10 Facts That’ll Make You Love Mobile Casinos

Casino-2Ahhh, casinos. They've been around for a long time but it's only recently that they became available to play remotely. With the rise of the digital revolution and social media, gambling has become more accessible and more mobile now than ever. New developments in technology means that players can play from literally almost anywhere and software developers are becoming more and more sophisticated so they can out-do one another. Hence why we love mobile casinos.

We often write about our enthusiasm for the sheer convenience of mobile gaming here at Droid Slots but we haven't really spoken about what we love about it in specific detail before. It's a hard thing to do — there are so many mobile casinos out there and we love so many things about them it's almost impossible to narrow it down into a general list.

But after some hard consideration, this writer has managed to narrow it down to a list of ten in no particular order (with great risk to his sanity) and hopes that readers everywhere will not only agree but will come to appreciate mobile casinos as much as we do. So without further ado, here are 10 facts that will make you love mobile casinos.

1) It's Private!

mobile gamingProbably the most obvious thing yet many people fail to realise is that casinos in real life are public places. That means you could accidentally run into your old Auntie June whilst throwing some coins into a slot machine.

What an awkward situation that would be! Well, with mobile casinos you can avoid a situation like that 100% of the time! On your own mobile device, there's nothing stopping you from doing what you want because nobody's there to see or judge.

It would be foolish to deny that, because of problem gambling, there is some stigma against anyone who is seen in a casino even if they are just casual players perfectly in control of their spending. Because gambling is becoming more and more mobile, people can now do it without judgement — not to mention it's becoming more socially acceptable as many see it almost as an extension of social gaming.

2) They're Anonymous

Anonymous hackerThis is rather similar to the above, however there is an extra dimension to this point. Being on the internet means you get the chance to remain anonymous in whatever you do. The same can be applied to mobile casinos.

When playing in live video poker, for instance, you can make an avatar which will hide your real face. So you can gamble as much as you want and nobody would know it's really you! Of course, you are not anonymous to the casino itself; you have to provide them with real/important details that will allow them to maintain your membership.

3) You Can Play Anywhere

Global-Innovation-Collider-Image-1Literally anywhere. Well, anywhere where there's an internet connection. But since most cafes and buses nowadays are using WiFi that's pretty much all the important places covered.

So you don't even need to go out and search for a local casino in order to gamble! Simply open your phone's internet browser and play away. Just don't do it when you've got little battery left.

You can also download games from a mobile casino from the Apple iOS store or the Google Play store so opening your internet browser isn't always necessary. It's pretty swell. Though, again, to save the frustration of losing internet in the middle of downloading, it's best you download it at home first then have fun with it when you're out and about.

4) They Have Deposit Limits

depositing at mobile casinoWhilst inside a normal casino, it is sometimes difficult to keep a cap on how much you're gambling away. There are measurements in place but we'd say online casinos tend to be stricter when it comes to your deposits. Particularly when it comes to mobile deposits, most mobile companies don't allow more than £30 a day.

Some of you may be thinking: “Wait, that's a good thing? What if I want to deposit more?” Well, you can, if you ask nicely. But it's a good thing these measurements are in place so that the risks of problem gambling can be reduced. You may be in control of your gambling habit but it's not the same for everyone. It'll be like saying: “I'm not addicted to smoking so why do we need nicotine patches?” Anyway, it's very easy to lose control so it's best these limits do exist.

5) You'll Enjoy a Wide Game Choice

casino-x gamesThis should go without saying but a real casino can only fit in so many slot machines. If it took on half of the slots you find on your average mobile casino, it would have to remove all of its roulette and card tables too.

This is why, naturally, mobile casinos have the distinct advantage of being digital by having the capability of holding as much as an entire sever can hold.

That way players get more choice in what they play and far more quantity. It's like an Amazon Kindle — holds more than a bookshelf but relies on a battery to survive. It's only fitting as more and more software developers are emerging with more and more games for players to play.

6) You're Protected by Secure Payments

paypal secureFor those who think that their money is less secure online than it is in real life gambling, think again. Mobile casinos offer some very safe protection over your funds with various deposit/withdrawal methods that will ensure that all your money is where it should be.

Transferring your money is also dead simple. All you need to do is sign up with the casino, get a PayPal, Neteller or PaySafe account and you're good to go. There are limits to deposits and withdrawals and getting your money could take some time (up to a week, usually) but it's definitely a safe option.

7) You Can Play For Fun

play-for-funI don't know about real casinos but mobile ones have the option of letting a player not yet a member of the site to try out a demo of the game before deciding to join up.

On top of being a great marketing tool, it also helps you decide whether you can bear losing money — if you're annoyed at losing whilst playing for free, you're certainly going to be annoyed when you bet with real money!

It's also a great option, too, for people who are new to gambling and are a little unsure as to whether they want to put down their first deposit. If you're one of these people, we'd say go for it (there's no harm in trying) but the fact remains that the play for fun tool is incredibly useful.

8) You Can be Part of a Community

communityYou may think that spending your time looking at a screen whilst cutting yourself off from reality might be the most unsociable thing ever. Well, it doesn't have to be! A lot of mobile casinos have some pretty awesome online communities that allow players to interact with each other in a chat-room.

This is especially the case with mobile bingo rooms where players get to chit-chat whilst waiting for their number to come up. True, in a real casino you can talk to people but I find many of them to be concentrating too hard on what they're doing to warrant conversation. If you ask me, that's less sociable than using your smartphone.

9) You'll Get Heaps of Rewards/Bonuses!

A Casumo Showered With RewardsOne of the best things about mobile casinos has to be the heaps and heaps of rewards and bonuses players get when they sign up. An average mobile casino, like Mr Green for example, gives you between £5-£10 to play with simply for registering and a further amount depending how much you put down on your first deposit.

And those are your most basic bonuses! Depending on the casino, you get all sorts of unique promotions either weekly or monthly. You're even treated to some seasonal promotions to celebrate that particular time of year. It's hard to deny that this is a fantastic reason to play at on more mobile casinos.

10) They're a Great Time-Killer

Time LimitsIf nothing else, mobile casinos prove to be a great way to kill time while you're waiting for the bus or waiting for your takeaway to be delivered. Because of its, well, mobile nature mobile casinos have the capacity to be there whenever we simply feel bored and have nothing better to do.

Real casinos have to be within your vicinity in order to be used but with this technology, a great number of them can reside in your pocket.

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