5 Signs You Might be a Lazy Gambler

31st May3 min read

There are many kinds of people who gamble -- enthusiastic ones and the... other ones. These are the people who don't really care about gambling enough to turn it into an excitable past time. These are what we call the "lazy gamblers", the players who never raise the stakes or do raise the stakes but shrug whenever they lose.

They are the people who play blackjack because they're pressured into it, the people who throw a coin into a slot machine because they've got nothing better to do. To be fair, if you're a casual player then there's nothing wrong with that. But we're talking about the people who gamble semi-regularly and with little to no passion.

Below you'll find the five major warning signs that you might be a lazy gambler. And if you are? Stop doing it. I mean, what are you getting out of it? You're just losing money! And you're occupying space in front of that slot machine when the next winner could be standing right behind you waiting their turn! Move over, damn you!!

1) You don't care if anyone sees your cards.

Whether you've just got a dodgy wrist or you couldn't care less if anyone else around the poker table saw your cards, you have to admit it takes the fun out of the game when your opponents know what you're going to do next.

For lazy gamblers, they'll seek any opportunity to makes things easy for you but also make things incredibly boring. Or maybe they're just bored themselves. Either way, they'll never admit it.

2) You're filthy rich but still bet only £1.

If you're one of the few people fortunate enough to be able to gamble over a £100 in a single turn of poker without it making a dent in your finances but chose not to, we're not sure if this makes you a steady-Eddy or an out-and-out lazy gambler.

Okay, we're all a bit stingy sometimes but if you can afford to gamble but chose to go in low for no good reason then you might as well not bother. Seriously. It's more fun if you up the stakes. And you're rich! What do you care if you're suddenly £100 short?

3) No matter if you win or lose, you always have this face.

It's one thing to lose your temper whenever you lose all your money, another to dance naked on the poker table when you've suddenly become a millionaire, but to show no emotion when either of these things happen is another matter entirely.

It doesn't matter if you've got the world's best poker face, if you've won £1 million and act like you don't care it makes you a bit of an arse. Either that or a robot. Or an alien. Probably an alien.

4) You have no preference for any type of gambling.

Even if you're the most casual of gamblers you still prefer a type of gambling over another. If you honestly couldn't care less if your money comes from a slot machine or a poker table and you play both with equal amounts of indifference then clearly it's not for you.

Either that or you're just in it for a money. Which is what most people are in it for, yes, but many passionate gamblers get a thrill out of doing it and as soon as they enter a casino or go online they tend to stray towards their favourite method of gambling because they know the game and are the best at it.

5) You always play the free version of online games.

Let's get things straight here: there are legitimate reasons as to why people may use the free version of an online game. Perhaps they want to try it out and see if it works for them. Perhaps they're a little low on money. Perhaps they get genuine enjoyment out of winning fake coins.

Okay, so you enjoy the actual game aspect of an online slot but, you have to admit, it's not really gambling is it? If you're not putting down real money then what are you risking? This is probably the least offensive factor in being a lazy gambler but, all the same, it still counts.

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