5 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Mobile Gambler

27th June4 min read

Some people just don't understand your hobbies. While it's debatable if gambling can even be deemed a "hobby", there are still those out there who have strong opinions about what you do. If you're a mobile gambler, they may never outright express their objections (they almost always are objections) but they always let you know their opinion regardless, even if they express it in the most passive-aggressive, indirect way as possible.

No matter if it comes from friends, family or acquaintances, these statements are sure to irk you.  They may be well-meaning but they certainly don't feel that way. And most of them are always the same. Below are some of the most common things people should never say to a mobile gambler.

1) "Have you finished your game yet?"

Meaning: "I think that you've been staring at your phone screen for too long!"

This statement often comes from the people you live with -- your partner or your family members. They've been giving you the evil eye over the ironing board or at the dinner table, secretly wishing you'd interact with them instead of your mobile phone or PC.

It makes you sound as though you never stop looking at your device which is untrue. Either way, it's a rather stinging comment and often unjustified.

How to Respond: "I've been waiting all day to play this!"

The best way to win over those closest to you is guilt-trip them. By making it seem like you've been waiting a long time to play your game, they will have to think twice about lecturing you on how much time you spend mobile gambling. So what if it may be a little untrue? Maybe they shouldn't be so scathing.

2) "But it's not real gambling, is it?"

Meaning: "I'm better than you because I once played at a real roulette table!"

Condescending remarks like this are a little nastier, not to mention incredibly snobbish. As if gambling in real life involves more real money as opposed to mobile gambling.

You, as a mobile gambler, more than likely feel insulted by this kind of comment as you have no time to go into a real casino. You like doing it from the convenience of your own living room on your nights off.

How to Respond: "What is 'real' gambling?"

Okay, so this response may be a little aggressive but if you ask in a legitimately curious way, it may sound as though you really want to know the answer to this idiot's question. But we can almost guarantee that they won't have an answer.

The question is entirely rhetorical and is designed to shut them up. Because, really, who are they to judge? You're a mobile gambler but that doesn't make you any less of a gambler.

3) "Do you even win anything?"

Meaning: "You're wasting your time."

You may not win often but that's the nature of gambling. Why should mobile gambling be any less of a waste of time than normal gambling? Of course, it's entirely possible that this person thinks gambling is a waste of time altogether.

There are people like this but there are few of them who are so vocal about their opinion. They're as annoying as those vans with those anti-gambling signs parked outside your local Ladbrokes.

How to Respond: "I haven't lost much either!"

By letting them know that in gambling it's all win or lose  with a charming smile, this lets the naysayer know that you don't care what they think about mobile gambling. Disarming them with such an upbeat retort will also guarantee that they won't comment on the 'pointlessness' of your gambling habits ever again.

4) "Sounds really risky to me."

Meaning: "You don't know what you're doing."

This always comes from someone who isn't a mobile gambler. It's not always said in spite -- they might be genuinely concerned. But the implication still remains: "You don't understand what you've got yourself in for and I think you're making a mistake."

How to Respond: "Everything's a risk!"

A somewhat similar response to the point above and an equally charming retort. And it's true! Everything is a risk. The moment you step outside or cross the street, you're putting yourself at risk. Gambling is technically just another one of those risks -- and technically less so than crossing the road. Your naysayer will realise this and quickly retract their statement. There's no arguing with facts!

5) "How much have you gambled today?"

Meaning: "I think you're addicted."

The implication here is obvious and, although mired in concern, comes across as very demeaning. Just because you're a mobile gambler who gambles regularly does not make you a problem gambler. You should only start worrying when it's all you can think about and you get really angry when you lose. People who say this are, sadly, ignorant of this.

How to Respond: "You think I'm addicted?"

Turn their meaning on its head, make them uncomfortable asking such a question again. Of course, don't be too forceful -- if you really are experiencing problems with gambling then you want someone there to support you. But if they're a friend who aren't familiar with your gambling habits they really have no right to be asking you this.

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