Play our first edition of “Guess the Slot Game!”

Amidst the hundreds of thousands of slot games in the market today, there are few that stand out in every slot player's minds. There are the beautiful ones that you keep coming back too, the most hilarious and ridiculous – the most distinctive games of all. These games sear themselves into the backs of your brains and give your heart a little flutter every time you play. We're turning it into a little game of “guess which game”. In the post below, we've edited screenshots of some games to remove the name. With only the slot symbols and the frame artwork, can you tell what game it is? Answers are at the bottom, but don't peek until you've tried them all!

1. My personal favourite slot of 2015. Filled with zombies and mythical creatures, this game will definitely blow your mind (and zombie brains).

Machine Gun Unicorn Slot Symbols

2. Old but gold; this slot has been around for quite some time, but still enjoyed by millions of players.

Starburst Guess the Slot

3. This would probably be an easy slot to guess, but do you know which developer made it?

Family Guy Guess the Slot

4. Want to feel like a director of an animated movie? You can start here with three siblings defending their village from a dangerous villain. Oops, I might have given you a little too much information there.

Taco Brothers Guess the Slot

5. As we are now days away from the most festive season of the year, parties and outings must be abundant! This game would suit the festive season pretty well I reckon.

Spin Party Guess The Slot

6. Last but not least, we have a game that is packed with interesting features that will not only entertain you but also teach you a fair bit in gardening. Have fun guessing!

Bumper Crop Massive Win


  1. Machine Gun Unicorn. This hilarious game was released back in summer 2015 and features the most whimsical lineup of symbols we've ever seen. It wasn't very profitable, but I couldn't stop laughing as I played this game.
  2. Starburst. This one's an oldie but a goodie. The game has been around since the Dark Ages (really, 2010). Players across UK keep returning to it because of its satisfying Wilds generous free spins.
  3. Family Guy.  Enjoyed by millions across the world, Family Guy is also available in the form of slots, thanks to IGT. Packed with loads of features and typical Family Guy jokes, it will surely put a smile on your face!
  4. Taco Brothers. What's cuter than three Mexican brothers saving a village from a villain? Nothing! Go on then, grab your own tacos and start gaming?
  5. Spin Party. There is nothing more catchy than an energetic beat and a flashy light show; and that's what Spin Party is all about.
  6. Bumper Crop. Produced by Playson, this game is one of the most immersive ones we have ever seen. In this game, a superhero gardener will help you plant your crops. In the end, you will reap what you sow!

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