate access to a savings account, will this increase the likelihood of the player becoming a problem gambler?

Only time will tell. In the mean time, Trustly certainly has our trust and makes an excellent addition to some well known casinos and their banking options.


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