10 of the Luckiest Things to have Ever Happened (in GIFs)

Water-fun Wipeout We have always wanted to compile a list of lucky instances that ordinary folks have gone through. Some are luckier than others – try and spot the tortoise that escaped death, twice! These GIFS below feature some of the luckiest people we have ever seen.


1. Luck or skill? You decide.

Escaping a bull

This rodeo certainly knows what he's doing. Best part is, he looks absolutely gracious.

2. TRIPLE KILLVending Machine Bonus

3 for the price of 1? I'll take that any day of the week.

3. Well, that's a handy skill trick-shot

I cannot help but wonder how many times he practiced to get that right.

4. Not even close, brah'

Turtle escapes from a crocodile

This has to be by far the luckiest tortoise on earth. Escaping TWO crocodiles consecutively? WOW.

5. His family must be proud Bread into toaster trickshot

Now if only he had some mates to share all that toast with…

6. Easiest win of my life Table tennis trickshot

Pure luck, or just a trick to mind blow your enemy? If only we could see reactions from the judges.

7. Wait, what? Lucky skateboard landing

Not sure how that worked for him, but an injury was avoided. And that landing totally deserves some style points.

8. I guess an underwear change might be appropriate now Skateboarder avoiding a road accident

Without some serious luck this guy might not have lived to see another day.

9. I would totally do that again

Water-fun Wipeout

Incoming Wipeout champion? This guy definitely knows how to keep his balance.

10. That's calculated Lucky Basketball Shot

What are the chances of that ever happening? I'd be headed straight to the casino if that happened to me.

11. Am I a world champion yet?

Pool trickshot

Watching this,  I actually feel sad for the other guy. He didn't even get the chance to play.

12. I have no clue what I'm doing

Lucky kid playing golf

The moment when you have got no idea what you are doing but everything turns out to be perfect. Professional golfer in the making?

You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

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