8 Gambling Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Dan Bilzerian's Instagram

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live like a professional gambler? Dan Bilzerian and Daniel Negreanu’s Instagram accounts suggest lots of cash, ladies and cars/jets/yachts. From Poker players to friendly casino teams, here are eight Instagram accounts that you should be following.

1. Daniel Negreanu

In the market for a new coffee table? May I suggest this classic option.

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Daniel Negreanu is one of the most recognisable faces in Poker. He currently ranks #1 with $30 million in winnings. His Instagram account shows this Kid Poker on the football pitch, in the casino and lounging with his buddies. It also turns out that Negreanu is into yoga, meditation and vegan food! These stuff seem popular among high-stakes poker players these days.


2. Floyd Mayweather

Help me out with a caption

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Known for being a professional boxer and avid gambler, Floyd Mayweather has over 7.3 million followers. His gambling career includes a $750,000 bet on himself before he fought Manny Pacquiao recently, an $827,000 fortune by betting on NBA games and middleweight boxing  and other six-figure bets. Just recently he won over £1 million from betting when the Arizona Cardinals beat the Oakland Raiders! There are betting slips on his Instagram account to prove it too! Of course, like any life-loving rich person, Floyd also boasts his bling and private jets on his account.


3. Dan Bilzerian

Don't let anyone tell you how to live

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Dan Bilzerian does not need an introduction. With a staggering 10 million followers and known as the King of Instagram, Dan is probably one of the most famous Poker players out there. Girls, guns and gambling are recurring themes on Bilzerian's Instagram feed. His most famous bet was when Dan wagered a whooping $385,000 on a race with a fellow car enthusiast and won. Most interestingly, Dan Bilzerian has announced his bid to run for the President of the United States of America in the coming 2016 election.


4. Nad Bilzerian

I'm a god in my back yard #poolparty #35gallons

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Nad's the poor man's version of Dan Bilzerian. He is not quite your typical and rich gambler, but he will definitely make you chuckle. His Instagram account is worth a look.


5. Liv Boeree


This gorgeous Poker player has a penchant for adventure. You'll find her on the beach, under the sea, on top of a mountain and at a Poker table, of course. Judging by her Instagram and Twitter account, she is avid animal lover. Her resume is really impressive: she is a poker player, a TV presenter and a model and also has studied Physics at the University of Manchester.


6. Paddy Poker

"I’m actually completely bald," says Steve. "As bald as a bellend. Then one day I was walking past a load of unused candy floss outside a carnival. I looked at it and thought, ‘I’m having that’ and just swiped it all. Then, as chance would have it, I walked past a glue factory, and there was a big bastard tube of glue just sitting by the bins. So I thought to myself ‘hang on, I can make this work’. So I started gluing the candy floss to my head. Sadly, there wasn’t that much glue left, so I only managed to stick a couple of tufts on my bonce before it ran out. And now I look like this. It’s a shit business." #TheStoryBehind #paddypower #stevemcclaren #newcastle #newcastleunited #nufc #football #carnival #hair #paddypower #justinbieber

A photo posted by Paddy Power (@paddypowerofficial) on

While their strength lies in Facebook, Paddy Power is no less hilarious on Instagram either. The account is peppered with football quotes, screenshots from Facebook and most importantly funny memes. On a daily basis, someone famous is featured on Paddy Power's Instagram account, ranging from professional boxer Manny Pacquiao to Jesus. Often, all these great figures come accompanied with some words of wisdom.


7. NetEnt

Äntligen! Fussball in the Stockholm office! #NetEnt

A photo posted by NetEnt (@netentofficial) on

These guys aren't exactly living the life of the rich and famous, but they're in charge of entertaining millions of players. NetEnt is a software developer that supplies slot machines to dozens of online and mobile casinos in Europe. As you can tell from their Instagram account, game makers really do have the best jobs! These guys share a behind-the-scenes look at their regular day  games, code hack-a-thons and lots of fun. We would seriously consider working for them if we had a chance.


8. Verne Troyer

Behind the scenes with @danbilzerian for @bgocasino link in bio! #danbilzerian

A photo posted by Verne Troyer (@vernetroyer) on

While Verne Troyer doesn’t exactly make a living from gambling, we’ve come to associate this face with BGO Vegas’ successful Beat The Boss Campaign. His Instagram account follows him on his many appearances around the world. You’ll find him alongside boxers, models and burgers. Oh, and he is a good friend of Dan Bilzerian too. That just means more girls and guns!

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