A Guide to the Different Types of Mobile Roulette

08th August5 min read

Mobile Roulette isn't confined to just a roulette wheel, a ball and a bet table. There's a handful of variations to the game, which completely change the way you play. With this guide, we're going to run through the different versions of mobile roulette you can find at the casinos.

Even if you know about them, hopefully we can do a good job of explaining how each version works and why it's worth exploring the world of roulette completely. You might even find these changes better than the French original.


In this post we'll be looking at four variable aspects of mobile Roulette, each with their various pros and cons, and with the potential for overlap. We'll talk about the different tables available to play on - be it the classic European style, or the newer American table - as well as exploring the potential for enjoying multi wheel Roulette, or Roulette which takes a page from video slots and include a bonus game.

European Roulette, or French Roulette, is the one and only original form of roulette. Several hundred years old, it still remains as one of the most iconic and popular casino games still in play today.

It's a simple concept. You have a wheel, which is marked with 37 indents or slots. Each one of these slots is numbered, with the numbers 1-36 and a green 0. The numbers 1-36 alternate between red and black in colour.

You are given a betting table, which contains all the same numbers on the wheel. You can make 2 types of bet.

  • Inside Bets - bets made on numbers, which can be on single numbers, or split bets across multiple numbers (depending on their placement on the bet table)
  • Outside Bets - bets made on groups of numbers. These can be on groups of numbers that are: odd, even, red, black, high (over 18), low (below 19)

American Roulette

American Roulette followed close behind French Roulette's creation and is one of the earliest variations of the formula. In a change of monumental imagination, American Roulette added an additional slot to the wheel. That additional slot is a green 00, which sits beside the 0 on the bet table.

Sarcasm aside, this actually has a great butterfly effect on the game. With the small change of an additional slot, come completely new probabilities. 38 slots, instead of 37 means that your inside bets and outside bets are no longer the same as in the European Roulette.

There's now more decision making to go along with your bets.  For example, we can look at something that was previously a simple choice, e.g. betting on a green slot. However, in American Roulette there are now two, the 0 and 00. Even if you want to take a risk and get a higher payout by betting on a green slot, the risk is now doubled as you could bet on the 0 and end up with a 00 instead; losing everything.

It's a subtle change, but it shifts how you bet, making it a successful change and certainly a game worth checking out for those who are tiring of the original.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette combines the brilliance of regular roulette, with lots more roulette. The usual setup gives the player 8 roulette wheels, which they are able to disable and enable as they see fit.

You then bet as you usually would, but with every bet now applying to multiple wheels. Now if you bet £1 on a number and you have 6 wheels in play, your bet will be £6 in total. Multi wheel roulette is the kind of casino game built for someone with a bit of a looser bankroll than the average players, since the price of entry is increased significantly per wheel in play.

What you get in return for that is a game that sharpens the way you bet. With so much increased risk, bets have to become much more strategic and in many ways it's a good game to improve the way you bet. It takes the training wheels off and makes Roulette far more dangerous, or hopefully rewarding, with every spin.

Roulette with a Bonus Game

Roulette is no different to slots. If you can add a bonus game to it, it will be more fun. Roulette is a pretty tried and tested game, so it's nice to see a few tweaks done. Two examples of these added bonus rounds are:

  • Double Bonus Spin Roulette
  • Hot Properties: Monopoly Roulette

Both games function much the same.  In the same way American Roulette has an additional slot on the wheel, a bonus round works in the same way. Whether it's a version of American or European roulette, the wheel will have an additional slot to denote the bonus round.

To access the bonus round, you must have a bet placed on it. The idea being that you have the potential to unlock a bonus, whilst also risking a bet for the right to access it.

In Double Bonus Spin Roulette, the bonus is a few additional free spins, allowing you to re-bet your previous bet across a few free spins.

Hot Properties: Monopoly Roulette makes the same change, but instead adds in a hot properties minigame. When you land on the extra slot, you will be redirected to a bonus game where you have to turn over face down cards and bet whether or not you have the best properties available.

The games add in a few small changes to the way you play beyond the bonus rounds themselves. The first thing they do is shift the probabilities of getting certain numbers and areas of the wheel. An additional slot on the wheel throws off these probabilities forcing you to rethink your chances of succeeding.

You are also given the risk/reward of betting on the bonus round slot, in the hope that you may hit the bonus round and therefore be able to increase your money significantly.

It's a well balanced change all in all. Your probabilities are shifted, but you are also given the chance to access a very rewarding bonus game. Bonus games in Roulette work surprisingly well and are a perfect fit to the game. We only hope that more come out as it's completely reinvigorated the game for us at least.


As you can see, there's a lot of choice when it comes to Roulette. We've given you a taster of what's out there and trust us, there's a lot more. Where there's stagnation, people are always willing to innovate.

Roulette has had a great run, but as more people arrive at the online casinos, there's going to be a much wider variety of needs to fulfil. We should expect to see many more variations of mobile Roulette as the years pass by. And as always, we'll be there to update you all the way.

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