The 3 Biggest Sore Losers in the History of Gambling

sore-losersIt's a truth universally acknowledged that everyone likes to win something every once in a while.  It makes us feel good. We've achieved something and we want to celebrate it by rubbing it in the face of our friends, especially when it comes to gambling. The sad reality is, though, that you can't win at everything all the time.

That's just a fact of life. While some people accept this and move on, others… don't. In fact, these kinds of sore losers tend to express their outrage through outbursts so great and in ways so baffling that it borders on hilarious.

Here's our list of the top 3 sorest losers in gambling in no particular order.

1) The Romford Menace

Man-smashes-gambling-machineIt was a peaceful day in Romford, North London and in a local bookmakers everything was business as usual. That was until one well-dressed player started attacking one of the slot machines with a stool.

Apparently his frustration over his lost funds was so great he decided it was the machine's fault and couldn't help but display his chagrin through an epic temper tantrum.

Dramatic CCTV footage was plastered all over British news websites back in January and, as far as we know, the fiend hasn't been caught yet. Neither has he been seen attacking any other innocent slot machines in the vicinity.

Perhaps he gave up after realizing he had terrible luck. Or maybe he decided another betting outlet deserved his custom. Either way, I think it's safe to say that if you have anger issues and hate losing money then you should never gamble!


2) Drunk and Losing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Welcome Sign 3/30/11

Across the pond, a wealthy businessman decided to visit Las Vegas. When he got there he was so drunk that he gambled $500,000 away.

When he woke up the next morning, he realized what he'd done and blamed the casino for “allowing him” to get this drunk and to gamble at the same time.

Apparently Nevada law bans casinos from serving players who are visibly intoxicated so from that angle, I can understand the man's frustration. You're never clear-headed when you're drunk so letting him play was not a good idea.

At the same time, nobody forced him to drink those cocktails. And he was drinking well before he even got to Vegas so blaming the casino for his already advanced state of intoxication is foolish. So he's still a bit of a sore loser.

He also admitted that the funds were “replaceable”. If you can afford to gamble with $500K then you can't be too worse for wear.


3) The Poker Hackers

cheating-in-pokerOnce again in the states, these two sore losers were problem gamblers who got so frustrated when they kept on losing at video poker, they exploited a bug in the system which would allowed them win an obscene amount of money.

This wasn't lost on the casino who quickly had them arrested. As it turns out, however, the partners in crime had fallen out over splitting their spoils. It appears sore losers also don't like sharing. Who knew?

They were, however, released from custody as there wasn't enough evidence to convict them. The Feds tried everything to prosecute them but, because the game design was flawed, they couldn't and were forced to let them go.

So the scheme paid off in the end but not because of the criminals' ingenuity or legal prowess it would seem. Like I said, sometimes you lose some, sometimes you win some.

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