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08th August4 min read

Over the last few weeks of playing slots religiously, I’ve scoured the Net for recommended winning strategies. There were so many lists and while they mostly made sense, some were plausible. A source on the Net says three reels are better than four or five. Surely that couldn't be true; some 5-reel games have generous paytable and offer wins with just two symbols in a row. Anyway, I’ve tested countless strategies and here’s my list of what works.

 1. Start Small...

To win, you need to be able to play. To play, you need money. Since we never have enough money, spread the money out and play cheaper games for a long amount of time. After a while, you’ll build up your bankroll. Also, the more games you play, the more chances you have at winning.

Then, Bet Big (when you can afford it)

After building up some “savings”, it doesn’t hurt to play larger wagers. £10 bets don’t feel risky anymore if you’ve got more than £200 in credit. With larger bets, you can actually feel your money multiply, even with mediocre combinations.

However, don’t take a huge leap and spend all your bankroll in one sitting as well! Balance your bankroll by changing up your wagers; when you’re feeling poor, bet small and when you're feeling rich, bet big. If you’re playing progressive slots, you HAVE to play at the maximum bet. Keep those for when you’re feeling rich.

2. Change it Up.

A colleague of mine once tested a game by running 300 spins. It appears that regular symbols pay every 3-6 spins, whereas wild symbols pay every 1 in 20 spins. It took her about 50 spins to enter a mini game. Since the good spins aren’t going to appear often, you’ll have to hold out and wait. It’s hard to estimate when the good spins are going to happen, so throw in a big bet every few spins. But, always keep your bankroll in check.

3. Always Play the Maximum Number of Paylines.

That’s the easiest way to increase your chances. However, remember Rule 1– make your money last. Don’t play games that cost £0.50 per payline, if you’ve only got a 20-quid to play on that day. I played mFortune's Burger Man, which cost me about 90p per spin (10p and 9 paylines). My £10 of credit disappeared in 9 unlucky spins! I didn’t win a single pence nor did I enter the mini-game that I had so longed to try.

4. Take the Free Stuff.

Be it bonuses or free spins, all these help you play for longer without blowing your budget. The free money is also a great way to “practice” the game and figure out what works. Bonus rounds or mini games always increase your winnings, so you’ll want to choose games with these too. Check out my previous post for more information.

5. Always Play the Demo First.

Every game is different, even if they look the same. Get a feel for the game and the paytable, before you wager real money. Find out what’s the minimum wager for each payline. Unlike shopping, there’s no Returns option if you’ve spent £10 trying a game that doesn’t suit you.

6. Keep a Budget and Stick to it.

Before playing, set an amount you’re willing to spend. Once you’ve reached that limit, stop playing and move on to your next hobby. TV is great and mostly free. You could set the a daily deposit limit on mFortune’s Account Console, and most phone providers limit you at £30 a day. Ukash works great too, because you have limited number of voucher codes to play with.

7. Set a Goal and Stick to it.

Likewise, determine an amount that you want to win. Don’t be overambitious and aim for the jackpot, because no one plans for miracles. Miracles only happen when you least expect it. So, pick a sensible number; I spend about £20 so a win of £100 would be really sweet. Once you’ve hit your goal, withdraw that money! Don’t withdraw everything. Keep some for your bankroll.

8. Don’t Play Mind Games with Yourself.

If you’ve won a nice sum of money, don’t think “My luck is going to continue!” If you’ve lost and burned a hole in your pocket, don’t think “My luck is going to change!” These psychological tricks aren’t statistically sound. If we go with the science and the numbers, the probability of winning stays the same. It’s independent of previous events, which means that it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a winning or losing streak.

Also, there isn’t a luckier time of the day. Just because you won some money at 10 pm yesterday, it doesn’t imply that your lucky hour is 10 pm. A small disclaimer though: I’m the sort of person that never believes in horoscopes or lucky things.

9. Play Games with High Payout Percentages.

Payout percentages are the amount of money a casino pays back to its customers. The number ranges from about 94-97%, which is quite a fair number. This information is often hard to get hold of with online slots games, as they’re not as clearly displayed as real slots machines. If you can find them, great. Play it!

10. Play at Reputable Casinos.

As part of their license, they have to be tested routinely with an independent body, to make sure their games are always fair. It’s not a winning strategy per se, but it’s the easiest way to avoid losing money or getting scammed. There's a new list of the Top 20 Casinos to play at and it's great for new players like me.

I’ve earned a fair bit of money and learnt to withdraw it as well. More info on that in the next post. Do tell me if these strategies work for you! If they do, would you crown me your new Slot Guru?

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