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Ahh, slot machines. They're both a joy and a pain in the bum. With a spin of a reel you could win big or lose out big time. Real life slots are bad enough but with the advent of video slots, they have become more accessible now than ever before. One thing that can be said for sure about them is that they certainly do have a lot of crazy themes. The amount of creativity some of these slots demonstrate in their design is fantastic while others… not so much.

But there are also literally thousands of themes out there, to the point where the same/similar themes have been done to death. Yet we believe there is room for other themes which haven't yet been brought to life. Here's a list of the top 5 slot themes that we want to see happen! Make 'em happen already!

1) Star Wars

Star Wars LogoBeing one of the most popular film franchises ever, it's pretty shocking that Star Wars has yet to be made into an online video slot. There are real life slot machines based around the original Star Wars trilogy, of course, but we're eagerly waiting for its online debut.

With success  of The Force Awakens, the release of Rogue One later this year, as well as the line-up of films to come, it only makes sense for LucasFilm/Disney to make a slot to profit on a story which has so many people's childhoods in its lap.

But that may be the very reason why the Star Wars brand hasn't been made into an online slot — it is made for children. That does not mean that its audience isn't largely comprised of adults (I'm pretty sure it's around 60% of adults who lived in the 80s) but because the films were designed to appeal to children in order to attract a new audience, designing a video slot might get a few people angry.

It's understandable that HBO's Game of Thrones, for example, has a video slot because it's a TV show that's meant for adults, meaning its okay to expand their merchandise into gambling. The people behind Star Wars, however, have more responsibility in that its child audience may be encouraged to gamble if they released an online slot with their name plastered all over it.

It's also probably something to do with copyright. I imagine the rights to use the Star Wars name are unbelievably expensive. Still, it's something we really want to see done in the near future and I'm sure Disney would be very glad once they see the profit start rolling in.

2) RuPaul's Drag Race

Drag Race LogoI mean, who doesn't love a good drag queen? This is probably one of the more obscure themes on this list but RuPaul's Drag Race, the ever-growing reality show where drag queens compete to be the next drag superstar, has a immense fanbase in the LGBT+ community. With Drag Race's hot pink colours and iconic references from the show's history (or herstory), it would be pretty cool to see a slot based around it.

After all, a lot of players are part of the LGBT+ community and it would make sense to profit from this portion of the market. Game developers are missing out  by not having this in their repertoire and if they think it wouldn't work… well, they can think again! There could be a Lip Sync For Your Life! bonus game or wild symbols representing various drag queens that have appeared on the show. And there are so many quotable soundbites it's ridiculous! Whenever you score a big win you might hear RuPaul say ConDRAGulations! or if you lose she might tell you to Sashay Away!

There's just so much material that it's crying out to be made into an online slot game! I mean if they've made out of Benidorm I'm sure drag queens aren't that much of a stretch.

3) Tea

Tea and Pot

What could be more British than a good ol' cup of brew? Although tea has featured in many online slots it hasn't had its own slot celebrating it on its own terms. The concept may be a little flimsy at first. How can you base an entire slot game over a single beverage? But that's when you consider how many variety of teas that there are and you realise the possibilities.

Imagine it — chamomile, earl grey, pomegranate… All the symbols you could make out of all the different flavours there are is tremendous! And the free spins symbol could be a boiling kettle or a teapot. Okay, so you're not a tea snob and you prefer your traditional English breakfast/black tea. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sophisticated tea slot and not get anything out of it. Entirely the opposite, actually.

4) Doctor Who

Doctor Who LogoI know, there a lot of TV shows/films on this list! But bear with me. Doctor Who is almost as synonymous with British culture as tea is and since the show has been around for over 50 years it would not only tap into generations of watchers of the classic series but the new as well. And since its revival in 2005, the show has garnered a massive global audience, especially in the U.S.A! So this slot being a hit would be no problem.

The problem it does face, however, is similar to that of Star Wars. Doctor Who is a family show and although adults enjoy it as much as children do it would be largely perceived as a bad idea to make an online slot out of it in case it encourages that young audience to gamble. But wouldn't it be so cool if they made it anyway? You'd have the TARDIS as the wild symbol and every other symbol could be every Doctor's face. You could even have a reel shaped like the TARDIS. And of course the awesome theme tune playing in the background would just make it an adventure.

5) The Beatles

Beatles LogoIf NetEnt can make a slot out of Jimi Hendrix, then why not the Beatles? This timeless rock band has been a staple of mainstream culture for decades and is still popular even today. Making a slot out of them makes absolute sense. And why not put a soundtrack in there so you can jam to “Yellow Submarine” as you spin the reel.

And because the Beatles grew popular around the time of mass cultural change, there's an opportunity to make the slot a very colourful affair that will go down extremely well with their classic tracks. I mean, there's a musical dedicated to telling the story of the Beatles. Why not an online slot?

There is already an existing real-life slot machine themed around the Beatles like Star Wars but it has yet to be translated into the modern age.

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