Top 4 Worst Places to be Caught iGambling

Picard Says "Oops!"

You know, there's a time and a place…” – That's probably what you hear whenever anyone catches you gambling on your phone. Either that or you just farted in a lift. Whether you're in a meeting or your grandma's living room, there's no denying that there are certain places you shouldn't gamble even if your mobile has 4G. In the past, people had to go to the pub or their local bookies to bet money. Now things have changed. Technology has ensured that people can gamble just about anywhere.

But we're still in the baby steps of this era and, because the internet is almost without regulation, we are just getting to know what is and what isn't appropriate when we go about our online activities. Deleting your search history may be one of them. But there are some specifics in etiquette when it comes to online gambling, especially in the real world. Here are the top 4 worst places to be caught igambling.

1) In the Bathroom

Toilet GamblingIt's bad enough that you're on your phone anyway (all those poo germs are on your hands!) but you really don't want to be caught gambling on the toilet or in the bathroom in general for two reasons:

1) When you  win or lose something, you may forget where you are and any housemates you may be living with will raise an eyebrow on their way past the bathroom door as you cheer or groan in despair.

2) Humans are clumsy creatures. All we could be doing is checking the time whilst standing over the toilet. Next thing you know — plop! There goes your £500 iPhone 6. Straight into the toilet water.

But the most awkward thing that could happen would be a housemate bursting in while you're in the bath desperately needing a number two and suddenly your Thursday night gambling session is ruined. Especially if they had a curry.

2) At the Dinner Table

Girl on Phone in RestaurantSpeaking of curries, have you ever found yourself bored at the dinner table and decided to check Facebook? Well, imagine how annoying it would be if you started gambling at the dinner table and people tried to snatch your phone away as they desperately try to make conversation with you.

“Seriously, just put your phone down for one minute!” they might say. Jimi Hendrix can wait, surely?”

They might even think you've got a gambling problem. But that's not the case! You just don't want to spend your evening with boring people. Understandable. Spinning the slot machine might prove more entertaining than endlessly scrolling through Facebook anyway. Well, we're here to say that it's not worth it. Seriously, do as they say and wait. You'll build a better reputation for not being a rude jerk.

3) At a Funeral

Phone Funeral MemeLet's be honest. Funerals are boring, weepy and sad so it's hard not to seek distractions. This is especially the case if you are someone who came to the funeral because you're a distant relative or colleague who was expected to. You hardly knew that person so you're sure they wouldn't mind if you played a bit of blackjack, right?  Anyway, it's probably what they would've wanted…

Well, no. This is probably the most inappropriate scenario on this list. Okay, so you may not have known the guy all that much but show some respect! We hate to say this but if you've ever been caught gambling at someone's funeral and get glared at for it, you deserve it.

4)Anywhere there isn't internet

One Day Without InternetThere's nothing worse than being on a winning streak playing your favourite slot and suddenly your phone loses all internet connection. You're caught off guard and you desperately try reconnecting but it's no good. The game has frozen and although your wins may have gone through, you've lost that winning streak.

Next thing you know, there are riots in the streets and it might as well be the dark ages. After all, you can't remember a life without internet. You rely on it so much to provide for you that the fact it abandoned you in a time of need can be devastating. All we can say is pick up your spear and go hunt for food. You're a caveman now!

At least until you emerge from that tunnel again and all modernity returns to your life. But for a brief instant, you went back to your primal roots. This is why you should always maintain a stable connection when igambling.



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