Top 7 Funniest Accidental Bets On Mobile Slots

Whoops Meme DuckWe all make mistakes. But sometimes we make mistakes that are so colossal it borders on hilarity. Like when you're cutting down that tree on your front drive only for it to totter over and smash into the roof of your house. Gambling is no different in this regard. In fact, because there tends to be money involved, making accidental bets can seem more hilarious, but only in hindsight. At the time, it's nothing short of humiliating, except when it doesn't happen to you of course. Then it's gut-bustingly funny.

Below are seven examples from real players who made a bet they didn't intend to make. The results are funny, tragic and surprisingly heart-warming. 

1. Bet to the Max

Max Bet Button WarningProbably the most common error made among slot players is the accidental ‘Max Bet' button press. Apparently it's all-too-common a problem for Max Bet buttons to be positioned too close to the spin button so that customers end up betting more than they want to.

This happened to one such player who was playing Microgaming's old Lord of the Rings slot (the non-progressive sort). They had put £100 into their account so you can imagine their frustration when they accidentally pushed ‘Max Bet' and ended up throwing all their £100 away on a bet they didn't even mean to make. They didn't even win anything.

The lesson to take away from this tale is to be careful when pressing the spin button. You may end up getting more than what you bargained for. Then again, putting them so close to each other does leave more room for error. What are the developers thinking?!

2. £250? Twice??

Forrest Gump MemeSimilar situation, different scenario. This player accidentally pushed the Max Bet button on a different slot (see? it is a problem…) and threw in more money then they intended. This time, however, it was £250 that they used up all at once. If they made this mistake once, fair enough, so long as they don't repeat it.

Erm, well… They did. Rather than learn from last time and putting extra care into how much they bet, this player ended up betting the exact same amount again by complete accident. Can you say accident-prone?

3. Wild Lines

gorilla gone wildFor your first time playing a slot, you want it to go well. Of course you do. You might not win anything, but you certainly don't want to lose very much either. Yet this player managed to lose £30 on the Gorillas Go Wild slot when all he wanted was to make a simple £1 bet.

He made the right selection on the wager. Apparently his error was in his ignorance as to how paylines work.  He either didn't adjust them before making the bet or he did adjust them but didn't realise he adjusted them too much. Lesson learnt.

Next time you encounter a slot for the first time, make sure you're clued up about how the mechanics function before you make a bet. Could save you a few quid in the process.

4. Should've Stayed in Bed

Stay in Bed Cat MemeHave you ever had one of those days where you know it's going to be a bad one before you even get out of bed? This happened to a Nirvana slot player who had such a bad day at the office that they decided to put a few coins on their favourite video slot… only to have disastrous results.

Their bad mood destroyed any chance of winning when they accidentally typed their five in the wrong place on the betting metre. So instead of betting a fiver, they put down £50 (all their money) and to make matters worse, they won nothing! They really should've called in sick. Sometimes it's best to have a duvet day.


Jackpot Not all accidental bets turn out badly. In fact, misfortune may turn into good fortune, as happened to one such player who accidentally put down £50 on a progressive jackpot slot. Understandably, the player was struck with despair as the amount was all he had to gamble. But when the game told him he'd hit the Jackpot of £8,000, he was dumbstruck.

Anyone would be if that happened. You can imagine how quickly despair turned into delight and how quickly that player was to invest in a brand new people carrier and a holiday. All because of a happy accident. We don't recommend you try and simulate the event, however. This was probably a one in a lifetime thing.

6. A Missed Decimal Place

Decimal NumbersEver feel like you should go back to school? We may not all be the brightest at Maths (I still struggle with my eight times table), but being able to identify a decimal point is pretty important when it comes to gambling (and money in general, actually).

So it came as a great surprise as to how this player wanted to bet £50 in one go, but ended up betting 5p. If you can't tell the difference between a comma and a dot then, really, we think you may need your eyes checked. To add insult to injury, the player won money but they could have won so much more if he actually put down the correct figure. Better luck next time.

7. Mouse Malfunction

Computer Mouse Trapped in Trap Finally, a player all the way in Australia made an accidental bet when her mouse malfunctioned whilst playing her favourite slot. It was your standard wireless mouse (and this was back when touchscreen wasn't a thing) but a spilled coffee cup earlier in the day made  it lose its ability to point and click on command.

As a result, the player lost nearly $48. Thankfully, the bet turned out great for her — she won over a $200! But we can imagine that she got a new mouse after that. Out of all the accidental bets, this one could have been a lot worse than it was.

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