8 Tips on How to Gamble Sensibly and Safely at Mobile Casinos

08th August5 min read

Nothing quite beats a cup of tea, one too many chocolate biscuits and playing at your favourite mobile casino. It could be you visit online casinos for a flutter during your lunch break, or you unwind by depositing wagers on games with your mobile on a lazy Saturday morning after a hard week at work. However you play, gambling should always be an enjoyable, sensible and safe pass time. Most players never encounter any issues, and nurturing this hobby alongside day to day life is easy if you find sensible answers to following eight questions:

  1. Why do I gamble?
  2. What type of a gambler I am?
  3. Whom do I play with?
  4. How do I set my gambling budget?
  5. Where do I play?
  6. How do I set the targets?
  7. How do I utilise my gambling budget?
  8. How do I manage my gambling time?

These eight questions have led to eight important gambling tips to help you play sensibly and safely. Find your answers below.

1. Gamble For Fun, Not For Rewards

Before I get onto some more practical advice, you always need to be asking yourself the question: why is it that I am gambling? If the answer is ever anything other than for fun, then it might not be the activity for you. Gambling sensibly is borderline impossible if you let the possible rewards you stand to gain become more important than the thrill of the game itself. And let's face it, there are some awesome casinos around, which are too interesting to let you play for other reasons, normally.  Should you feel that pleasure no longer motivates your gambling, it could be an early sign of addiction that you must realise and address ASAP.

2. Be a Social Gambler

Many of us may fancy ourselves as a bit of a Victoria Coren Mitchell when it comes to playing poker. However difficult it might be to admit, though, very few of us could be considered professional gamblers. You should therefore be aiming to be a social (recreational) gambler. Be one among these wonderful people who find entertainment in a number of different ways, gambling being just one; time and budget constraints are not a problem, and they openly and happily discuss this pass time as the socially acceptable pursuit that it is.

 3. Enter Tournaments With Friends; They'll Keep You in Check!

What better way to maintain an active social life alongside your gambling than to invite your friends along? So many online casinos offer interactive tournaments to see who among you has the edge. If you have never come across this feature of mobile casinos, you may wish to have a look at Extraspel's tournaments, as an example. Once you all agree on how much money you are prepared to spend and for how much time you wish to play, it will be far easier to do so if your mates are all doing the same. If one of you does get carried away, it will be much easier to spot if he or she is playing far more than the amount that was decided by the group.

4. Keep Your Annual Gambling Budget Below National Average

You should always be aware of how much you are spending. A great way to do this is to make a note of what an annual national average is and then set your budget below that figure. An average UK household spends £166 per year on gambling. This should be a great guiding pointer for you, and a smart way to keep your gambling expenses in check is by wagering below this national average. Use services such as Gamble Aware's gambling calculator for an estimate on how much you spend a year. You might want to adjust your budget when you see what the annual figure amounts to.

5. Play Only at Certified and Reliable Casinos

If you stick to the casinos featured regularly here, you can't go too far wrong. A lot of the problems people have with gambling online is when they stray off the beaten path of the most popular sites in search of new experience, and stumble across ones that are less trustworthy. If you are ever in any doubt about a casino, look for an eCogra mark. If you don't find an evidence that casino is certified by eCogra, play somewhere else. Still if you get fooled in the worst case, exercise your right of registering a complaint.

6. Set Realistic Targets

This could be as simple as making sure you take the dog for a walk, or as impressive as finishing that tricky third chapter of your dissertation. Setting realistic targets is a rewarding way to stay focused on the important things in life. Don't expect to hit the bull's eye and win loads of jackpots every time you play at a casino. It will also help you stay within your time and budget constraints, and get on with your normal life easily.

7. Don't Place Your Entire Budget on One Large Bet

If anything will make you go over budget, it is placing too high a stake on one wager. If you blow all your money - particularly early in the week or month - there is more likely to be a temptation to spend more than the amount you've allocated yourself. Instead, seek out slots that allow very low minimum bets. Betting in this way will see your money go a lot further. As I said earlier, a player's enjoyment shouldn't be overly focused on the financial rewards; winning a couple of pounds from a small wager is far better than losing a huge sum because you went big.

8. Play in Short Time-Bursts

We all know how it is. You get immersed in a slot, then all of a sudden three hours have passed since you started playing. This isn't a problem unique to online slots; most regular players of video games will tell you they've had similar experiences. Personally, I enjoy playing games of any type - for money or otherwise - most enjoyable in short bursts. 20 minutes here and there means you really value the time you make for it. It also keeps games fresher for longer, as you don't grow to dislike them through overplaying. Much like with the budget you should be setting yourself, you need to stick with whatever time you deem appropriate.

Final Verdict

Gambling is fun! However, we're sure you don't want this fun to turn into an addiction and be counted among 500,000 problem gamblers in the UK. We want you to play within your limits. Trust us for these eight simple tips and follow them sincerely! If you gamble sensibly and safely, you will be a happy gambler, always!

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